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Poppy dps analysis 2


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Poppy dps analysis 2

  1. 1. Colours: Text: The colours used make the reader think of autumn; this is relevant as birds migrate in the autumn. This is what the article is on. Depending on the importance of the text the colour changes, for example sub headings are in bold orange yet factual text is in small black text. The bigger brighter font indicates a change of topic. Therefore making it easier for the reader to navigate through it. The factual information is in a smaller text and broken into columns to make it easier for the reader to digest. The sub headings and main title are in a larger font to make sure they stand out from the main text. Overall Effect: The overall effect is almost flyaway as the images perceive the birds flying off the page. The colour scheme seems to represent autumn. The effect keeps the magazine layout clean yet interesting, this article appears corporate from the sub headings yet more fly-away from the images used. Images: Colour Scheme: The colour scheme on the sub headings is kept the same throughout; this makes it easy for the reader to identify the separate articles. The colour of the page and the colour of the images contrasts with the sub headings and text well as they stick within the same colour group. Images keep in contrast with the overall colour effect. The images also blend in with what the article is about, as the article is about migrating birds the images are of birds almost flying off the page.