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Advanced Content Workflow Using GitHub and Markdown


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Great content. Awful workflow. Content creators need to take ownership of the way they do their jobs. Stop using dated tools and processes. Stop settling. This presentation walks through a Github and Markdown content creation workflow.

Published in: Marketing
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Advanced Content Workflow Using GitHub and Markdown

  1. dammit ian
  2. Great! Content Creation
  3. Sigh. Content Creation Content Workflow
  4. Reformatting
  5. Creating content using proprietary tools = insanity
  6. Look! I can do bold text and use different fonts!!!
  7. This is a web page. For giggles, I pasted it into Google Docs…
  8. And got this
  9. OK, let’s be nicer: Moving from Google Docs to HTML
  10. Everything highlighted = garbage
  11. Maybe Word creates better HTML…
  12. Not exactly
  13. Pull images out of a Google Doc?
  14. H1 & H2
  15. LINK
  16. LIST
  17. IMAGE
  18. Typora: Visual markdown editor
  19. Typora: Behind the scenes
  20. Typora: Formatting menus
  21. Typora: Export formats
  22. Marked: Fancier exports
  23. H1
  24. LINK
  25. LIST
  26. IMAGE
  27. Gorgeous HTML SMART QUOTES
  28. To MS Word .docx
  29. To ebook .epub
  30. Images included
  31. Pandoc
  32. Pandoc
  33. Markdown to .docx, with template pandoc -o canonical.docx --reference-docx master-template.docx
  34. Markdown to .pptx, with template pandoc -o canonical.pptx --reference-doc master-template.pptx
  35. Photoshop image processor
  36. Photoshop image processor
  37. =
  38. Github Desktop
  40. Github Desktop Setup
  41. Create a repository
  42. Lookit that
  43. Lookit that
  44. Time to connect to
  45. Lookit that!!!
  46. Write something
  47. Github tracks it
  48. Keeps a history
  49. Keeps a history
  50. “Push” to
  51. Example: I add an image and edit some text
  52. It’s all there
  53. Rich edits preview
  54. Example: I delete an image
  55. I got yer image right here
  56. “Show me every file I ever deleted”
  57. “Show me every file I ever deleted, and when, and where”
  58. Roll A d20 Ian Lurie @portentint All forms of payment accepted