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Alumni Programming Beyond the Cocktail Party


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Clara Dina Hinojosa – Loyola University Chicago - Kathy Kale – Santa Clara University - Rev. Michael Bayard, S.J. & Brooke Rufo-Hill – Seattle University (in absentia)

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Alumni Programming Beyond the Cocktail Party

  1. 1. Alumni Programming Beyond the Cocktail Party: Alumni Programming Beyond the Cocktail Party: Spiritual and Community Engagement  Programming Clara Dina Hinojosa  Loyola University Chicago Clara Dina Hinojosa – Loyola University Chicago Kathy Kale – Santa Clara University Rev. Michael Bayard, S.J. &  Brooke Rufo Hill  Seattle University (in absentia) Brooke Rufo‐Hill – Seattle University (in absentia)
  2. 2. Workshop Focus Workshop Focus As Jesuit, Catholic institutions of higher education,  AJCU alumni associations have a special role to  play in engaging graduates in spirituality and  service events.  With this critical need to provide life‐long formation  opportunities for Jesuit‐educated alumni, this workshop will  opport nities for Jes it ed cated al mni this orkshop ill offer best practices from across several institutions.  We will discuss the successes and challenges of  We will discuss the successes and challenges of collaborating with collegiate and Jesuit partners,  developing local and domestic outreach opportunities,  and creating marketing strategies which target a variety of  and creating marketing strategies which target a variety of audiences.
  3. 3. Agenda • Introductions • Spirituality Programs (LUC) Spirituality Programs (LUC) • Community Engagement (SCU) • Magis: Alumni Committed for  Mission (SeattleU) • Questions, Discussion, and  Reflections
  4. 4. Participant  Introductions d • Your name • Your institution Your institution • Role you play in supporting or coordinating   y p y pp g g alumni spirituality & service (Sp/Svr)  programming • One quick insight/idea you hope to draw from  this workshop
  5. 5. Snapshot of Loyola University Chicago  Alumni Staff & the School l ff h h l Clara Dina Hinojosa, Asst. Dir.; liaison to SOE, SSW,  Cl Di Hi j A t Di li i t SOE SSW IPS, and coord. for Sp/Svr programming Total AR Team  1 Dir., 4/5 Asst. Directors, 1 Adm. Total AR Team = 1 Dir., 4/5 Asst. Directors, 1 Adm.  Asst., and 2 student workers 2009/2010 Stats  • 15,879 students • Undergraduate =71 majors                              Masters = 85                                                  Doctorate  31 Doctorate = 31
  6. 6. LUC Spirituality & Service Overview LUC Spirituality & Service Overview Focus for this segment: Focus for this segment: • Retreats  • Lectures on faith, theology, Ignatian topics, etc. • Spirituality Programs Spirituality Programs • Cultivating partners (internal and external)  with similar programming to co‐sponsor events  with similar programming to co sponsor events or promote their activities
  7. 7. LUC Spirituality & Service Overview LUC Spirituality & Service Overview Annual Sp/Srv Events sponsored by Alumni Relations: • National Day of Service (Apr) – sites in Chicago  and throughout the U.S. in association with club  d th h t th U S i i ti ith l b leadership • Spring Day of Prayer (Mar) in collaboration with Spring Day of Prayer (Mar) – in collaboration with  University Ministry; open to students, parents,  alumni, faculty/staff , y/ • Mass of Remembrance (Nov) – regularly   scheduled 5 PM Sunday mass at MDS Chapel
  8. 8. Campus Liturgies Campus Liturgies Masses managed AR staff:   asses a aged sta : • Mundelein Reunion (Sept)p • Family Weekend (Sept) • Misa de la Hispanidad (Oct) p ( ) • Half‐Century Club (Jun) • g Christmas Midnight Mass (sponsored by Sacramental  Life, but marketed by AR)
  9. 9. LUC Spirituality & Service  Marketing Efforts k ff Semi‐annual printed mailer promotes lectures, exhibitions,  Semi annual printed mailer promotes lectures exhibitions Masses, and other opportunities related to service and  spiritual development; 12,000 Chicagoland households.   1) Fall Spirituality Mailer, 2) Spring Service Mailer 1) F ll S i it lit M il 2) S i S i M il Loyola Magazine is our alumni print publication; published 3x  a year; promotion of upcoming events in “alma matters”  section and designated pages for Day of Service. ti dd i t d f D fS i Video – The 2010 National Day of Service video was a  collaboration  with Loyola’s University Marketing and  Communication office.  Our team used flipcams; UMC  C i ti ffi O t d fli UMC assembled the final product. Great tool for promoting  future events and posting on social networking sites
  10. 10. LUC Spirituality & Service  Marketing Efforts k ff Email – Alumni Relations office sends a monthly e‐newsletter to all alums with email addresses; some use of Twitter for  MLK Service Day in Chicago and of course, facebook! Website – Reading list of Ignatian books from Loyola Press,  Company magazine, and suggestions from faculty/staff  representing world religions Jesuit Links • Association of Jesuit Colleges & Universities  • Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus  • The U S Jesuit Conference The U.S. Jesuit Conference  • Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC)  • Ignatian Volunteer Corps (IVC)
  11. 11. Online Prayer Request  “Pray always.” 1 Thess. 5:7 “ l ” h • People of all world religions offer prayers of praise, People of all world religions offer prayers of praise,  thanksgiving, and petition.  • In that spirit, the Loyola community continually  p , y y y offers prayers for its members and the needs of the  world, particularly the poor and most vulnerable. • Follow this link to submit your special intention.  These and other requests will be among those  remembered during Loyola's regularly scheduled  b dd l ' l l h d l d liturgies.
