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Finding and Creating Budget-Friendly Images


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From the 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference

Learn how to create or choose appropriate images, find free or affordable quality images, understand image permission types, and organize media libraries.

Imagery is an important part of engaging your constituents through storytelling. But from ensuring appropriate representation, to following the law, there’s much more to finding the right image than many realize. This session will discuss:

- The Resourceful: How can you create beautiful graphics without a background in graphic design and without special design software? What tools and strategies can help you create or find the perfect photos or graphics for your campaign?
- The Organizational: Once you have built a comprehensive photo library, how on earth can you keep track of it and find the image you want quickly?
- The Fun: How do you choose the right image? How can organizations with small photo libraries find affordable (free!) stock photos? How can your organization build up a library of original imagery?
- The Legal: What kind of release form do you need from people you take photos of at your organization’s events? What is a royalty-free photo versus a rights-managed photo? If you use a free photo or purchase a stock photo, are you allowed to change it? Can you use it without attribution? We’ll discuss what these terms mean and how you can make sure you and your organization are free of liability.

You’ll leave this session with ideas for your website, print publications, social media, and much more—and what’s better, you can put these ideas into action right when you’re back in the office!

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Finding and Creating Budget-Friendly Images

  1. 1. Finding & Creating Budget-Friendly Images Resourceful, organizational, fun & legal considerations Cathy Whitlock National Parkinson Foundation @pocketcathy Amanda Hicken Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation @adhicken Friday, March 24, 2017 #17NTCimagewins
  2. 2. Housekeeping • Collaboration notes at: • Session hashtag: #17NTCimagewins Image fails also accepted under this hashtag. We’ll start with this gem: #17NTCimagewins
  3. 3. Who Are We? Cathy Whitlock Dir of Online Communications National Parkinson Foundation Amanda Hicken Natl Dir of Marketing Communications Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation #17NTCimagewins
  4. 4. Components of a Good Image #17NTCimagewins
  5. 5. Components of a Good Image #17NTCimagewins
  6. 6. Components of a Good Image #17NTCimagewins A B C
  7. 7. Cross-Channel #17NTCimagewins
  8. 8. Simple is Effective #17NTCimagewins
  9. 9. Reality’s Roadblocks #17NTCimagewins
  10. 10. Diversity & Inclusion #17NTCimagewins
  11. 11. Diversity at YOUR Nonprofit What does diversity in representation mean for your nonprofit specifically? #17NTCimagewins
  12. 12. Representation vs. Data What do you do when your data is in direct conflict with diversity in representation? #17NTCimagewins
  13. 13. #17NTCStoriesMatter for a Deeper Dive #17NTCStoriesMatter on Twitter #17NTCimagewins
  14. 14. Resources #17NTCimagewins
  15. 15. Finding Images #17NTCimagewins
  16. 16. Finding Images Tips for Your Search • Rethink Stock • Start Broad • Search Again • Save for Later #17NTCimagewins
  17. 17. Finding Images Qualities to Seek • Authentic • Tone & Message Match • Moves Story Forward • Format Flexibility #ProTip: Seek a Second (or Third) Opinion #17NTCimagewins
  18. 18. Search Tools: #17NTCimagewins
  19. 19. Search Tools: #17NTCimagewins
  20. 20. Search Tools: Thinkstock #17NTCimagewins
  21. 21. Finding Images Other Tools • • • • • • • • • BONUS TIP: Good stock music is hard to find – but has lots of great options at friendly price points! #17NTCimagewins
  22. 22. Designing & Editing #17NTCimagewins
  23. 23. Designing & Editing Elements of Design • Color • Font • Shape • Space • Size • Emphasis • Alignment • Harmony • Don’t fear white space • Even bad images have good parts • Consistency is a design and time saver • Above all else, be (reader) friendly Read more: Creative Market’s Top 4 Tips #17NTCimagewins
  24. 24. Creation Tools: #17NTCimagewins
  25. 25. Creation Tools: #17NTCimagewins
  26. 26. Creation Tools: #17NTCimagewins
  27. 27. Creation Tools: #17NTCimagewins
  28. 28. Other Canva Links of Note • Design School: • Font Combinations Generator: • Color Palette Generator: • Photo Editor: Creation Tools: Nonprofits can apply for FREE Canva for Work edition #17NTCimagewins
  29. 29. #ProTip Try Pro for free with code NTEN10 before March 30 Creation Tools: #17NTCimagewins Nonprofit pricing: $40 / year
  30. 30. PROS: • Free! • Highly customizable • Compatible with LOTS of file formats CONS: • Limited CMYK support • Learning curve • Sometimes buggy Creation Tools: #17NTCimagewins
  31. 31. Bad photo break! This is one of the first images I ever created with GIMP. #17NTCimageswins #somefailsarewins Creation Tools: #17NTCimagewins
  32. 32. Created in Photoshop Created in GIMP Creation Tools: #17NTCimagewins
  33. 33. #ProTip ALWAYS ask your external designers for their design files. You can manipulate them down the line to extend / expand your campaigns! Creation Tools #17NTCimagewins
  34. 34. Designing & Editing Other Tools • • • • • • • • • • #17NTCimagewins
  35. 35. Legality #17NTCimagewins
  36. 36. Stock Jargon #17NTCimagewins
  37. 37. Creative Commons Attribution: The Bad, The Good, The Best Photo: Creative Commons "Creative Commons 10th Birthday Celebration San Francisco” by Timothy Vollmer is licensed under CC BY Photo by Timothy Vollmer / CC BY “No Rights Reserved” No attribution required Free for commercial useCC0 REMEMBER: #17NTCimagewins
  38. 38. Verification Tools: #17NTCimagewins
  39. 39. Verification Tools: #17NTCimagewins
  40. 40. Event Photos Does this mean anything? What sensitivities are there to consider? How can we make special accommodations? #17NTCimagewins
  41. 41. Organization #17NTCimagewins
  42. 42. THE CHALLENGE: • Different departments • Different storage methods • Different access levels ASSESS AND CENTRALIZE: • Who are your “keepers of the keys”? • Create folder/subfolders for each department • Establish guidelines for what should be uploaded • Identify info to track • Remember: #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork Organizing Across Departments #17NTCimagewins
  43. 43. LOW BUDGET, LOW TECH: • Excel • Google Photos • Picasa Organizing Files #17NTCimagewins
  44. 44. MEDIUM BUDGET, MEDIUM TECH: • Adobe Photoshop Elements ($100) • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC ($10/month) Organizing Files #17NTCimagewins
  45. 45. HIGH BUDGET, HIGH TECH: Organizing Files ? #17NTCimagewins
  46. 46. #17NTCcontentlib for a Deeper Dive #17NTCcontentlib on Twitter
  47. 47. Organizing Files Make 2017 the year you get organized! #17NTCimagewins
  48. 48. Next Steps: 1. Complete your session feedback survey 2. Go make something beautiful! #17NTCimagewins
  49. 49. Thank you! Questions? Find us at @adhicken or @pocketcathy #17NTCimagewins