Confirm, Observe, Adjust: How to audit your Twitter world an 1 hour or less


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You need to know what works (and what doesn't) for your audience. This is my 1-hour Twitter audit. I use it each week to find general trends, great Tweets and folks I need to follow.

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Confirm, Observe, Adjust: How to audit your Twitter world an 1 hour or less

  1. by ian lurie @portentint portent, inc CONFIRM OBSERVE ADJUST How to: Audit your Twi﬙er world in an hour or less
  2. Twitter is great
  3. But I have questions
  4. But I have questions Do people like me?
  5. But I have questions What did people like?
  6. But I have questions What did people hate?
  7. But I have questions What should I do?
  8. This is my weekly routine
  9. Three tools
  10. I must do 3 things
  11. I must do 3 things Confirm
  12. I must do 3 things Observe
  13. I must do 3 things Adjust
  14. 1. Confirm Do I have your a﬙ention?
  15. Does my audience shrink or grow?
  16. Track Followers report
  17. Pull 30-120 days’ data
  18. Something caused a reaction
  19. In my case More stick around than leave
  20. þ Confirmed
  21. 2. Observe Do I have your a﬙ention? Why?
  22. Is there anybody out there? * * Pink Floyd reference
  23. Huge day… but why? Lots of impressions = Folks looked Twi﬙er Analytics
  24. Who cares? Twi﬙er Analytics Lots of uncaring followers could get me lots of impressions.
  25. Twi﬙er Analytics OK. Now we’re ge﬙ing somewhere. Folks are definitely responding. Some clicked Some favorited 1.1% of viewers did something Some retweeted
  26. First, I’ll ask What was my biggest day?
  27. Twi﬙er Analytics The 30th was a big day. Why?
  28. Second, I’ll ask What were my biggest tweets?
  29. Sent Messages Report
  30. Yesss! Found it. Major potential reach on this tweet.
  31. Oh. Another one on the same day.
  32. Seriously?!!!
  33. What can I do to have more days like this?
  34. You’ll do this for more than 1 day
  35. Download the data Twi﬙er Analytics
  36. Are you out of your freaking mind do you see all the data in there what are you some kind of sadist I hate you
  37. The problem: You have hundreds or thousands of tweets
  38. The solution Percentile Rank
  39. Same tools in Google Docs & Excel Use PERCENTILE function Percentile Rank
  40. Same in Google Docs and Excel Use Percentile Rank
  41. Sort by engagements, impressions percentile I want stuff with both high impressions and high engagements
  42. Voilá Use Percentile Rank
  43. Voilá Use Percentile Rank Google Spreadsheet available at
  44. þ Observed
  45. 3. Adjust What should I change?
  46. Find the Factors
  47. Just plain silly
  48. Hornet’s nest
  49. Just be careful about that
  50. @randfish cite twitter card seo topic
  51. mine – tools post twitter card
  52. Look back further with followerwonk
  53. 10% of my tweets Have media or Twitter cards
  54. But 9 of my top 15 Tweets Have media or Twitter cards
  55. Find the Friends
  56. Who talks about you?
  57. Look at topics, re-tweeters, curated vs. original, media, time of day
  58. Get creative
  59. þ Ready to adjust
  60. You have to Keep a diary
  61. Notes help you find pa﬙erns
  62. Sorry No guarantees
  63. You must Confirm
  64. You must Observe
  65. You must Adjust
  66. THE END Ian Lurie @portentint other presentations by me:
  67. ON KINDLE A shameless plug: I wrote a book about business strategy. You should read it.