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Emerging trends in Marketing


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The presentation consists of the basics of marketing and the emerging trends carried out by some case studies of various companies.

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Emerging trends in Marketing

  1. 1. JIET SCHOOL OF ENGG. & TECH. FOR GIRLS (JIET SETG) Emerging Trends In Marketing Presented By: Ravina Dadhich IV Year EEE Department
  2. 2. Emerging Trends In Marketing
  3. 3. Inside This Presentation Introduction Basics Of Marketing 4P’s of Marketing Types of Marketing Conclusion
  4. 4. Introduction  My presentation firstly will cover the basic meaning of marketing following to that the latest 21st century trends involve in the process so as to explore the company in every aspect. The very benefit acquired by the companies in order to increase its sales will also be focused.
  5. 5. What is Marketing??  The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.
  6. 6. 4 P’s of Marketing  The management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer.
  7. 7. Present Marketing  In the present scenario of marketing, it has changed the world ,and now it is not like earlier that by giving advertisement on television and newspaper will increase the sales and awareness of the product. It has come a long way to this situation. There is a huge decline in newspaper and television marketing when compared to Modern marketing.
  8. 8. 21st century way of marketing  Social Marketing  Relationship Marketing  Green Marketing
  9. 9. Social Marketing  Social marketing is a umbrella term that define the various activates that integrate technology , social interaction and the construction of word and picture. For social marketing we need to have creative idea which attract other people to the product.
  10. 10. Size of social market  The size of social market is as big as you can think of there are zillion of social networking website.  Now a days average people spend more than 1hr a on social networking website.
  11. 11. Present Survey in Social Market  Talking about today world there is 96% of Millennial have joined the social network.  The fastest growing segment on facebook is 50-55 years old.  76% of people trust consumer recommendation of purchase decision.  There is also a small segment of people in the world which trust celebrities.  It is seen in research that companies who haven't worked on social marketing is facing down sales.
  12. 12. Relationship Marketing
  13. 13. What is Relationship Marketing?  A long term strategy to built relationship with individual customers.  Relationship Marketing is a philosophy of doing business, a strategic orientation that focuses on keeping and improving current customers rather than on acquiring new customer.
  14. 14. It is developed by  Satisfying costumers  Trust  Adding Values  Privileges  Costumer orientation  Quality product
  15. 15. Green Marketing  It is the marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe. Thus green marketing incorporates a broad range of activities, including product modification, changes to the production process, packaging changes, as well as modifying advertising. Other similar terms used are Environmental Marketing and Ecological Marketing. And some Example
  16. 16. How it is working Green” is perhaps one of the biggest trends to hit the modern marketplace.  Wal-Mart is going Green.
  17. 17. The 2008 Olympics set the new gold standard for sustainable events.  Religious leaders are making the environment a moral issue.  Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities are eco-evangelists.
  18. 18. Green certificate  The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) was formed in the year 2001. The vision of the council is, "To enable a sustainable built environment for all and facilitate India to be one of the global leaders in the sustainable built environment by 2025".
  19. 19. Indian Companies going towards Green... The infamous Indian companies that made it to the list are:  Essar Oil  Larsen & Toubro  Tech Mahindra  Tata Consultancy Services  Wipro.
  20. 20. Best Other Techniques Most large organisations and government focus on public relations activities, as they have large stakeholder base. Below are some of the activities which are done by inviting journalists.  Press conference  Press release  Media event
  21. 21. Some Inbound strategies  Domino's: By making a conscious effort to gain a better understanding of the preferences of the markets it's trying to break into, Domino's is able to deliver pies diverse enough to gain international attention.
  22. 22.  McDonald's : It practices 'glocal' marketing efforts. No, that's not a typo. McDonald's brings a local flavor, literally, to different countries with region-specific menu items. In 2003, McDonald's introduced the McArabia, a flatbread sandwich, to its restaurants in the Middle East.
  23. 23.  Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola focuses on small community programs and invests a lot of time and money in small-scale charity efforts. Ex: in Egypt, Coca-Cola has built 650 clean water installations in the rural villages. In India, the brand sponsors the Support My School initiative to improve facilities at local schools.
  24. 24.  Dell: Takes a Multi-Layered Approach The company is also making the most of the video medium by featuring a growing collection of videos on its Facebook page, tweeting about them on Twitter and promoting them on other social media.
  25. 25. Conclusion  As the increasing creativity among the young minds are coming up the new trends which is now taking up in the market. All the big company in the world are going green to capture the market. “Market is run by the big players--- “Marketers”
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  27. 27. THANK YOU!!!