How We Can Help You Grow Your Real Estate Career


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Attn Real Estate agents...if you are serious about closing your listing's on the "1st Touch" and getting those properties on the 1st page of GOOGLE search then we have a answer for you. Contact Coach JT @ 480-286-2384 or check out can also shoot him an email at

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How We Can Help You Grow Your Real Estate Career

  1. 1. As A Partner We Will0 Teach you how to develop a website for each of your listings0 Submit them to various search engines0 Post to Craig’s List twice a week0 Search Engine Optimize each site0 First Page of Google for 5 Search Terms 0 Subdivision, City, Zip, High School and Elementary0 One on One training to implement the systems
  2. 2. HOME BUYER STATISTICS0 Number of weeks searched: 120 Number of homes seen: 120 First-Time vs. Repeat Buyers: 0 First-time buyers: 47% 0 Repeat buyers: 53%0 Median age of first-time buyers: 300 Median age of repeat buyers: 48 again: 81%0 Buyers who definitely would use same agent Source: 2010 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers
  3. 3. Information sources used in home search0 Real estate agent: 85% 90% Used0 Yard sign: 59%0 Open house: 46%0 Newspaper ad: 40% The Internet0 Home book or magazine: 26% Source: 2010 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers
  4. 4. 0 Committed to Teaching you how to put EVERY listing on the first page of GOOGLE: 0 Subdivision 0 City 0 Zip 0 High School 0 Elementary School0 Complete each listing in 20 minutes or less
  5. 5. 0 Committed to teaching you how to utilize your Profile for business.0 Committed to teaching you how to build and manage a Business Page.0 Add ALL your listings to your Business Page, all automated!
  6. 6. 0 First Step: Set up your YouTube channel0 Second Step: Add username and password to eprop account so videos auto generate0 Committed to training you on building your Video brand.0 Teach you how to embed code to websites and blogs.
  7. 7. Craig’s List Marketing Campaign0 Build your Craig’s List profile0 Teach you how to post multiple ads with several accounts.0 Teach you how to post your listings to Craig’s List in SECONDS.0 Teach you how to manipulate the code to add your IDX link for Further search ability.
  8. 8. Monthly Volume of Hits for Real Estate
  9. 9. Total Hits For Auto Feed Sites $$,$$$,$$$ 12,785,536
  10. 10. Rain Maker
  11. 11. Why activerain?0 Blogging Platform for anything and everything relating to Real Estate.0 Simple Blogging Platform0 Constant education brought by industry leaders sharing secrets and marketing ideas.0 Blogging your listing that WILL end up on the0 Google likes Activerain Rain Makers FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE!
  12. 12. Why does Activerain Work0 Activerain was built for Real Estate, so all 200,000+ members are all in Real Estate or related fields When the founder constructed Activerain they set it up so each blog (web page) that went live stayed under the umbrella. That means when a blog is0 written it feeds ONE domain name. Google Ranks sites based on number of pages, and content, with them all being blogs it is all very dynamic content ALL0 based on Real Estate.0 Activerain has over 4.5 MILLION web pages to date and adds about 2,000 per day! When a person in Wisconsin writes a blog about some0 subdivision that blog gives YOUR blog the juice it needs to show up for your subdivision!0
  13. 13. Actual Blog
  14. 14. Long Tail Keyword MarketingLong tail keywords are those three and four keywordphrases which are very, very specific to whatever you areselling. Whenever a buyer uses a highly specific searchphrase, they are near the end of the 12 week cycle.In virtually every case, such very specific searches are farmore likely to convert to escrows than general genericsearches like Arizona Real Estate that tend to be gearedmore toward the type of research that consumers typicallydo in the first couple weeks.Examples: Approved Short Sale in Higley Groves Foreclosure deals in Fulton Ranch Chandler AZ 4 Bedroom Homes in Chandler Arizona under 110,000
  15. 15. Agent You’re About To Meet0 Closes over 200 Transactions PER YEAR0 Has over 60 Listings at any given point0 Is ALL Over the first Page of GOOGLE!0 You’re about to See ONE listing!
  16. 16. Testimonial From Top Agent John Cunningham – Top 5% For Coldwell Banker AZ
  17. 17. The Value Of YOU Being SeenYOU Being Seen is detrimental to thesuccess of your business. You are eitheron our team, or our competition. AreYOU ready to take it to the next level?