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Parental Data Management


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Paul Lynch – LeMoyne College
Tamsin Burns – Saint Joseph’s University
Andrea Mulrine – The University of Scranton

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Parental Data Management

  1. 1. Paul Lynch – LeMoyne College Tamsin Burns – S i  J T i  B   Saint Joseph’s University h’  U i i Andrea Mulrine – The University of Scranton
  2. 2. This Session Demonstrating the process at SJU Other processes used at LeMoyne and  Scranton Panel discussion
  3. 3. Why?
  4. 4. Saint Joseph’s University (SJU) Process
  5. 5. The SJU Process… STUDENT STUDENT Module FERPA Authorized Access FERPA A th i d A Online  Form Required Relationship Vi R l i hi Views Responsible Access ADVANCEMENT  Module Review Parental Data Access
  6. 6. Relationships Created Student  XREF Record XREF &  &  Child Link Child Link XREF & Parent 1 Record Parent 2 Record Spousal  Link
  7. 7. Pros… Faster/Timeliness Research Summer events Less Data Entry Student able to assign rights for parents More records captured No paperwork floating between Depts. No paperwork floating between Depts
  8. 8. Cons… Paperwork usually completed by  Parents  Parents – More comprehensive Some data clean up required Other children Couple coding p g
  9. 9. Moving forward at SJU… Address Verification Software CRM – CRM  Parental Piece Being able to reflect data back to  parents.
  10. 10. Things to consider FERPA Confidentiality considerations