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Training hr for rural marketing copy

  1. 1. Training HR for Rural Marketing - B.V.Raghunandan National Conference Alva’s College of Engineering and Management February 14-02-2015
  2. 2. Misconceptions About Rural Marketing -Rural marketing should be delinked from rural production -Production is different from Marketing -Coverage is not SMEs -Coverage is all the products marketed in rural areas, but produced everywhere, urban or rural -Engages the study of rural consumers and their psychology
  3. 3. HR Training: Nature -Training in conformity with the socio- cultural set-up of the trainees -Men are not produced by machines to have a standardized behaviour -Trainees have differing loyalty, competence, confidence, attitude and work culture -Rural consumers are vastly different from urban consumers
  4. 4. Nature of HR Studies Purely Western The socio-cultural background of the West, particularly the studies in the US forms the basis Designed to Extract and Exploit the maximum Liberal Hire & Fire Policy
  5. 5. Indian HR Practice Practices followed by Indian Industry J.N.Tata introduced 8 hours each shift On the job training -Life time employment Regularisation of employees Fair Treatment of Employees Facilities to All the Employees Regarding employees as the members of family Training the HR for rural marketing should be on the lines of Indian HR Practice
  6. 6. Rural Consumers: A Profile  Rural Consumers live both in urban areas as well as rural areas  Their profile defines them rather than their location  Savings Backed Purchases  Value for Money Approach  Expecting Truth from the Salesman  Loyalty to Product & Inertia for Change
  7. 7. Profile of Rural Consumers  Relationship Maarketing  Bargaining is an essential part  Essential Products are given importance  Luxury Items also sell well for securing status  Higher Paying Capacity  Cash Based Transactions
  8. 8. Training to the Salesmen  Language and Local Dialects  Blasting the Arrogance out of the personality of salesmen  Service has to be efficient as rural consumers do not have shopping pleasure or browsing pleasure  Service has to be personal  Familiarity is Premium  After Sales Service Training to Salesmen
  9. 9. Language and Local Dialect  Basis for Communication  Makes Relationship Marketing Easy  Can understand the full requirement of the customers and their families  Consumer will open up, thus avoiding consumer frustration  Better Salesman-Customer Equation
  10. 10. Efficient Service  Rural consumers are less inclined to browsing or shopping pleasure  Self-Service Stores are Irrelevant  Long-lasting products by sending the feedback to Production Department  Less Procedures & Less Signatures  Importance to Festivals & Special Offers
  11. 11. Personal Service  Training to Salesmen to enhance memory of names  Acquiring knowledge of families  Avoiding imposing sales outlets and too many staff  Multi-tasking  Should not terminate the talk  Respecting the consumer
  12. 12. Familiarity Has a Premium  Familiarity makes the consumer feel more comfortable  Advanced Knowledge of the requirements of the consumers  Consumer will have a better acceptance of the salesmen  Using local customs for enhancing the sales
  13. 13. After Sales Service Training  The salesmen should be given after sales service of minor problems  Product Demonstration by salesmen  Truthfulness in warranties and Guarantees  Prompt service
  14. 14. THANK YOU