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Printout of December, 2005, version of Light the Bay II Faculty page from Harvest Evangelism site, showing James "Duke" Aiona as faculty and Honorary Chair and active participant in "Transformation Hawaii."

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Light the Bay II Faculty

  1. 1. 10/29/10 6:18 PMRegional Offices - United States Page 1 of 5 Lieutenant Governor James R. "Duke" Aiona, Jr. Hawai¹ian by birth, James R. "Duke" Aiona, Jr. graduated from St. Louis School, received his degree in Political Science from University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, and returned home to Hawai`i to "help make a difference in the lives of its people". He was elected to the Office of the Lieutenant Governor in 2002 after rising quickly through a legal career that included being Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, District Family Court judge and First Circuit Court Judge - Criminal Division, presiding over some of Hawai`i¹s most high profile criminal trials. Lieutenant Governor Aiona has established himself as a very "hands-on" and proactive public servant. He is a dedicated family man, and community and church leader. He currently serves as assistant coach for St. Louis School Division I Varsity Basketball. In 2003, he was designated Hawaii¹s representative to the Leadership to Keep Children Alcohol Free National Coalition, as well as Honorary Chairperson of the Hawai`i Children¹s Trust Fund 2003. He was selected as the Saint Patrick Community¹s 2003 Honoree for outstanding leadership and community service. He is Honorary Chair and active participant in "Transformation Hawai¹i". Tod & Emily Bell Regional Directors for the Mid-South (US) Tod & Emily Bell Regional Directors for the Mid-South (US) For years, Tod Bell has been leading people to Jesus in gas stations, on the street, and in people's homes. Today, as an excellent motivator and teacher, equipper and vision-caster, he encourages and teaches marketplace people how to bring the kingdom of God to the workplace. Tod is in growing demand is a Life Coach and Business Consultant as well as equipping pastors and marketplace leaders to impact their cities by forming a City Prayer Matrix and Pass the Salt lunch groups. His seminar, "New Vision for the Marketplace" as well as his new book, It Can Be Done, are helping believers to change their internal spiritual temperature as well as their external spiritual environment. Barbara Chan Harvest Associate, Director for Hong Kong Admitted as a Solicitor in England in 1970, Barbara returned to Hong Kong in 1973 to work in legal aid representing those who were financially disadvantaged. She later entered judicial work, applying biblical faith and truth in the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit in her work. She connected with Harvest Evangelism¹s vision for city and nation transformation in 1995, became a Harvest Associate in 2001, and launched the "Marketplace Transformation Network" (MTN) in Hong Kong. In 2002, Barbara helped establish Harvest Evangelism (H.K), Ltd. through which she and her MTN associates have developed a dynamic and highly respected platform for training, impartation and implementation in the vision for city and nation transformation, producing viable prototypes for Church in the marketplace. Carl Davis, Jr. Financial Advisor and Retirement Planning Specialist Carl Davis, Jr. has had over 16 years in working with and assisting non-profit organizations. He has been elected to the President¹s White House Conference on Small Business. Carl shares the vision for transformation through the redemption
  2. 2. 10/29/10 6:18 PMRegional Offices - United States Page 2 of 5 of the marketplace and is one of the Producers/Directors of the San Francisco Bay Area's Christian Business & Ministries Expo. Now in it's 3rd year of operation, the Expo is partnering with Harvest Evangelism to help envision, equip and mobilize thousands of marketplace ministers into workplace environments around the Bay Area. Dr. Pat Francis Kingdom Covenant Ministries Dr. Pat Francis, an author, international conference speaker, pastor and humanitarian, is also President, CEO and Founder of several non-profit organizations providing innovative and dynamic solutions for children and youth at risk for which she has been recognized in "The International Who's Who". Dr. Francis is also President of several for profit companies including Admarie Record Inc., producer of her worship album which won the Vibe and Canadian Urban Music awards in 2004. She belongs to the Women¹s President Organization, an international organization for successful female entrepreneurs and leaders. Dr. Francis is the Founding Pastor of Kingdom Covenant Ministries, a church with a weekly attendance of over 3,000. Her television program "Washed By the Word", is aired across the continents with a potential viewing audience of over 50 million. Ted and Sandra Hahs Chief Intercessors Ted and Sandra Hahs Chief Intercessors As a college student, Ted was as a member of the US basketball team that played and ministered during Harvest Evangelism¹s first city reaching prototype, "Plan Resistencia" (Argentina) in 1990. Basketball took Ted to Lisbon where he met and married Sandra, a member of the Portuguese National Ballet Company and a dance worshipper. Together defined their call to