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Mark & Phil: Case Studies & Other Work


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Published in: Design, Business
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Mark & Phil: Case Studies & Other Work

  1. 1. Case Studies & Other Work!
  2. 2. Mark & Phil is a smallish digital creative agency that makes marketing & fundraising easier for nonprofits of all sizes.
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Our 3 Beliefs Some of the things we wholeheartedly believe in. Simple, straight forward, and no nonsense.
  5. 5. Be Awesome Our ideas are larger than life. We bring 150% to the table every time, no matter what the challenge.
  6. 6. Love Rules We’re here because we seriously care about our client’s organizations & the work they do.
  7. 7. KISS Keep It Super Simple. The best solutions are often the simplest - don’t overthink awesomeness.
  8. 8. We’re built on the triple bottom line
  9. 9. People Planet Profit
  10. 10. Some Case Studies Here’s a few examples of success we’ve had over the years. We’ve tried to go into detail as much as possible - if there is any specific info you’d like to know on these, just ask!
  11. 11. Scenario: Catskill Animal Sanctuary was offered the chance to have a donor match up to $1.5 Million for their 2010 end of the year campaign.
  12. 12. Outcome: We developed and executed a multipart online & offline campaign using social media, email newsletters, marketing materials, website redesign, and overall branding strategy. Some stats: • the campaign brought in $1.7 million within 4 months; • increased membership by 28%, and social media interaction by roughly 732% from previous year; • got press coverage on Huffington Post, Peta, Treehugger, and tons more blogs/outlets. Also got regular column on Huff Po for CAS Founder.
  13. 13. Scenario: In June 2010 the Gulf Oil Spill was still in full effect. The attitudes of the general public were turning from outrage to apathy. We couldn’t sit by and watch this happen so we made our own campaign!
  14. 14. Outcome: We created a fictitious cause called A Cleaner Future and made a viral marketing piece called (still live if you want to visit). Some stats: • had over 75,000 people sign a petition on Care2 and almost 26,000 shares across Facebook and Twitter; • generated over $35,000 in donations for gulf relief organizations by the fall of 2010; • whole project took a weekend to build and market • had over 1,000,000 visits in its first month; • press coverage on Huffington Post, CNN, PBS, MSNBC and tons of smaller blogs/outlets.
  15. 15. Scenario: Ethikus, a startup to help promote triple bottom line companies, wanted to make a splash in NYC and create a movement around sustainable conscientious consumerism through a new event called Shop Your Values Week.
  16. 16. Outcome: We gave them a guerilla marketing campaign online and offline that helped create the necessary buz and get the attraction of super supporters that have signed on to help them promote the Ethikus brand year round. Some stats: • the campaign received over 2,800 pledges and over 200 NYC businesses came together to shop locally, ethically, & sustainably; • over 100 volunteers participated during the week; • got press coverage across NYC and online from NY Post to PSFK; • total reach of influence was about 732,000 NYers.
  17. 17. Portfolio Sampling No client is too big or small. We’ve created award-winning work for some of the largest orgs in the world while also helping local orgs manage their strategic vision.
  18. 18. Our Process Regardless of the type of project, our process provides a solid foundation and outline for producing high quality results with measurable outcomes.
  19. 19. Discovery • Research • Strategy • Scheduling • Define Measures of Success • Kick-off Meeting
  20. 20. Design • Wireframes • Moodboards • Use Cases / Personas • Design Comps • Alpha Build
  21. 21. Develop • CMS / CRM Customization • Back-end Programming • 3rd Party API Integration • Beta Build • QA Testing
  22. 22. Deploy • Content Integration • Project Launch • Style Guide / Manual • Track Measures of Success • Wrap-up Meeting
  23. 23. Tools We Use For a web design project like yours, we have defined tools that we’ll use to help guide both of us through the process to meet your objectives.
  24. 24. EXAMPLE
  25. 25. EXAMPLE
  26. 26. EXAMPLE
  27. 27. Our Capabilities We’ve got lots of tools in our bag that we use to help our clients succeed.
  28. 28. Marketing • Strategy • Cause Marketing • Viral Marketing • Social Media • Advertising / PSA • Public Relations
  29. 29. Philanthropy • Strategy • Online Fundraising • Traditional Fundraising • Grant Management • Donor Prospecting • Event Fundraising
  30. 30. Design & Technology • Strategy • Graphic Design • Web Design • CMS / CRM • SaaS / Google Apps • Analytics
  31. 31. Thanks! Sabrina Schutzsmith 855-MARKPHIL x700