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Driving collaboration and interoperability within healthcare for better patient outcomes

Webinar Syncplicity for Healthcare
Healthcare is a complex industry with multiple stakeholders, but one common denominator is the need to securely access and exchange information. Whether it’s patient data, laboratory results, clinical trial data, or claims administration the right information at the right time is essential — or the patient, the clinician, the health plan, and the pharmacy suffer.

In this webinar, you will learn how:
- Syncplicity, a HIPAA compliant solution for managing unstructured data, helps alleviate the data exchange troubles so you can focus on improving patient-based healthcare outcomes and reducing the cost of care.

- You can secure and simplify sharing with researchers, healthcare providers, CRO’s and health plans for improved outcomes.

- Build a secure, sharing ecosystem with your stakeholders through referring physicians, labs, health plans, clinical research organizations, pharmacists, and case managers.

- Customize patient experiences using Syncplicity Content API’s, examples will be highlighted during the webinar.

Watch on-demand:

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Driving collaboration and interoperability within healthcare for better patient outcomes

  1. 1. Driving Collaboration and Interoperability within Healthcare for better patient outcomes
  2. 2. | 2 Today’s Speakers Ruby Raley VP of Healthcare and Lifesciences, Axway Vivek Mody VP of Product Management– Content Collaboration, Syncplicity
  3. 3. | 3 49% of healthcare provider are in the process of transforming their business model over the next 12 months; the highest percentage of any industry. 41% of providers cite the impact on consumer experience as the metric they use to rate the ROI of digital investments. 45% of providers cite insufficient funding as the biggest inhibitor to transformation. 49% 41% 45% Digital Transformation is driven by digital initiatives Gartner, 2019 CIO Agenda: A Healthcare Providers Perspective, Mark Gilbert, Mike Jones, April 2019
  4. 4. | | 4
  5. 5. | | Challenges faced by IT Leaders 5
  6. 6. | Collaboration is a challenge 6 Case Manager Case Manager at Health Plan asks Nurse Coordinator at Hospital for a census every day • Case Manager tells the Nurse Coordinator to use the approved IT secure transfer method • Case Manager gets the official form to fill out to enable the hospital to connect to the transfer method Nurse Coordinator Nurse Coordinator reviews the form and replies to Case Manager • Nurse Coordinator tells the Case Manager – I don’t understand • What is a URL? What does SSH mean?
  7. 7. | Collaboration is a challenge 7 Case Manager Case Manager says I don’t know, I will find out Tech Team Tech Team says – I can’t explain URLs and security to you. Tell them to ask their Tech Team. Case Manager asks Tech Team to explain the form and what the questions mean Case Manager Case Manager tells Nurse Coordinator to ask her Tech Team
  8. 8. | In 2018, 57 percent of hospital network practices operating on assorted EHRs report they continue to lack the financial and technical expertise to adopt complex interoperability which are compulsory to attain higher reimbursements built into value-based care initiatives by both public and private players” 8
  9. 9. 9 More than ever, collaboration is considered essential. Collaboration must get better, faster and more affordable, while maintaining security and control.
  10. 10. 10 Syncplicity for Healthcare |
  11. 11. Syncplicity for Healthcare 11 Patient, Clinician and Member experience Modernization External Sharing with Providers, Patients and Payers Internal sharing within networks With security and Data Protection Clinical Collaboration and Referrals Archive Automated Integrations & Connectivity with Systems Home Directory, File Share Replacement & Consolidate Hybrid Cloud Architecture: Hybrid-Cloud, On-premises, private or public cloud (US and EU) Connecting Providers, Patients and Payers Zero content knowledge with seamless user experience Complete protection for personally identifiable information Data residency options to address global, regional and country-based privacy regulations Maximum visibility and control HIPAA-Compliant FedRAMP ready
  12. 12. 12 Care Collaboration • Easy to use, secure solution for exchanging patient information like patient health information Health & Wellness data • Simple way for patients to access their data, low tech and securely
  13. 13. 13 Connectivity with your community • Level the playing field with partners in your ecosystem • Build a community using a low-tech, easy to use solution for sharing and collaborating • Syncplicity to centralize, secure data for protection and preventing data loss • Eliminate the reliance on IT for sharing large files
  14. 14. 14 Secure Automated Digital Transfer • Simplify data portability • With Syncplicity API’s you can integrate and customize how patients access their personal health information • Integrate with digital integration to further automate two-way communication (B2C)
  15. 15. | Syncplicity for Healthcare 15 To learn more visit: Or schedule a live one on one demo with one of our experts!
  16. 16. Q&A