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Miscellaneous: 5G Uses Cases - April 2019


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A collection of 5G Use Cases

Published in: Technology
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Miscellaneous: 5G Uses Cases - April 2019

  1. 1. 5G Use Cases ©3G4G High Data Rates Ultra- Reliability & Low Latency High Density
  2. 2. AR Games ©3G4G Read more on this topic
  3. 3. Virtual Reality (VR) ©3G4G Read more about SK Telecom 5G innovations
  4. 4. Monitoring & Surveillance ©3G4G Read more about Samsung & KDDI trials
  5. 5. Fixed Wireless Access (FWA): 5G-to-the-Home ©3G4G mmWave Distribution Fiber distribution point Feeder route mmWave cmWave and mmWave radios (possibly with Massive MIMO) Using mmWave spectrum each 5G base station can reach tens of households, each fitted with an antenna One access antenna per household (indoor or outdoor) and Wi- Fi distribution inside the home Based on a picture by Nokia
  6. 6. 5G Connected Car: In-vehicle infotainment ©3G4G Cloud 5G 5G 5G 5G A dense city center deployment of 5G deliver mobile broadband and infotainment services to customers using public transport Based on a picture by Nokia
  7. 7. 5G Connected Stadiums ©3G4G 5GPit stop view Drive/car view 5G Aerial/top view VIP With 5G, CSPs can offer multiple camera views and virtual reality to thousands at a major sporting event VR sets Tickets Tablets Walk on the track Based on a picture by Nokia
  8. 8. 5G Factories ©3G4G KT 5G Factory video
  9. 9. Cellular V2X Concept ©3G4G Backend Vulnerable road users LTE/5G P2N LTE/5G V2P LTE/5G V2N LTE/5G V2VLTE/5G V2V LTE/5G V2N LTE/5G V2I Traffic lights, roadside infrastructure Parking NB-IoT Edge Cloud Local Sensors Local Sensors Local Sensors V2X – Vehicle to Everything V2I – Vehicle to Infrastructure V2P – Vehicle to Pedestrian V2V – Vehicle to Vehicle V2N – Vehicle to Network P2N – Pedestrian to Network
  10. 10. 5G Autonomous Driving: Platooning ©3G4G 5G is the most promising enabler of truck platooning in which long convoys of trucks are automatically governed and require only a single driver in the lead vehicle Cloud 5G 5G 5G 5G 5G Based on a picture by Nokia
  11. 11. 5G is needed for Autonomous Cars? ©3G4G ↑ Source Tweet
  12. 12. 5G & Autonomous Cars ©3G4G • Autonomous cars require sensors to work autonomously • Connectivity is a bonus, not must have. • Interesting news and discussions links: • Tesla’s ‘enhanced autopilot’, full self-driving update • Quora discussion on Tesla’s autonomous driving hardware • Tesla’s Lack Of LIDAR For Autopilot Is Legit & Provides Competitive Edge, Research Hints
  13. 13. 5G & Remote Surgery ©3G4G ↑ Source Tweet ↑ Source Tweet ← Source Tweet Source Tweet →
  14. 14. Summary of 5G Use Cases ©3G4G Video Monitoring Mobile Cloud Computing Industrial AutomationVehicle to Infrastructure Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Vehicle to Pedestrian (V2P) Health Care Monitoring Remote Surgery Public Safety Wearables Social Networking Video Calling Virtual Meetings Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Fixed Wireless UHD Video Smart Home / Smart Cities Extreme Mobile Broadband (eMBB) Massive Scale Communication (mMTC) Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Service (URLLC) Human to Human Human to Machine Machine to Machine Source: 5G Americas Enhanced MBB • 20/10 Gbps DL/UL* • 4 ms user plane latency • 500 km/h mobility Massive MTC • 1 million devices / km2 • 10+ years battery life • 20 dB coverage enhancement URLLC • 1 ms user plane latency • Highly secure / resilient • 99.99999% availability * Peak theoretical rate
  15. 15. Further Reading on Use Cases ©3G4G • Operator Watch Blog • 5G Applications and Use Cases – 3G4G YouTube Playlist • New Services & Applications with 5G Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications – 5G Americas • Field Trials of Use Cases in High Mobility Environment toward Social Implementation of 5G – NTT • 5G Communications for Automation in Vertical Domains – 5G Americas • I Got 99 5G Use Cases; and Consumer ain’t One – Digits to Dollars • 5G Services & Use Cases – 5G Americas