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Social media and Digital Marketing for local and small business


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Social Media and Digital Marketing for Local and Small Business:
In this seminar and workshop, we will help local and small busineses better utilize the amazing opportunities available in social media, email marketing, websites, online ads and much more.
These days, rising above the competition can be hard if the available tools are used poorly, incorrectly or if not used at all. Proper methods can streamline the process and garner real results of increased sales and visibility in search. Some of what we will cover:
-Choosing the right social networks
-Creating digital ads on Facebook and other social networks
-Email marketing best practices
-Is your Website the best it can be?
-Creating and maintaining content
And of course a complete open Q&A session!

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Social media and Digital Marketing for local and small business

  1. 1. OurFocusIsSocialMedia! OurFocusIsSocialMedia! /TalkingFinger @TalkingFinger
  2. 2. Social Media for Local and Small Business
  3. 3. SYNERGY No Longer Can You Survive On One Advertising or Marketing Initiative or Platform. With Leaps in Technology, Expectations of Prospects and Clients, and Social Interconnectivity, We Must Have Multiple Streams of Attraction and Engagement
  4. 4. NO Ad/Marketing Should Be Living In A Silo SocialTraditional
  5. 5. “Traditional” “Social” Ad/Marketing Mediums About 14% trust About 78% trust Rapid exposure Slow exposure Little Engagement Full Engagement Difficult to “Share” Based on “Sharing” Yin-Yang of Media
  6. 6. Let “Traditional” offset social media’s scale issue and allow social media to engage prospects and clients in a RELATIONSHIP. Balance If You Only Use Social, You Will Lose Marketshare If You Only Use Traditional, You Will Lose Marketshare
  7. 7. Add social icons to ALL newspaper, magazine and printed ads, brochures... In fact, it should be on ALL printed material even trade show graphics!
  8. 8. Add all icons to your business cards as well as their URL’s the same as your phone, email and website Give people multiple points of contact! Let THEM choose how they want to connect!
  9. 9. Your website needs some love too! An Up to Date, Clean, SEO Friendly, Branded Website will ALWAYS be Paramount! Be sure to use the social network’s Developer Plug-In Codes for optimal SEO: NOT JUST URL LINKS!!!!
  10. 10. It should also be in your email signatures
  11. 11. Choosing the RIGHT Social Networks! Follow These Four Steps!
  12. 12. 1. Define Your Target Audience Gender Location Education Career/Job Hobbies Age Never Before Could We Gather So Much InformationAbout People!
  13. 13. 2. What Are Your Goals? Brand Awareness Building Advocacy Building Strategic Partnerships Thought Leader/Authority PS: INCREASED PROFITS ARE NOT A GOAL, THEY ARE A RESULT OF SETTING GOALS! More Customers/Clients
  14. 14. 3. How Much Time Per Week Can You Invest Internally? Be Realistic! Be Specific! Can You Reduce Other Ad/Marketing Initiatives? Include ALL Personnel That Can Contribute How Much To Outsource? How Long Will It Take To Create Content?
  15. 15. 4. What Other Marketing Initiatives Are In Place? List ALL Online Assets -Website -Adwords -Shopping Carts -Enews List ALL Traditional Assets -Newspaper Ads -Printed Materials -Magazine -Brochures/Literature -PR Initiatives -Trade Shows List All Current Social Media Assets -Facebook Pages -Twitter -Pinterest
  16. 16. Audience Social Goals Amount of Time Available Other Marketing Initiatives Besides Helping to Create a Strategy,This Helps Determine Which Network Will Work Best For You Brief very BASIC Examples... You have defined...
  17. 17. Broad Demographics B2C with B2B component Typically Central Platform due to API 75% Women PERFECT for products Show Your Personality B2B with B2C Component Thought Leader/Authority Continuing Education Strategic Partnerships Young Demographics Perfect for Products Hashtag Search You Do Not Want Engagement You Are a Google Employee
  18. 18. It is *WHAT* You DO With The Time That Determines Success or Failure! Social Media Marketing Takes Time.
  19. 19. It’s A Marathon... ...Not A Sprint
  20. 20. Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy
  21. 21. The Calendar
  22. 22. Immediate Actions: Assess Each Quarter Monthly Actions Long Term Initiatives ORGANIZATION=SUCCESS!
  23. 23. Daily and Weekly Actions On Which Network Record Basic Analytics
  24. 24. Best Practices For Your Content Strategy For Longevity and Best Chance of Full Exposure, Make Posts About The Same “Topic” In A “Staggered” Fashion. 1. Immediately Post To Facebook 2. Tweet Out Two Hours Later 3. Post To Pinterest the Next Day 4. Tweet it Out At A Different Time Than Yesterday 5. Post on LinkedIn Profile On Day Three on...
