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Alumni management


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Alumni management

  1. 1. Alumni Association •An association of graduates, or broadly of former students (alumni) •Alumni associations are mainly organized around institution or department of institutions •Chapters by city, region or country are add-ons to organize •Alumni associations are formed to benefit all alumni and institution
  2. 2. 1974 1982 1977 Alumni Institute Students
  3. 3. Alumni Association- Activities • Networking • Reunion, get-togethers, institute events • News about alumni/ institute • Fundraising • Memories (images/ videos sharing) • Recognition • The most important Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! So many activities! Who will manage these?
  4. 4. Alumni Committee • A group of volunteers to manage the activities of association • Alumni committee includes institution head, faculty members, former- current volunteer students • Alumni committee can be an autonomous body or dependent body • Alumni committee members are managing every activities on behalf of institutions • Leverage 3t’s of alumni associations • Time • Talent • Treasures
  5. 5. Structure of An Alumni Committee Organized Alumni Committee President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Membership in-charge Event in-charge Magazine and newsletters team Communications officer
  6. 6. Structure of An Alumni Committee Informal Alumni Committee One person should be designated the association’s key point of contact and a few people willing to help with the organization of the association need to be identified. The contact would be in regular communication with the parent organization and would be responsible for circulating the details of events and other significant organization news to the alumni via e-mail lists or at meetings.
  7. 7. How to form An Alumni Committee? 1. Form an interest group •Use the existing alumni organization, start calling, and invite for participation 2. First Communication •Mail letters, introduction of alumni association to them 3. Getting things organized •Outline the activities like fundraising, nomination of featured alumni, committee members Continued….
  8. 8. How to form An Alumni Committee? 4. Prepare by-laws •Objectives, memberships, meetings programs, communication, management activities 5. Follow up meetings/ events •Launch events of alumni association, follow up meetings with committee members, chapter events 6. Financing an Alumni Association •By annual dues program for alumni, Start MDPs, Capital fund raising campaigns
  9. 9. It’s Crucial, Don’t Forget • To communicate • Newsletters, flyers, alumni directory, e-mail blasting • Record keeping • Keeping accurate records • Alumni photos, e-mail address, contact number, other professional details • Event managing • Founder’s day, homecoming • Quarterly/ biannual/ annual meetings • Chapters/ batch meet-ups Research says most Alumni Associations and Alumni Committees fail to manage these!
  10. 10. Why Do They Fail? • Managing data is not an easy job • What to send in newsletters? • Members generally fill the details during registrations, no updates after that • Members don’t have an incentive after/on registration & much more • Alumni don’t have networking opportunities • Alumni associations using public social sites for making groups, but there is no control over database • Alumni managers can’t moderate all activities on public social networking sites How to avoid failure?
  11. 11. The Alumni Portal •The Alumni Portal is a private social network as well as alumni database management software that helps educational institutes in bringing their alumni on one platform, organize them batch-wise, location-wise and communicate with them effectively for various purposes. This platform is entirely controlled by the institute/association.
  12. 12. Why The Alumni Portal? • LinkedIn registration to get updated profile, 1 click registration • Search alumni company-wise, batch-wise, location-wise etc • Get high trust network with individual and bulk user membership approval • Moderate every activity and posts of alumni on portal • Private messaging for every individual and group of people • Invite alumni for reunions and other events • Inbuilt job dashboard with alumni portal • Secured online payment for donation and other financial transactions. • Digest e-mailer to every registered alumni to engage them with college activities. • Merchandise the branded t-shirts, mugs and other articles with institute logo.
  13. 13. Screenshot-1 • Institution own alumni portal • Control panel for management • Blogs, groups, news • Private messaging
  14. 14. Screenshot-2 • Individual profile for members • Merchandising of t-shirts and other, donations • Friend with other members
  15. 15. Screenshot-3 • Searching batch-mates • Advance search • Networking with professionals and many other features
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