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Moderneduc oral report1


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Moderneduc oral report1

  1. 1. SCHOOLACCREDITATIONMODERN EDUCATIONSCHOOLSQuality Assurance ReviewTeam Oral Exit ReportMarch 20, 2012
  2. 2. •Lead Evaluator/Chairperson:Mary MickelsonIndiana Wesleyan University•Vice-Chairperson:Dr. Roland YoshidaLehigh University-Pennsylvania•Team Member:Mr. John MorganAl Danah Bilingual School-Kuwait•Team Member:Mrs. Husson BsissoForeign Programs DirectorIslamic Educational College -Jordan © 2010 AdvancED
  3. 3. AdvancED AdvancED is a globalleader in advancing excellencein education through continuousimprovement, organizationaleffectiveness, and accreditation. © 2010 AdvancED
  4. 4. Modern Education School, Cairo,Egypt, is an exemplar of internationaleducation – providing excellent educationto help students become well-informed,confident Egyptian leaders. © 2010 AdvancED
  5. 5. The AdvancED Community World’s Largest Educational Network 30,000 public and private schools throughout the United States and 69 countries worldwide All Department of Defense schools 15 million students 18 thousand volunteers More than 3 million teachers© 2010 AdvancED
  6. 6. AdvancED is Comprehensive •Accreditation Public, Non-public, Post-Secondary, International •Professional Learning Conferences, Workshops, Training, e-Learning •Innovation Research, Product Innovation, Knowledge Management, Strategic Partnerships, Marketing •Information & Education Technologies IT Infrastructure, Web-based Management, Education Technologies, Development & Support© 2010 AdvancED
  7. 7. School Accreditation Process
  8. 8. School Accreditation An international protocol for schoolscommitted to systemic, systematic, andsustainable improvement Builds capacity of the school to increase and sustain student learning Supports improvement and effectiveness throughout the school © 2010 AdvancED
  9. 9. School Accreditation • Ensures all people, processes, departments in the school work in concert • Strengthens efforts to meet accountability requirements • Encourages growth beyond compliance to achieve excellence • Promotes continuous not episodic improvement*© 2010 AdvancED
  10. 10. Cornerstones of Accreditation To earn and maintain accreditation, schools must: •Meet the AdvancED Quality Standards •Engage in Continuous Improvement •Demonstrate Quality Assurance through Internal and External Review*© 2010 AdvancED
  11. 11. AdvancED Accreditation Standards for Quality Schools 1.Vision and Purpose 2.Governance and Leadership 3.Teaching and Learning 4.Documenting and Using Results 5.Resources and Support Systems 6.Stakeholder Communications andRelationships 7.Commitment to Continuous Improvement© 2010 AdvancED
  12. 12. Purpose & Role of the Quality Assurance Review Team •Determine the extent to which the school meets the AdvancED standards. •Assess the efficacy of the school’s improvement efforts. •Evaluate the effectiveness of the school’s methods for quality assurance. •Provide high-quality feedback with clear required actions. •Make an accreditation recommendation.© 2010 AdvancED
  13. 13. Activities of theQuality Assurance Review Team •Interviewed Stakeholders •Examined Artifacts •Observed Practices and the Learning Environment •Collected and Organized Data •Engaged in Analysis and Deliberations© 2010 AdvancED
  14. 14. Interviews with StakeholdersThese numbers reflect multiple interviews –some people were interviewed more than onetime to assure complete information: 13 Administrators & Leadership Team 38 Teachers 7 Support Staff 28 Parents and Community Members 52 StudentsTOTAL Stakeholders 138 © 2010 AdvancED
  15. 15. Criteria Used to Arrive at FindingsWhen reviewing evidence to arrive at itsfindings, the team:Sought a school-wide perspective;Pursued evidence that could be corroboratedthrough multiple sources;Examined the context and capacity of the schoolin relation to its vision, mission, and beliefs; andApplied the criteria for accreditation –these wouldbe the 7 standards and 56 indicators!!. © 2010 AdvancED
  16. 16. The QAR TeamThe QAR Team delivers high quality feedback by:Assessing each standard, writing narratives describingevidence, highlighting strengths and opportunities forimprovementProviding commendations that identify and celebratesignificant accomplishments in meeting or exceedingstandardsDefining required actions to help improve schooleffectiveness and student learningCommunicating findings orally and in writingMaking an accreditation recommendation for review © 2010 AdvancED
  17. 17. Summary of Team’s Findings Commendations  Significant accomplishments in meeting and/or exceeding accreditation standards and requirements Required actions  Actions that will enhance school effectiveness and improve student learning; required actions must be addressed by the school as part of its continuing accreditation activities© 2010 AdvancED
  18. 18. Next Steps • Written report of findings submitted within 30 days • After receipt of the report, the school is expected to:  Review and communicate the findings.  Address the required actions.  Monitor accreditation standards on an ongoing basis.  Monitor strategies for improvement.  Submit an Accreditation Progress Report detailing progress toward the required actions.© 2010 AdvancED
  19. 19. Commendation Modern Education American School offers a comprehensive, challenging program promoting academics and personal development in the context of Egyptian culture and values for students of multi-cultural backgrounds.© 2010 AdvancED
  20. 20. Commendation The principal shares decision- making responsibilities with her leadership team who in turn share responsibilities with their teachers who then share leadership opportunities with students.© 2010 AdvancED
  21. 21. Commendation Working in partnership with Google, the school has created and launched an interactive website that allows the school to communicate directly with parents and the public in a timely manner.© 2010 AdvancED
  22. 22. Commendation The American division has developed and is implementing a curriculum of outstanding breadth and depth, which offers a vast array of opportunities for students to participate in activities and projects that connect the curriculum to the real world.© 2010 AdvancED
  23. 23. Commendation The American section offers a growing portfolio of AP courses that are offered in very few schools throughout Egypt.© 2010 AdvancED
  24. 24. Commendation The school maintains open channels to listen and communicate with parents about student achievement, allowing parents and teachers to work together to help .children learn© 2010 AdvancED
  25. 25. Required Action Extend the current working technology plans to assure that students and staff are prepared for integrating digital resources into all aspects of instruction.© 2010 AdvancED
  26. 26. School Standards RubricsHighly Functional The school is exceptional in its demonstration of the standard and exhibits practices not commonly found in other schools. A small percentage of schools have standards ratings at this level. The school is demonstrating the standard Operational and using practices commonly found in other schools. Many schools have standards ratings at this level. Emerging The school is beginning to put in place the practices necessary to meet the standard but is not meeting it. Many schools have standards ratings at this level. Not Evident The school has not put practices in place or beginning efforts to meet the standard. Some schools have standards ratings at this level.© 2010 AdvancED
  27. 27. Ratings by Standard Standard Rating Vision and Purpose Highly Functional Governance and Leadership Highly Functional Teaching and Learning Highly Functional Documenting and Using Results Operational Resources and Support Systems Operational Stakeholder Communications and Highly Functional Relationships Commitment to Continuous Highly Functional Improvement© 2010 AdvancED
  28. 28. Standards Evaluation© 2010 AdvancED
  29. 29. Evidence-Based Accreditation •Accredited •Accredited •Accredited On Advisement •Accredited Warned •Accredited Probation •Deny or Drop Accreditation© 2010 AdvancED
  30. 30. Accreditation Status Process QAR Team Provides Evidence via Report AdvancED Accreditation Commission Grants Term of Accreditation© 2010 AdvancED
  31. 31. Final ThoughtsOn behalf of the Quality Assurance Team, weextend:Our appreciation for your hospitality, support,and professionalism;Our respect and acknowledgement of thededicated staff; andOur congratulations for completing the QualityAssurance Review process.© 2010 AdvancED
  32. 32. We believe in the power to transform.© 2010 AdvancED