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Music magazine contents page


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this is an analysis of magazine contents pages NME and Q

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Music magazine contents page

  1. 1. Music Magazine Contents Page
  2. 2. NME Contents PageLarge main Text is orderedimage into categories and there isnt to many fonts.Colourscheme andfonts are kept Bordersthe same as behind whitethe front cover text to make itto show stand out.consistency.
  3. 3. layoutO Large central image of one of the main stories catches the readers attention and breaks up the text.O Text in columns makes the writing easier to read, allowing the magazine to keep the audiences attention.O Mast head of title at the top to kept consistency.O Page numbers on stories to allow the audience to find the pages they are interested in easier.
  4. 4. ImagesThere is only one large image on the NMEcontents page. It is in contrast to the coverimage as it uses a building rather than aperson, which show it is advertising adifferent story. The image is a low angledshot, to show its importance.
  5. 5. Colour SchemeThe colour scheme is the same as thecover, this is called its house style. NMEuses black, white and red as its maincolours with some brighter colours used forsignificant text and also buttons and sellinglines.
  6. 6. Q contents pageMast head alsoused in contents Large imagepage. of a main story. Also smaller image to helpListed stories advertiseunder headings other storiesand given pagenumbers. Colour scheme kept Fonts similar to house to cover colours
  7. 7. LayoutO Mast head in top left of page to keep consistency along with contents wrote across the top with a black banner to make the text stand out more.O The text is in columns on the left hand side of the page which makes the text easier to read.O There is a large image that takes up most of the page attracting the audience and breaking the text up allowing the magazine to kept audience attention.
  8. 8. ImagesThere are two images a large one thatshows the cover story keeping consistencyand also a smaller one with shows anotherimportant story from the magazine. Theimage is slightly low angled to give a feelingof importance.
  9. 9. Colour scheme and FontThe contents uses the house style to makeit easier to access and read to audiences.The house style is black, white and red,which is affective in magazines that use rockthemes.The font is similar to the front cover usingonly a few different font styles, the fonts onbanners are the same making in easier forthe audience to read.