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Making an Impact with your Metadata on Social Media

Presentation given at CILIP Cataloguing and Indexing Group Conference 2014. This lightning presentation looked at how libraries can use the social media site Pinterest to make their metadata more visible to a wider audience

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Making an Impact with your Metadata on Social Media

  1. 1. Making an impact with your metadata on social media Making an Impact with your Metadata on Social Media Claire Sewell Claire Sewell Cambridge University Library
  2. 2. Library Science Collection @Cambridge
  3. 3. Rise of the Visual Web
  4. 4. Advantages of the Visual Web • Images are easier to scroll through than text • Offer a better display on mobile screens • Visually appealing • Pictures can make more of an impact than words
  5. 5. Using Pinterest @ Cambridge
  6. 6. Adding Images to Pinterest
  7. 7. Copyright •Always be mindful of copyright – seek permission or consult your institutions copyright department •Official Pinterest policy is that using images is OK as long as it links back to original content •If in doubt then don’t!
  8. 8. Other Uses for Pinterest
  9. 9. Top Pinning Tips Write your Pinterest biography carefully & include keywords to enhance discoverability Use or create attention grabbing images Link Pinterest to your other social media sites to make sure it’s found Don’t forget to maintain your site
  10. 10. Contact Information Twitter: @ces43 Email: Pinterest: Image credits & further information: