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Proving Your Value to Frugal Buyers


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Your prospect's are more frugal than ever before, requiring quantifiable proof that you are addressing a significant business issue, and that your proposal will deliver tangible bottom-line benefits.

This represents a challenge to your entire sales and marketing process, as a failure to proactively prioritize and justify your solutions can significantly stall or delay purchase decisions.

Do you have the value marketing and selling tools needed to deliver the financial justification today's frugal buyer demands?

In this webinar you will learn the methods used by world class sales enablement / marketing teams to meet the demands of today's economic-focused buyer.

You will learn how to:
- Break the status quo and increase the priority of your proposals via quantifying the "cost of doing nothing"
- Calculate and communicate the unique benefits or your solutions to various verticals and stakeholders
- Quantify your competitive advantage
- Reach higher to assure proposal signoff from CFOs and financial gatekeepers

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Proving Your Value to Frugal Buyers

  1. 1. Proving Your Value to Frugal BuyersTom PiselloCEO & FounderThe ROI Guy@tpisello@AlineanROI
  2. 2. 90121 Communicating ValueMessagesOf Sales Reps areValue-FocusedOf buyers needbottom-line proofprior to purchase(IDC)(Forrester)(Sirius Decisions)
  3. 3. Up to 40%Discounting22%Longer Sales CycleSirius Decisions U of Dayton
  4. 4. Benefits Estimators ValueStory App ROI / TCO Tools
  5. 5. Why Change? = Cost of Do NothingCostsTime to MarketTerritoryLimitationsCustomer ChurnCompetitiveLossesInnovationChallengesSales CycleDelaysPricing Challenges& DiscountingAgilityChallengesScalabilityChallengesDowntimeComplianceBreachData LossFines &PenaltiesLegalSafetyLegacySolution CostsProductivityLossesInefficientProcessesSourcingChallengesTurnoverCost & ScheduleOverrunsQualityIssuesLaborCostsErrorsRisksLost BusinessOpportunities
  6. 6. Why Now? = Value of ChangeSavingsAccelerated Time to MarketNew Business RegionsImproved Customer RetentionReduced CompetitiveLossesInnovationAccelerated Sales CycleImproved Deal SizeAgilityScalabilityImproved AvailabilityImprovedComplianceAvoidedBreachAvoidedData LossReduced Fines& PenaltiesReducedLegal RiskImprovedSafetyReduced TCOProductivityGainsStreamlinedProcessesImprovedSourcingRetentionManaged Costs &ScheduleImprovedQualityReduced LaborCostsReducedErrorsRiskAvoidanceIncrementalBusiness
  7. 7. Why You? = TCO & Value AdvantagePlanningPurchaseCustomizationDeliveryAdmin & SupportEvolutionRetirement /ReplacementYour Solution vs. CompetitionOperations
  8. 8. Benefits Estimator Example
  9. 9. Scoring against Capability / Maturity IndexComparison to Peer Averages and Leaders
  10. 10. Real-Time Customer Intelligence Connectorsto MAP / CRMMAP/CRM Connector- Registration Data- Additional Intelligence- Custom Report LinkConnectors for Eloqua, Marketo, +Real-time for fast follow-up
  11. 11. ValueStory™ Example
  12. 12. ROI / TCO Analysis Example
  13. 13. PersonalizeChallengeEngageIndustry, Location & SizeBuyer’s Role in Purchase DecisionBusiness Objectives & ChallengesCurrent Practices & Priority IssuesCost of Doing NothingBenefits and ROI of ChangeQuantify Competitive TCO & ValueMore Visuals & Less TextContrast – Before vs. AfterSocial Stories – User Successes& Social SharingTools that Work!
  14. 14. You Need an Edge …Suite from “Do Nothing” to YesYes = Rational + EmotionalNot just a tool, an Enterprise PlatformIntegrated Customer Intelligence3rd Party Credibility & ExperiencePlatformMobile Sales & Marketing EnablementInternational & Security Certified
  15. 15. Helpful ResourcesProduct, Solution, Value – You Decide!The Solutions– Benefit Estimators– ValueStory– ROI / TCO Sales ToolsThe ProofFight Frugalnomics Resource Center