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Beginners: Open RAN, White Box RAN & vRAN


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This presentation and video looks at the concept of Open RAN, White Bix RAN and Virtualized RAN (vRAN). It looks at the motivation to move away from traditional architectures where the vendor supplies their own proprietary hardware and software to the new Open RAN architecture movement. Business case from an MNO / SP point of view is discussed and the results from joint Open RAN RFI by Telefonica and Vodafone is discussed.

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Beginners: Open RAN, White Box RAN & vRAN

  1. 1. Open RAN, White Box RAN & vRAN @3g4gUK
  2. 2. Traditional Mobile Network Architecture ©3G4G BSC BTS MSC Voice (PSTN) Network SGSN Data (IP) Network RNC Node BeNodeB MME GGSN Access Network Core Network Air Interface MSUEUE BSSRNS S-GW P-GW 2G 2.5G 3G 4G EPCHardware + Software Hardware + Software
  3. 3. Virtualization: The ‘Core Network’ Story ©3G4G Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Hardware
  4. 4. Virtualization: The ‘Core Network’ Story ©3G4G NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) has enabled moving of hardware into software
  5. 5. Mobile Towers in Real Life BBU + RU Source: National Instruments Hardware Hardware + Software
  6. 6. Contemporary RAN ©3G4G Proprietary Hardware Proprietary Hardware + Proprietary Software Proprietary Interfaces
  7. 7. Virtualized RAN (vRAN) Approach ©3G4G Proprietary Hardware COTS Server + Proprietary Software With Virtualized Functions Proprietary Interfaces vRAN is not Open RAN
  8. 8. Open RAN: Disaggregating Hardware and Software ©3G4G Picture Source: David del Val Latorre, CEO, Telefonica R&D at TIP Summit 2018
  9. 9. Open RAN Vision ©3G4G GPP based COTS Hardware (SDR) Can be purchased from any ODM / OEM / RAN Hardware Vendor COTS Server + Proprietary Software With Virtualized Functions Open Interface Any vendor software can work on this hardware
  10. 10. Basics: GPP vs SPP ©3G4G • A general purpose processor (GPP) is generally called a Central Processing Unit (CPU). It performs all of the general work of the computer. • Intel x86, ARM, MIPS, SPARC, RISC-V are examples of GPP • True hardware / software disaggregation possible • The main advantage of GPP is that: • Due to large volumes, economy of scale is achievable • Costs are lower in high volumes • Faster pace of innovation due to software-driven development. • A single purpose processor (SPP) has a limited number of functions and would be optimized for a specific area. • An example might be a MAC processor from DSP, you might built and FPGA or ASIC using several of these to create a digital filter for some specific application. • It would run much faster than running the same algorithm on a general CPU, probably would use a lot less power.
  11. 11. Open RAN: Enabling White Box RAN ©3G4G • Whitebox RAN = All-in-one GPP based base station • But you can have a Whitebox RRU + COTS BBU Picture shows Facebook’s OpenCellular: An open source wireless access platform
  12. 12. Will OpenRAN work in practice? ©3G4G
  13. 13. Vodafone & Telefonica at TIP Summit 2018 ©3G4G Announced the Joint OpenRAN RFI Results Picture Source: Caroline Chan on Twitter
  14. 14. ©3G4G
  15. 15. ©3G4G
  16. 16. ©3G4G
  17. 17. ©3G4G
  18. 18. ©3G4G
  19. 19. ©3G4G
  20. 20. Traditional RAN vs Open RAN ©3G4G Source: Radisys
  21. 21. So why is Open RAN so interesting? ©3G4G • Lets take an example scenario of an operator (MNO) or service provider (SP) Core A A AV1 V1 V1
  22. 22. So why is Open RAN so interesting? ©3G4G • When the MNO / SP is looking to expand the network, they may decide to introduce vendor V2 Core A A AV1 V1 V1 AV2 AV2
  23. 23. So why is Open RAN so interesting? ©3G4G • If the hardware from ODM / OEM vendor A is not performing well, the MNO / SP may start replacing the RAN while keeping same software vendor Core V1 V1 V1 V2 V2 CC C BB
  24. 24. Further Reading ©3G4G • Videos from TIP Summit 2018 – Telecom Infra Project • TIP's Radio Access Network (RAN) initiatives – Facebook Telecom Infra Project • “Opening up on the Open RAN” – The Mobile Network Magazine • “What is a difference between general purpose processor and single purpose processor?” – Quora • Guide to TIP: OpenRAN – Telecom TV • “Parallel Wireless leads in Open RAN solutions” – Telecom TV • “Edging Closer to Open Telecom Networks with Open RAN” - Pipeline
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