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Emerging trends in indian marketing b.v.raghunandan


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Deals with contemporary changes taking place in Indian markets and the impact created on consumer psychology

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Emerging trends in indian marketing b.v.raghunandan

  1. 1. Emerging Trends in Indian Marketing -B.V.Raghunandan Govt. I Grade College, Barkur August 11, 2014
  2. 2. I n d i a n M a r k e • British contributed to the creation of a national market • Western exposure during British Rule itself • Multi-religious, Multi-lingual, Caste Determined Rituals, Sub-Castes • Regional Differences • Festivals and Consumption • Land of Shortages
  3. 3. Indian Production • Cottage, Small-Scale and Family Run Business • A Few Large Scale Industries like Cotton Textile Industries • No Standardised Quality • License Raj • A Few Private Monopoly • State Monopoly • Import Restrictions • Chronic Power Shortage
  4. 4. Indian Consumer • Head Strong • Argumentative • Price Conscious • Comparison • Low Brand Loyalty • Fixed Habits • Relationship Marketing • Local Production
  5. 5. Indian Marketing • Value for Money • Universal Availability • Miniature Packaging (Sachet) • Less Importance to Customer Service • Less Importance to After Sale Service • Ineffective Segmentation • Online Marketing: II Wave
  6. 6. Indian Marketer • Machine Gun Approach for Branding • Sale and Leasing of Brands are frequent • Value for Money Approach • Least Concern for After Sales Service until Polar and V-Guard • Unfair Marketing Practices for Market Domination (Marketing Villains) • Rational Advertisement • Marketing Reluctance
  7. 7. Foreign Marketer in India • Arrogant Marketers • Brand Building • Penetrating Advertisements • Text Book Segmentation • Growth by Mergers & Acquisitions • Inciting Family Feud for the Competing Promoter • Spending for Market Domination • Urban Bias for a Long Time
  8. 8. Lessons for the Foreign Marketer • Adapt to the needs of the Customer and do not dictate terms or play on his psychology • Rural Areas are the heart of Indian Marketing • Mere dependence on Ads may bankrupt the promoter • Environment Friendly Product are a Failure • Frequent discounts drive away the customers • Value for Money is the best strategy • Conflict of Interest between Corporate Objectives and Customer need is too expensive
  9. 9. • Online Marketing • Corporate Entry in Retailing • Chinese Invasion • Quick Launches • Claiming Shelf Space • Increasing Consumer Confusion and Loyalty • Dominant Impulsive Buying • Too Much of Price Differential lead to Post Purchase Dissonance Emerging Changes
  10. 10. Challenges in Indian Marketing • Class Action Suit provided by Companies Act, 2013 • Getting Regulatory Approvals • Large Format Stores • Increasing Product Failure • Low Quality Ads (perversion) and Ads attracting social reaction • Getting Shelf Space for the Products • Getting Loyal Dealership • Symbolic Surveys & Quicker Data Perishability
  11. 11. THANK YOU