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Reporting for Success: Strategies, Examples and Collaboration


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Published in: Education
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Reporting for Success: Strategies, Examples and Collaboration

  1. 1. Reporting f S R ti for Success Strategies, Examples and Collaboration C ll b ti JAA Conference at Holy Cross July J l 2010
  2. 2. The Partnership: Prospect Management and Major Gifts How d we track, measure and do k d organize to : Maintain portfolio vibrancy Organize toward idea portfolio structure Assess progress with p g p g program g goals What are our main: Strategies Key collaboration points
  3. 3. Panelists: Directors of Research and Prospect Management Jennifer Falcon, Saint Joseph’s f University Rita Casey, Boston College ll Amy Carrier, Georgetown University Heather Marzynski, Santa Clara University
  4. 4. Strategic P t St t i Partnership hi Reporting achieves: Strategy momentum Accountability A bili Gift Projection Trends i reporting T d in ti Key staff members to involve Analysis to include
  5. 5. Portfolio M P tf li Management Reports tR t Prioritizes the pool of prospects f Shows lapses in cultivation and solicitation Records changes in fundraising cycle Examples: Churn (HM) Saint Joseph s University (list) Joseph’s Boston College (list)
  6. 6. Reports: F d i R t Fundraiser A ti it Activity Examples of reports that measure l f h fundraiser activity QlikView at Boston College Georgetown - from ‘numbers’ to movement Fundraiser Activity reports strive to: Evaluate productivity Measure substantive contacts Highlight Prospects not y contacted g g p yet
  7. 7. Relationship D R l ti hi Development l t Reports that f focus on: Track relationship progress Enable E bl VP and other stakeholders to d h k h ld share information Schedule appointments Examples: Calendar report (HM) The Leadership Gifts Meeting at Saint Joseph’s University p y
  8. 8. Gift Projection P j ti Examples: The Bucket Report (Saint Joseph’s University) Proposal Pipeline Report at Boston College 6 month gift projection at Georgetown Keeping proposal data current Responsibilities of the fundraisers Implementing a data collection p p g process
  9. 9. More R M Report E t Examples l Portfolio Numbers Report (BC) f Prospect Pyramid - campaign realities and prospect identification l d d f (Georgetown)
  10. 10. Possible report id P ibl t ideas Progress t goal P to l Outcomes of Presidential Outreach (Georgetown) Number of new donors Status of gift Principal Gift Reports ($1M+) Length of time without movement Time from first visit to solicitation
  11. 11. Report D R t Development Ti l t Tips Keep it simple Keep it consistent Change of leadership (Georgetown) Keep it relevant and informative
  12. 12. Final Thoughts Fi l Th ht Challenges that rise up Unique opportunities through collaboration ll b Providing accountability The Diplomacy Balancing Act Big picture goal vs. individual performance