intercession in the context of seeing nations discipled. Since joining the Harvest team in 1996, the Hahses have been building and nurturing the prayer covering for Harvest Evangelism and its developing prototypes at home and around the world. Ted and Sandra are mobilizers, whose dynamic teaching seminar on "Intercession for Transformation" helps Christians practice a lifestyle of prayer that releases the presence and power of God to fulfill the Great Commission. Rick and Rachel Heeren Regional Vice President for the Midwest (US) Rick is one of this generation¹s pioneers in the concept of bringing prayer and intercession into businesses. He is a seasoned implementer and practitioner of the principles of prayer evangelism as his book, Thank God It¹s Monday! reveals. Rick¹s second book, The Elk River Story, shows how leaders in Elk River, Minnesota, are implementing prayer evangelism and transforming the spiritual climate in their city. A third book, The Threshing Floor, documents Minnesota¹s calling as The Threshing Floor to the nation. His teaching combines extensive knowledge of the Word of God, the anointing of the Holy Spirit and 25 years of business experience. He is a member of the visiting faculty for the Wagner Leadership Institute's Marketplace Track and is the Minnesota Coordinator for the U.S. Strategic Prayer Network. Os Hillman Os is an internationally recognized speaker on the subject of faith and work. Os is Founder and President of Marketplace Leaders, an organization whose purpose is to train men and women to fulfill their calling in and through the workplace and to view their work as their ministry. He is a faculty member of the Wagner Leadership Institute on Workplace Ministry. He writes a daily internet devotional entitled TGIF Today God Is First that is subscribed to by more than 90,000 people each day worldwide and has authored ten books and has also
  3. 3. 10/29/10 6:18 PMRegional Offices - United States Page 3 of 5 developed a leadership workshop entitled Called to the Workplace. He is also founder and director of the International Coalition of Workplace Ministries (ICWM), president of Aslan Group Publishing and directs an online website called He serves as an international board member for the Dead Sea Fishing Foundation, a humanitarian foundation for the nation of Israel and is a regular editorial contributor to Business Reform magazine. Stephanie Klinzing Mayor of Elk River, Minnesota Since 1999 Stephanie has been the Mayor of Elk River, Minnesota and only the second woman elected mayor in the city¹s history. A former State Senator, she also serves has a member of her district¹s Regional Transportation Policy board, the YMCA Community Board, Elk River Economic Development Authority and the Elk River Business Incubator Committee. Stephanie is active in faith-based ministry as chair of the Love Elk River Board of Directors, a member of Pray Elk River, a leader of New Wine Ministries and as an associate of Harvest Evangelism. David Monroy Lawyer David Monroy is a partner with a major downtown Honolulu law firm, an associate pastor at Hope Chapel Manoa, and a co-leader of Transformation Hawai¹i. David pastors two "marketplace churches". One has met weekly for nearly 10 years in his law firm. The second he pastors with his wife Rohnda in his home and their neighborhood recreation center. Their passion and calling is the strategic transformation and God-occupancy of Hawaii¹s "gates of culture" that will ultimately lead to fulfilling the Great Commission and the discipling of Hawaii by and in the name of Jesus Christ. Francis Oda A graduate of Cornell University, Francis Oda is Chairman and CEO of Group 70 International, Inc., an architecture, planning and interior design firm with projects in Hawaii and throughout the Pacific. He has won numerous national awards for his designs, including the American Institute of Architect (AIA) First Honor Award in 1992 for the City of Kapolei. He has written numerous professional articles published in architect journals, is a renowned speaker in local, regional and international conferences on architecture and tourism. Today, in addition to heading Group 70 International, Oda is senior pastor at New Life Church, a non-denominational Christian congregation in Honolulu. Chuck Ripka Sr. Vice President, Riverview Community Bank Elk River, MN Chuck Ripka is the co-founder and Sr. Vice President of this history-making bank that laid its "In God We Trust" cornerstone 27 months ago with a capital of $5 million dollars and has grown to $102 million, surpassing their seven-year projection. In the same time period, Chuck has prayed with 102 clients to invite Christ into their lives, as well as for numerous healings. Chuck and the Riverview Community Bank were featured on the cover of the October 2004 New York Times Magazine for their openness to bring Christian faith and prayer into their business resulting in extraordinary financial growth. Chuck is part of the "Pray Elk River" coalition of marketplace ministers and area
