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Personas For Outreach - State Of Search
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Personas For Outreach - State Of Search


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My presentation for the 2013 State of Search conference. I talk about how to create personas quickly and easily that will help you improve the conversion rate of your Spanish outreach campaigns.

My presentation for the 2013 State of Search conference. I talk about how to create personas quickly and easily that will help you improve the conversion rate of your Spanish outreach campaigns.

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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  • 1. Personas for Outreach
  • 2. Hola! Me Llamo Zeph Snapp Demographics Job: Marketing Age: 30-40 Self ID’s as Hispanic Psychographics Basketball Junkie Listens to Hip-Hop Bargain Hunter
  • 3. ALTURA INTERACTIVE Spanish digital marketing SEO, SOCIAL & PAID SEARCH
  • 4. Outreach is in Trouble
  • 5. Spammers Rule The Inbox
  • 6. …and the new Gmail Inbox
  • 7. Traditional PR Isn’t Great Either
  • 8. Spanish Internet Is Smaller
  • 9. No More
  • 10. We Must Adapt To Survive
  • 11. Data Marketing PR New Outreach
  • 12. So, Let’s Talk About Personas
  • 13. Personas are NOT Alias
  • 14. An Alias is: A fake identity that you create to do outreach
  • 15. An Alias can be effective…
  • 16. But they are super shady Stop It.*
  • 17. A Persona Is:
  • 18. A fictional character created to represent your key audience segments for reference.
  • 19. Personas Are For Marketing  Campaign Planning  Building Content  Social Media Management Outreach
  • 20. Put your Outreach/PR People in the shoes of those they are pitching to.
  • 21. “The closer your persona is to a real person, the more insight you will garner.”
  • 22. Let’s Build A Persona!
  • 23. Clarify Campaign Goals Who are you targeting? Why them? What do they care about? Why should they listen to you?
  • 24. Essential Details  Name  Demographic  Emotional/Need State How they interact? Why should they care?  Photo
  • 25. Market Research
  • 26. For US, There is TON’s of Data
  • 27. For Latin America? Not So Much
  • 28. Find Demographic Info
  • 29. Use Social Media Find real people to base them on
  • 30. Followerwonk Google Plus Twitter process Facebook process
  • 31. Find Publishers in the Vertical
  • 32. Who Uses Their Hashtag?
  • 33. What Do They Share?
  • 34. FB Ad Tool for Related Interests
  • 35. Gabby Gabriela BACKGROUND: • Marketing Manager for Shopify • Stable Employee, 5 years at the company • Married with 2 children (1 and 3) DEMOGRAPHICS: • female • Age 25-30 • Language: Spanish • Country: Mexico Psychographics: • Borderline OCD • Animal Lover
  • 36. Gabby Gabriela GOALS: • Update the blog more regularly • Publish other forms of content (video, data viz, etc.) CHALLENGES: • Publishing content with no support staff • Getting approval for edgy content initiatives HOW WE HELP: • Provide exclusive content that is within her approved topic list • Give her tips for improving website performance • Connect her to other content creators
  • 37. Gabby Gabriela REAL QUOTES: • “It’s been difficult getting company-wide adoption of new content ideas in the past.” • “I don’t have time to write a weekly blog post AND manage our ad spend.” • “I’ve had to deal with so many painful integrations with other departments’ databases and software.” COMMON OBJECTIONS: • I’m worried about linking to sites that are spammy or irrelevant. • I don’t want to publish anything by authors who aren’t well known.
  • 38. Gabby Gabriela MARKETING MESSAGING: • Exclusive content about the rise of mCommerce in Mexico ELEVATOR PITCH: • We will provide exclusive research about the increase in mCommerce in Mexico over the past year. We’ve formatted the data visualization as a map of Mexico with pins for every business that is using mCommerce now. All you need to do is write an intro to the post. If you want us to do it, our already recognizable author will write it for you. Just provide the Authorship credit.
  • 39. OK, Great. Now What?
  • 40. Your Personas Will Affect Everything
  • 41. Separate Projects Into Buckets
  • 42. Instead of a Generic Pitch…
  • 43. Find Common Ground In Uncommon Commonalities
  • 44. Creative Outreach Methods
  • 45. Assign Accounts Based On How They Fit With Personas
  • 46. Build Better Content
  • 47. Persona & Outreach Resources
  • 48. Gracias! Contact Info: @Zephsnapp @Alturainteractive