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Kitepoint provides secure, real-time mobile access to files stored in SharePoint and otherEnterprise Content Management (E...
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Accellion infographic-kitepoint


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Here’s one more thing: the use of mobile devices in the workplace has changed the game. Employees now expect important applications, like SharePoint, to travel with them. And to be able to work as they’ve always worked, wherever the day may take them. How does IT make that happen, while also making sure that security doesn’t take a hit? View The Case for Mobilizing SharePoint infographic to find out.

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Accellion infographic-kitepoint

  1. 1. Kitepoint provides secure, real-time mobile access to files stored in SharePoint and otherEnterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, without VPN. End users can securelyview and collaborate on existing files from tablets, smartphones or desktops, withouthaving to duplicate files into a new content system or exposing sensitive documents to apublic cloud service.According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,worker productivity has grown by roughlyfrom 2002 to 2011kitepoint deliversMobile ECM access, without VPNEnsure security & complianceAvoid content duplicationSecure mobile accessShare beyond firewallAuditable usageIntegrated with ECM accessExternal collaborationUnified view across content storesSimple, easy access via mobile and webStandardized features and user experienceUnified content accessWhy not mobilize SharePoint?File shares(Windows, NFS)Secure collaborationSecure file transferMobile apps Web UI1.3Bn78%of Fortune 500 companiesuse SharePointSharePoint is a truly amazing playerin the content management space...66kcustomers67%of customers reportedrolling out SharePoint tothe entire organization2,000licenses125m25%user licenses worldwideby 2015Mobile worker population to reachknowledge workershave access1 5inof information workersuse it daily62%Mobilizing SharePoint?Mobile worker productivityWORKDAYWEEKENDWEEKENDWORKDAYWORKDAYWORKDAYWORKDAYWORKDAYThat’s an additional work day per week, on average!ReferencesLabor Productivity and Costs data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity 2010 : The First 10 Years to Acquire Yammer Worker Population to Reach 1.3 Billion by 2015, According to IDC[Infographic] SharePoint 2013 in 2012