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2013 Annual Report as Director of Church Planting for the East Coast Conference


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My 2013 Annual Report as Director of Church Planting for the East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

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2013 Annual Report as Director of Church Planting for the East Coast Conference

  1. 1. East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church • 2013 Dir. of Church Planting REPORT Planting an Orchard “I planted the seed, A Faithful, Fruitful, Family Endeavor Apollos watered it, Last year, not long after settling into our new but God has been house, we planted a small orchard. While I didn’t do This ECConf “Orchard” making it grow.” is a Family Adventure! it (primarily) for the metaphors, they are quite rich. ~ The Apostle Paul ~ We’ve been blessed over the Soil prep, tree selection, placement, support, (1 Corinthians 3:6) years with a few of our protection, and more… all speak to the deep largest churches sending truths of planting the Gospel through church multiplication. church planters, support, and launch team members. During these first two-and-a-half years in this role, this concept of “planting Now, for the first time, we an orchard” has only grown stronger. Yes, selection, assessment, and prep on have a new model for the individual level is crucial. But it’s all part of the greater “ecosystem” God is Church Planting Partners shaping throughout our Conference: Our growing that opens that possibility to over 80% of our churches: Cohorts are reaching critical-mass and cross-pollinating the Cambridge Fellowship Gospel into whole regions. Purposeful resourcing and (Larry Kim), Covenant care are producing greater missional health. Evidence of Congregational (Fred Elliot-Hart), & Cornerstone a reproducing movement is starting to blossom. (Eugene Lee) are bravely As you go over all these materials (print & online), going first, partnering know that your prayers, support, and shared ministry together to support New City Boston (T.C. Moore). across the Conference are bearing truly amazing fruit! Along with “planting” & Like most family adventures, “watering”, I mostly try to Much grace, details are still being worked protect and support our out. We’re thrilled they’re planters (and not mess taking on the challenge! up what God is doing!) Associate Superintendent & Director of Church Planting 2013 Dir. of Church Planting Report • Jason R. Condon • April 13, 2013 • pg. 1 of 4
  2. 2. East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church • EQUIPPING THE “SAINTS” :) Church Planter Training Intensive (NEW) Pilot Program Launched Nov 2012 This week-long intensive is designed to equip brand- new church planters as the local “expert”, able to train and lead his or her Launch Team in the entire church planting process. Offered twice/year, we expect 15-25 church planters at each event, making for a more focused, intimate, and ultimately more effective training experience. Next CPTI: June 4-9, 2013 Follow-up: Launch Team Training Day. This main companion piece allows the Church Planter, DCP, and Coach to train their entire Launch Teams in one Our first ECConf crew to go through the NEW CPTI (L-R): Eli Hernandez - Baltimore, ECConf church planter candidate, day with the key principles and practices of Covenant T.C. Moore - New City Boston, our newest church plant, Church Planting. We’ve already successfully launched (Touger Thao, Minneapolis Covenant planter and friend :) this with nine of our Launch Teams, most recently T.C. Kimberly Wright - Harlem, “Recommended” ECConf planter, Moore’s & Kimberly Wright’s church planting projects. on track to be our next official church plant Regional Church Planter Cohorts Encourage, equip, and multiply church planters for a sustaining church planting movement Creating Regional Cohorts may be the single most impactful new addition to our church planting efforts here on the East Coast Conference. These life-giving cohorts are a simple way for church planters – Covenant, candidates, or simply friends – to support and sustain one another in these very challenging roles. It’s a powerful time of bonding, equipping, Some of the crew at one of our NY/NJ resourcing, and encouragement, as well as a great introduction to our Metro Cohorts (Promised Land hosted) culture for those exploring church planting. Special Guest John Teter joined us to This past year has especially seen these Cohorts further evolve as a key challenge & encourage on Evangelism Current Cohorts: Greater Boston/New component to the discernment process for potential candidates. It’s now England & NY/NJ Metro. standard operating procedure for those exploring planting with us to Future Plans: Baltimore/DC/VA attend, interact, and “know and be known” in these settings. 2013 Dir. of Church Planting Report • Jason R. Condon • April 13, 2013 • pg. 2 of 4