  4. 4. 10/29/10 6:18 PMRegional Offices - United States Page 4 of 5 pastors working together to build a prototype for community transformation that will detonate across the region. He also serves as an elder at Alliance Community Church in Elk River. Prayer and radical obedience are in the forefront of Chuck's ministry. Jackson Senyonga Founder, Christian Life Ministries Kampala, Uganda Jackson Senyonga was born and raised in Uganda, East Africa. Through God¹s grace Jackson has witnessed and been part of his nation¹s transformation. Since the dictatorship of Idi Amin, Uganda is emerging as a prototype of a transformed nation. Pastor Jackson¹s church, Christian Life Church, grew from 7 people at its inception to 2,000 in two weeks. Today the church membership has grown to over 40,000 people and continues to grow by several hundred each week. This young servant of uncommon faith and vision has found incredible favor to minister to high profile governmental leaders in Uganda such as the president, cabinet ministers, mayors, members of parliament, etc. He also leads a coalition of 600 churches from different denominations in Kampala, the capital city of his nation toward transformation. He has been a catalyst for bringing leaders across the denominations together in cities across America as well as many other nations. "Jesus was very serious when He said, 'Apart from me, you cannot do anything,'" Jackson says. "The honor that I have is to come from a land that God has transformed. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!" Jack and Alice Jane Serra Regional Vice President for the East Coast (US) Jack and AJ come from the business world, where Jack's marketing and sales expertise with his own company won him the Ernst &Young Entrepreneur of the year for New Jersey in 1988. In 1996 Jack and AJ joined Harvest Evangelism to dedicate their lives to helping pastors and marketplace leaders embrace their calling to reach cities. Jack has authored two books, Marketplace, Marriage &Revival: The Spiritual Connection and The Marketplace Connection: Reflections of a Businessman. The Serras have founded "The M&M Connection", a consulting company dedicated to help business owners, corporate executives and marketplace Christians make the connection between biblical principles for a godly marriage and God-ordained success in the marketplace. M&M offers a three- month weekly study for couples to connect these issues. Jack and AJ are the parents of three married children, and have five grandchildren. They live in Pittsburgh, PA, and Orlando, FL. Ed Silvoso founder and President of Harvest Evangelism. He is widely recognized as a mission strategist and solid Bible teacher who specializes in evangelism, city reaching, marketplace transformation and gender reconciliation. He is the author of the bestselling books: That None Should Perish and Women: God¹s Secret Weapon. Raised in his native Argentina, Ed was initially trained in business, his background includes banking, hospital administration and financial service. He moved to the U.S. With the Luis Palau Evangelistic team in the early 1970¹s and eventually founded Harvest Evangelism in 1980 as a means to assist the church in Argentina and to reach the entire nation with the gospel through what would later be known as prayer evangelism. Ed and his wife Ruth reside in San Jose California. Dr. Jay Swallow Co-Founder, Two rivers Native American Training Center Dr. Jay Swallow, co-founder of the Two Rivers Native American Training Center in Bixby, OK, was given the name, "Roaming Buffalo", by his Cheyenne/Sioux parents
  5. 5. 10/29/10 6:18 PMRegional Offices - United States Page 5 of 5 at birth. His Christian name was James Walter Swallow. For over forty years he has preached, taught, pastured and prayed for Native people from the Arctic Circle to Central America, often enduring great hardship and persecution. He has on occasion been asked to serve his country as a special envoy for reconciliation to other nations. He is a recognized authority on the dynamics of spiritual warfare. He became an apostolic father to many ministers years before he was asked to be a member of C. Peter Wagner¹s International Coalition of Apostles, and today serves as Co-Chairman of the Apostolic Transformation Network, led by Ed Silvoso. Dave and Sue Thompson Sr. Vice President Dave and Sue have worked alongside Ed Silvoso for the past 21 years developing and implementing prayer evangelism and marketplace redemption strategies to reach cities and transform nations for Christ. From 1985 to 1993, the Thompsons lived and served in Argentina, and in 1990 led the resident team which partnered with the pastors of the city for "Plan Resistencia," Harvest Evangelism's first prayer evangelism prototype for city reaching. As Senior Vice President of Harvest Evangelism, Dave oversees Harvest Evangelism's international ministry team developing models for city and nation transformation in nine fields of ministry on five continents. Dave and Sue have four children and nine grandchildren, and live in San Jose, CA. Pastor Juan & Mary Zuccarelli Founder, Christ the Only Hope Ministries National Director for Harvest Evangelism La Plata, Argentina Juan and Mary. Zuccarelli, are most well known as the founders and directors of the world¹s largest prison church at Olmos Prison, known as "Christ the Only Hope Church". Pastor Juan also pastors a local congregation, is the president of La Plata¹s Evangelical Ministers Alliance, and has formed the Buenos Aires Provincial Federation of Pastors representing more than 1200 communities. He leads Harvest Evangelism¹s National Transformation Network of Pastors and is a founding member of the National Christian Chamber for Businesspeople and Professionals. v