  12. 12. Online Prayer Request Auto‐Response Form Take, Lord and receive all my liberty, T k L d d i ll lib t my memory, my understanding,  and my entire will, all that I have and possess. You have given all to me. To You, Lord, I return it. All is Yours. All is Yours Dispose of it according to Your will. Give me only Your love and Your grace. That is sufficient for me. St. Ignatius Loyola St Ignatius Loyola
  13. 13. LUC Partners in Mission Identity LUC Partners in Mission Identity Internal Collaborators Internal Collaborators • University Ministry • S Sacramental Life / Organ Series l if / O S i • Hank Center for the Catholic Intellectual  Heritage • LUMA – Loyola University Museum of Art y y External Collaborator • Charis Ministries
  14. 14. Ministry Student Organizations Ministry Student Organizations • Hillel Students ‐ Hillel leads students to grow in the Jewish  Faith through socials academic lectures and celebrations of Jewish through socials, academic lectures, and celebrations of Jewish  holidays. • Hindu Students ‐ The Hindu Students' Organization (HSO) serves  Hindu Students  The Hindu Students Organization (HSO) serves Hindu students, faculty, and staff who want to practice their Hindu  Faith and expland their knowledge about the Hindu religion.  • Muslim Students ‐ The Muslim Students' Association (MSA) serves  Muslim students, faculty, and staff who want to come together to  pray, socialize, and learn about the Muslim Faith.  • Protestant Ministry ‐ Ministry Chaplains work with  interested students in creating a supportive faith community,  finding worship services, and offering pastoral support.  finding worship services and offering pastoral support
  15. 15. Co‐sponsored Events  with University Ministry h During Family Weekend this coming fall, we will  During Family Weekend this coming fall we will be sponsoring these activities… • “Home for All Faiths” tour • Companions Reunion p • Subs in the Sukkah –the Jewish celebration of  Sukkot with food from Chicago’s only kosher with food from Chicago s only kosher  Subway shop! 
  16. 16. Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society Alpha Sigma Nu Honor Society • Honor society of Jesuit institutions of Higher Honor society of Jesuit institutions of Higher  Ed. • Students dedicated to scholarship, loyalty and Students dedicated to scholarship, loyalty and  service. • ΑΣΝ encourages its members to a lifetime ΑΣΝ encourages its members to a lifetime  pursuit of intellectual development,  deepening Ignatian spirituality, service to  others, and a commitment to the core  principles of Jesuit education.
  17. 17. LUMA Exhibits LUMA Exhibits
  18. 18. Charis Ministries Mission: “Charis Ministries nurtures the life‐long  ss o : C a s st es u tu es t e e o g desire of men and women in their 20s & 30s for  spiritual growth through a closer friendship with  Jesus Christ.  We do this using the gifts of  h d h h f f Ignatian Spirituality, primarily through prayer,  education and service opportunities education and service opportunities We are a work of the Jesuits of the Chicago  Province of the Society of Jesus and our lay of the Society of Jesus and our lay  colleagues.” Strong outreach to AJCU young alumni in Chgo g y g g
  19. 19. Charis Ministries Retreats/Opportunities offered: R t t /O t iti ff d • Come to the Quiet Retreat • Living Ignatian Speaker Series Living Ignatian Speaker Series • Spirit@Work Retreat • What Next? Finding Answers with Faith • Lenten Day of Reflection • Week‐long Domestic Service Trips • Small Faith Sharing Groups Small Faith Sharing Groups • Catholic School Teacher Retreat • For the Least of My Brothers and Sisters y
  20. 20. Charis Ministries: On the Road Ministries: On the Road Sites where Charis has hosted event: Sites where Charis has hosted event: • University of Georgia ‐Athens & Atlanta, GA • Baton Rouge, Louisiana ii • University of New Mexico, Alburqueque • Treasure Valley, Idaho • Dayton & Cincinnati Ohio Dayton & Cincinnati, Ohio
  21. 21. Charis Staff Jesuit Educated and Proud of It L to R: Pam Coster, MRE ’02, Jesse Keane, MDiv candidate  , , , and Lauren Gaffey, MAPS ’06.
  22. 22. Jesuit Collaborative Jesuit Collaborative • Recently formed Ignatian spirituality ministry initiative  of the New England, New York, and Maryland  of the New England New York and Maryland Provinces.  p , yp , • It is a professional association of Jesuits, laypersons,  clergy, and religious who share in common the spiritual  tradition of St. Ignatius of Loyola.  • N I iti ti C t New Initiative: Contemplative Leaders in Action. l ti L d i A ti A wonderful opportunity to co‐sponsor/support  spirituality programming for young alumni!  spirituality programming for young alumni! Roundtable discussion during                                  Tuesday breakfast for more information
  23. 23. Loyola’s New Retreat  and Ecology Campus  d l • 20 acres of natural habitat  including ponds, streams,  woods, and prairie land • Expansion of student retreat  programs • Ecology focus ‐ Center for Urban  Environmental Research and  Policy (CUERP)  • Unique learning opportunity for  students and faculty interested  y in the sciences • How about alumni           retreats?  We hope so! p
  24. 24. Areas for Growth Areas for Growth Consider how your Alumni Association  y programming might.. Identify partners to join with or to promote Market events that are already happening Market events that are already happening Collaborate on co‐sponsored events  Expand current programming E d t i Initiate something new and innovative!
  25. 25. SCU  Kathy Kale SCU – Kathy Kale Community Engagement 
  26. 26. About SCU •Founded in 1851 •Oldest operating university in California Oldest operating university in California •Mascot:  Broncos •University President: Michael Engh, S.J. 8 800 t d t •8,800 students •75,000 alumni •All 50 states •80 countries
  27. 27. •3 C’s: Competence, Conscience, Compassion Competence Conscience Compassion Mission: •Mission: Santa Clara University will educate citizens  and leaders of competence, conscience, and  compassion to foster a more humane, just,  and sustainable world. d t i bl ld Outcome: •Outcome: Leaders with the intelligence to make a  difference and the hearts to want to do so. 
  28. 28. JAA Overview •The Landscape  Mary Smoker ’81 •SCU Alumni Association 408-554-5120 ‐Dedicated resource ‐Community Engagement and Spirituality ‐Branded Program ‐30+ events/year ‐30+ events/year Alumni ‐500+ unique alums engaged/year for Others
  29. 29. Community Engagement Opportunities •Regional projects •National Days of Service U i it P t i •University Partnering •Alumni immersion trips •Alumni and student immersion trips
  30. 30. Seattle U – Magis Seattle U – Magis
  31. 31. Magis Mission Statement Magis’ Mission Statement Magis: Alumni Committed for Mission… Magis: Alumni Committed for Mission is dedicated to deepening the life‐long  formation of Jesuit educated alumni in the  formation of Jesuit educated alumni in the spirit of the Ignatian tradition and  empowering alumni to create a more just and  empowering alumni to create a more just and humane world. Spirituality  *  Service   *  Leadership
  32. 32. Life‐long relationship with the  Jesuits and connection with  J it d ti ith the Ignatian heritage • Not just a four‐year relationship but one that  last a lifetime • Continue to form the whole person “cura p personalis” even after graduation g “The success of our Jesuit education is The success of our Jesuit education is  determined by what our students become.” ‐ Peter‐Hans Kolvenbach SJ Peter Hans Kolvenbach, SJ
  33. 33. 400th Anniversary document on  “Ratio Studiorum” (1599) “ d ”( ) • Instruction re. “Former Students” Former students are members of the “community  working in service of the kingdom”; a Jesuit school has  a special responsibility to them.  As far as resources  i l ibilit t th A f permit, the school will offer guidance and ongoing  formation so that those who received their basic  formation in the school can be more effective in  putting this formation into practice in adult life and can  continue to deepen their dedication to the service of  continue to deepen their dedication to the service of others.  Close bonds of friendship and mutual support  exist between the Jesuit school and Alumni (Former  Student) Associations. S d )A i i
  34. 34. Magis – Origin, Staff, Budget,  Audience, Location within SU d h • Began in 2006 with Mike Bayard, SJ  B i 2006 ith Mik B d SJ • 2006 = 1 FT director, 1 part‐time, 1 FT admin. • 2010  1 FT director, .8 part‐time, 1 FT admin. 2010 = 1 FT director, .8 part time, 1 FT admin. • From 2006‐2010, the programming budget remains the  same = 140,000 • A di Audience = Jesuit educated alumni living in the Seattle  J it d t d l i li i i th S ttl area / Puget Sound • Housed in the Division of Mission & Identity rather  y than Alumni Relations: ‐ did not want other AJCU alums to think they’d be  asked for donations to SU… asked for donations to SU…