  3. 3. East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church • S P I R I T- L E D “ Q U A L I T Y C O N T R O L” Assessment Process Seasoned Coaches Grace-filled, High Standards, Very Thorough Our investment and care doesn’t stop with Assessment & Training, An effective assessment process is a key component to our fruitful but includes ongoing Coaching church planting approach. A potential candidate spends 6-12 months from seasoned pastors: going through various assessment tools, site visits, interviews, and participation in our Cohorts. Together we discern their sense of calling, capacity to plant, and Covenant compatibility - all are required. If progress continues, the Candidate and spouse (if married) are invited to an official Covenant Assessment Center. Preparation and participation involves significant personality testing, references, 360 evaluations, interviews, personal presentations, group interactions, and Newest Coach: Larry Kim sessions with a trained Christian Counselor. We do this because we take coaches our newest Boston area planter, T.C. Moore (New City) seriously our stewardship of the resources and people involved in reaching many for Christ through church planting. Please pray for: Upcoming Assessment Centers May 15-18 Assessment Center (hosted at Trinity Manchester, CT): For the ECConf, we’ve invited a very diverse group of six candidate couples, our largest single group yet. Potential areas include Baltimore, Virginia, NJ, NY, and Greater Boston. They’ll join Josh Throneburg coaches two of with another dozen candidate couples from across the Covenant. our newer church planters in Greater Boston: Aaron Engler Sept 19-22 Assessment Center (Denver): I already anticipate inviting (Highrock North Shore) & Stephen Sharkey (Highrock Quincy) 2-4 candidates that are currently in the assessment process. Stewardship & Accountability Monthly Online Reporting for Plants & Planters In January we piloted a new online approach that allows for even greater accountability and Michael Carrion coaches our ease (hopefully!) of the reporting newer Bronx church planters: we require for every church plant. Efrain Alicea (Elements), Phil Bonano (New Season), plus With both qualitative and quantitative measures, everyone involved has significant “at-large” coaching far better insights for ministry planning and fruitful stewardship. 2013 Dir. of Church Planting Report • Jason R. Condon • April 13, 2013 • pg. 3 of 4
  4. 4. East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church • FURTHER IN FR UITFULNESS “So Christ himself gave Pray for Your Church Planters the apostles, the 2013 (so far!) 2011 2008 prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of Kimberly Wright, Church of the Resurrection Phil & Betsy Bonano, New Season (Bronx NY) (Harlem NY) Kiho & Sunseong Lee, service, so that the Worship Frontier (Brookline MA) body of Christ may be built up…” ~ The Apostle Paul ~ T.C. & Osheta Moore, (Ephesians 4:11-12) New City Boston Efrain & Erika Alicea, (South End/Lower Roxbury) Elements (Bronx NY) Frank & Austin Catalano, Evergreen (Sanford ME) Paul, a veteran church 2012 2010 planter and discipler of church planters, got things started, kept them going, and multiplied them faithfully. Josh & Minhee Throneburg, My prayer and commitment is Stephen & Kathleen Sharkey, Highrock Quincy (MA) Michael & Liz Carrion, Promised Land Covenant Highrock Brookline (MA) that we do all three well here (Bronx NY) 2007 on the East Coast Conference. If you or your church would like to know more about partnering in church planting, Jose & Mayra Humphreys, we welcome the invitation! Aaron & Ariel Engler, Monyroor & Amou Teng, Metro Hope (Harlem) Highrock North Shore (MA) Sudanese ECC (Manchester NH) Contact Info: • 2009 Not Pictured (but still pray!): • (860) 479-2020 Pre-2005 • • Eugene Lee, Cornerstone • (Boston, 2004) Drew & Tina Hyun, • Conway Boyce, Brooklyn Hope Church NYC (Astoria) Covenant Ministries Derrick & Linda Jackson, (NY, 2004) Life Covenant • Peter Ahn, Metro (Morganville NJ) (Englewood NJ, 2003) Closures • James Kim (Queenswest NY, Concluded in 2013) Andrew & Corrie Mook, • Peter Chin (Riverside DC, Sanctuary (Providence RI) Concluded in 2012) 2013 Dir. of Church Planting Report • Jason R. Condon • April 13, 2013 • pg. 4 of 4