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MOOCS - Which Way Now?


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Presentation on the main points raised at MOOCS - Which Way Now? A one day event hosted by the Association for Learning Technology MOOC Special Interest Group

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MOOCS - Which Way Now?

  1. 1. MOOCs – Which Way Now? Association for Learning Technology MOOC Special Interest Group June 2014
  2. 2. Are MOOCs delivering what they promised? •Mostly taken by those with a university education •Need to broaden the reach of education, not just access to it •Digital divide – do MOOCs help to close it or widen it? •Need to concentrate on the meaningful impact MOOCs make on lives rather than the number of people signed up •Are MOOCs e-enabling traditional education rather than transforming it?
  3. 3. Benefits of developing MOOCs •Can enhance the reputation of both teacher and institution •Develop transferable skills •Brings people together – can be useful for building relationships with other departments and faculties • Creating a MOOC doesn’t have to break the bank – webcams and phones can film videos, websites can be easily created
  4. 4. Creating a community •Need to stop thinking about MOOCs as courses and start thinking about them as ways to connect communities •MOOC learners cite community membership as a perk of taking part •Mini-MOOCs can promote online collaborative innovation •MOOCs should enable people to share their ideas – that way everyone can learn •Teach people what they want to learn, not what you want them to learn •Learning is not broadcasting – needs to be a two way system
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