  35. 35. Magis Signature Programs Signature Programs • Living Into Your Life – pilot program (Jan‐Apr), Living Into Your Life  pilot program (Jan Apr),  cohort of YA exploring their vocation • Spirituality on Tap – monthly events in Spirituality on Tap  monthly events in  collaboration with Ignatian Spirituality Center  (ind., non‐profit, affl. w/ Province, but  originally initiated by SU) • Day of Prayer – one day event held in Chapel • Ignatian Silent Retreat – 3 day faculty/staff  retreat w/ 10 spots for alumni
  36. 36. Magis Signature Programs (cont’d) Signature Programs (cont d) • Public Square Program  q g – 1 to 3 speakers per year re. faith and a  contemporary topic – Book group – Multi‐faith/Ecumenical component • A Annual “Transitions” Retreat – weeklong (non‐ l “T iti ” R t t kl ( silent) retreat in late spring for 18 people; created  to be intergenerational with people of different  g p p ages and stages of life, i.e. newly graduated to  recently retired; used of trained spiritual directors
  37. 37. Magis Advisory Council Advisory Council • The creation of the Adv Council was not to The creation of the Adv. Council was not to  develop programming as much as  collaborating with external/internal partners collaborating with external/internal partners • Internal: Career Center, Student Development,  Campus Ministry, Center for Service Campus Ministry Center for Service • External: Interfaith Justice, JVC Northwest,  Ignatian S i i li C I i Spirituality Center
  38. 38. Magis Advisory Council Advisory Council • Met to be both informational and visionary Met to be both informational and visionary • Initially, 20‐25 people, but currently, 16  members: ‐ 8 alumni (4 from SU, 4 from other AJCU  school) h l) ‐ 8 partners from the community and the  campus
  39. 39. Magis Advisory Council (cont’d) Advisory Council (cont d) • Met to be both informational and visionary Met to be both informational and visionary • Initially, 20‐25 people, but currently, 16  members: ‐ 8 alumni (4 from SU, 4 from other AJCU  school) h l) ‐ 8 partners from the community and the  campus
  40. 40. Connecting with their constituents Connecting with their constituents • Magis staff have access to SU’s Razor’s Edge staff have access to SU s Razor s Edge  database • Not tracking attendance participation yet Not tracking attendance participation… yet • Marketing to interested alums and other  people through monthly e‐newsletter; opt‐in,  l h h hl l i promotes Magis and community partner  events; 1,200 on list with 500 not SU alums 1 200 li i h 500 SU l
  41. 41. Magis: Vision for the Future Magis: Vision for the Future • Key Strategies coming from their Strategic Key Strategies coming from their Strategic  Planning Process (2009‐10) 1. Collaboration: Marketing & Programmatic 1 Collaboration: Marketing & Programmatic 2. Young Alumni Focus 3. Marketing 4. Inclusivity/Diversity – broadening outreach y/ y g 5. National replication
  42. 42. Other Ideas • Georgetown webinars • The Le Moyne College Nonprofit Network • Harvard Public Service website • SCU Los Angeles Tutoring Project
  43. 43. Learnings •Leverage resources •Offer diverse events •Tap into what’s already happening •Know your alumni •Know your alumni •Be committed!
  44. 44. AJCU Alumni  Spirituality/Service  Programming Professionals Programming Professionals Matrix  List  in progress of AJCU alumni staff members who Matrix – List “in progress” of AJCU alumni staff members who  oversee or coordinate sp/srv programming. Creation of a listserv and perhaps a dedicated website with  Creation of a listserv and perhaps a dedicated website with the names, contact info, summary of events/offerings This group could… Thi ld 1) Share best practices 2) Request support and recommendations ) q pp 3) Suggest new and creative ideas
  45. 45. AJCU Alumni  Spirituality/Service  Programming Professionals Programming Professionals With your help, we d like to suggest these steps: With your help we’d like to suggest these steps: Today = Review the matrix and verify/add to the content y y/ Tomorrow = Meet at breakfast to continue this  conversation; bring others who might be interested End of July = Email will go out to all those on the Sp/Svr matrix inviting on‐going communication among those  engaged in this type of programming. engaged in this type of programming
  46. 46. Alumni Programming Beyond the  Alumni Programming Beyond the Cocktail Party: Spiritual and Social Justice  Spiritual and Social Justice Programming Discussion Questions Reflections