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Google I/O 2016: What to expect from Android N to virtual reality?


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Google's I/O 2016 annual developer conference is scheduled to kick off in San Francisco on 18 May, with a main keynote that begins at 10am PST. Here are all the keynotes that has been expected from Google’s big event.
Agenda for the Google’s Big Event
• Android N
• Chrome OS
• Android Wear
• Android Auto
• Virtual reality or “Andriod VR”
• Self-driving Cars
• Project Ara
• Project Tango
• Project Fi
• Smarthome
These are some of the questions this PPT will answer for you:
1. Google I/O 2016: What events are scheduled?
2. What all to Expect from the Google's big Event?

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Google I/O 2016: What to expect from Android N to virtual reality?

  1. 1. AGENDA • Android N • Chrome OS • Android Wear • Android Auto • Virtual reality or “Andriod VR” • Self-driving Cars • Project Ara • Project Tango • Project Fi • Smarthome
  2. 2. Google's I/O's main keynote - now called the "developer festival" - will be held at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View at 10am PST. It'll last about two hours. Go here to see a full list of the other sessions scheduled between 18 May and 20 May at Google I/O. WHAT EVENTS ARE SCHEDULED? “ ”
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  4. 4. Android N
  5. 5. Android N • Major updates to Android happen every year and Google is currently working down the alphabet with its codenames. • Android Lollipop was once Android L and Android Marshmallow was originally Android M. • Google might preview Android 7.0 Nougat or Nutella or some other sweet that begins with N. • New features are thought to include improved battery management options, a Dark Theme, and a Force Touch-like pressure technology.
  6. 6. Chrome OS
  7. 7. Chrome OS • The Wall Street Journal claimed Chrome OS will be unified with Android, this merging Google's laptop and mobile experiences. • Google later said in a blog post that it's been working on ways to bring "together the best of both operating systems." • The company confirmed Chrome OS won't be phased out but didn't go all the way to confirm Chrome OS and Android will definitely merge, instead just hinting that they might.
  8. 8. Android Wear
  9. 9. Android Wear • Google has updated Android Wear • Better gesture support • Wi-Fi capabilities • Improved voice control • It could even showcase new devices. • Android Wear became compatible with iOS in 2015, so perhaps Windows Phone could be up next. • If this is the case, the functionality will more than likely be limited in comparison to Android devices, as you would expect. You can read all about our experience with Android Wear using our iPhone here.
  10. 10. Android Auto
  11. 11. Android Auto • Google will announce new car models compatible with AndroidAuto as well as more third-party apps compatible with company's infotainment system. Waze, which Google acquired, could even be integrated. • Waze avoids traffic based on its user-based community's reports, getting people home as quickly as it can even if it means them taking a tiny backroad. If Google does integrate it into Android Auto, it would be a welcomed addition.
  12. 12. Virtual Reality
  13. 13. Virtual Reality • Google is going to go all out with virtual reality in 2016. • The Wall Street Journal claimed Google is also developing a device described as an "all-in-one virtual-reality headset", and it doesn't require a phone, PC, or a game console. • Google's I/O schedule also features a lot of virtual reality talks. VR is an entire content track, with seven sessions dedicated to virtual or augmented reality. • One session is titled "Google's Vision for VR" and covers "what we have built, what we have learned, and where we are headed." Google I/O session's with short descriptions suggest Google is trying to avoid spoilers/leaks.
  14. 14. Self-driving Cars
  15. 15. Self-driving Cars • Google could give an update on its driverless vehicle program, including what's next for the prototype. • Keep in mind Google said in September that it doesn't actually intend to manufacture physical cars to sell to customers.
  16. 16. Project Ara
  17. 17. Project Ara • Google's modular smartphone project debuted in 2013 but still hasn't seen the light of day. • The official Project Ara Twitter page claimed the device would go on sale in 2016 in the US but not much else is known. It could be that Google will provide us with more details about the project at Google I/O but we won't hold our breath.
  18. 18. Project Tango
  19. 19. Project Tango • At CES in January, Lenovo announced plans to launch a Project Tango smartphone this summer. We can expect to hear more on this at I/O. This phone would use motion-tracking and depth-sensing to overlay a 3D world onto physical surroundings (aka augmented reality). • Google's I/O schedule has dedicated sessions for Project Tango so we'd like to think this will lead to more details. • The company already announced the Lenovo would is building the first consumer Project Tango device due to release in "Summer 2016". • The schedule features a talk called "What's New with Project Tango" that will "explore the vision of Project Tango and how it will come to life with the launch of our first consumer phone."
  20. 20. Project Fi
  21. 21. Project Fi • Google's Project Fi is a cross-carrier network that automatically switches carriers and finds open Wi-Fi to provide you with a solid connection at all times. • It is only available for Nexus devices, but perhaps Google will announce an expansion to non-Nexus devices during Google I/O.
  22. 22. Smarthome
  23. 23. Smarthome • Google offers the OnHub wireless smart router and it also acquired Nest in 2014, a maker of smart thermostats and more. • During its last I/O event, Google announced Google Brillo, an operating system designed specifically for the Internet of Things sector. Here we’re expecting more on I/O16.
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