  25. 25. Best Practices For Your Content Strategy Also, Be Sure to Speak the Language of the Social Network you are Posting to! Twitter: Succinct, Use Hashtags, Links Facebook: Extrapolate a Bit, Ask Opinion LinkedIn: Be factual, Concise, Thought Leader
  26. 26. CONTENT IS KING A Good Strategy Includes Good Content! Engaging Open Ended Conversation Interesting Educational Fun Off the wall Contradictory ASK QUESTIONS!
  27. 27. Helpful? Content that offers tips or valuable information Shareable? Ask yourself if would YOU share this piece of content! Represents Your Culture? Capitalize on Current Events? Wide Variety...
  28. 28. News Aggregators
  29. 29. Re-Tweets and Shares Many times you know which other Facebook Pages, Twitter profiles, Vines, Pinterest Boards, Instagram accounts etc...consistently have good content and valuable posts. They may be in your industry or they may be a complement to your business so your audience will also be interested in their content. Not only are you providing content, but you are building relationships...and one day they will return the favor!
  30. 30. Look Around You! How is that Made? Employee Spotlights Images, Videos A Day in the Office New Products and Services Anniversaries New Technology Unlimited Content...
  31. 31. “What TO Wear” Good Content Should “Dress Up” in a Variety of Clothing!
  32. 32. Paid Advertising on Social Networks
  33. 33. Boosted Post on Facebook Hyper Local Targeting $5 Boosted Post Results: Reach: 1,497 people!
  34. 34. Started Promoted Pin
  35. 35. Measuring the Success Analytics
  36. 36. Use Analytics to Redefine Strategy Analytics Tell the “Story” Of What You Post and the Correlations Of Day, Time, Type Of Post, Virality and Most Important... How Your Audience Responds to Your Content! YOU ALSO START UNDERSTANDING SOCIAL ROI
  37. 37. It Can Also Tell You Where Traffic Came From -Track Efforts of Moving People to Targeted Locations -Nail Down What Networks are Working -Increase/Decrease/Stop Time on Efforts
  38. 38. You can thank me later Tips, Do’s and Dont’s!
  39. 39. People do business with people they know Create and build personal relationships Long term continual engagement What Creates ROI in Social Media?
  40. 40. Brand loyalty Brand advocacy and “cheerleaders” Trust What Creates ROI in Social Media?
  41. 41. General Points Do.... Take time and do it right Show interest in and listen to others Be real, be yourself Have fun!
  42. 42. General Points Don’t... Use platforms to shout your message Use auto post programs POORLY Talk about yourself continually
  43. 43. Websites: The Next Generation
  44. 44. Today’s websites need to be: 1. Responsive!
  45. 45. Today’s websites need to be: 2. Quicker!
  46. 46. Today’s websites need to be: 3. Optimized!
  47. 47. Today’s websites need to be: 4. Interesting! None of the above matters if you create content that sounds like a robot wrote it. Write great stuff, follow the steps above, have patience, and you’ll see results. across of “who you are and what you do” instantly! As well, make sure image file sizes are high enough resolutio ss a technical site, keep language simple yet descriptive, and as few words as you can: People tend to not read NOTE: Change image file names! Use keywords in images. For example change 4324.jpg to cake.jpg
  48. 48. Use FREE tools to assess and adjust!
  49. 49. Email Marketing: Still Valuable!
  50. 50. Email Marketing But know the ups and downs! rketing is STILL a powerful way to communicate to a receptive
  51. 51. Email Marketing -The youth (typically about under 18) do not open emails often -Easily blocked in spam folders -Growing a data base The Downs… The Ups… -Continual, targeted brand messaging -Captive opt-in audience -Most people over 25 yr old check email every day
  52. 52. Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts -NEVER buy lists (with a caveat!) -Don’t put quantity over quality! -Don’t try and market to an audience that isn’t there -Don’t be inconsistent with frequency! -Don’t try and SELL something every newsletter -Don’t ignore your analytics! Let’s start with the don’ts…
  53. 53. Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts Nor for the “Do’s”… -Create a specific calendar for creating and executing -Create 3-5 topics (info, entertain, sales, internal news) Understand WHO you are reaching in the emails then make content resonat -Use images as well as text for a visually appealing newsletter -Use a Email service (Constant Contact, MailChimp etc…) -Read analytics! MOST IMPORTANT: KEEP COLLECTING ADDRESSES!!
  54. 54. Thank you! Learn More, Ask Questions, Engage! PRESENTATION AVAILABLE: