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Intelligent CX: 25 Years of Marketing, And Where to Go Next


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Digital marketing has all sorts of cool toys. But we apply them the same way we did 25 years ago. To truly evolve as marketers, we need to start putting the tools to good use and think about creating an intelligent customer experience.

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Intelligent CX: 25 Years of Marketing, And Where to Go Next

  2. @portentint
  3. Son, you’re going into marketing?!!! Son went to law school. Decided to go into marketing.
  4. @portentint
  5. @portentint
  6. @portentint
  7. NO
  9. @portentint “AMP will be dead in a year”
  10. @portentint Portent 1995
  11. @portentint Responsive
  12. @portentint Engaging
  13. @portentint Content Marketing
  14. @portentint Analytics
  15. Content Management System
  16. SEO
  17. Sigh
  18. SEO
  19. @portentint <meta name=“keyword” content=“shoes, red shoes, running shoes, green shoes, shoelaces, shoe laces, big shoes, small shoes, shoes with heels, shoes with no heels, shoes with heals, shoes for blisters, steel toed shoes, shoes shoes, shoos, new shoes, old shoes, pink shoes, black shoes, white shoes, wite shoes, red shoes, dancing shoes, soccer shoes, horse shoes, cow shoes, shoes for the rain, shoes for the snow, snow shoes
  20. @portentint Overture Goto D.A.R.T.
  21. We’ve come a long way
  22. Responsive Analytics
  23. Content Management System
  24. Responsive
  25. Psychographics/Demographics
  26. Natural Language Processing
  27. @portentint Machine learning blockchain-enabled data-driven directive marketing that is driven by artificial intelligence using cloud-based workflows on a no- code platform to enable advanced, real-time decision making driven by cutting-edge algorithmic data science
  28. Do great SEO
  29. Do great PPC
  30. Build a great site
  31. Optimize the cart
  32. Treat the customer like…
  33. The Support Experience
  34. Since the dawn of time Find Buy Support
  35. New Tools
  36. Same crap
  37. @portentint We value the customer experience for the customers because their experience is important so we do customer experience for our customers and their experience Brands talk about customer experience
  38. But have 3 different teams marketing sales support
  39. …and treat customers like 3 people finder buyer support WTF?!
  40. @portentint Dumb CX
  41. I’m one person
  42. I’m one person
  43. I’m one person
  44. Brands are still like…
  45. @portentint A crazy idea
  47. @portentint SUPPORT INTELLIGENT CX FIND BUY + oh for god’s sake ian you’re just trying to write a book
  48. 1993 is calling. They want their marketing back. Then fix it
  49. @portentint We have the tools
  50. @portentint We have the data
  51. @portentint So !@#)(* do it
  52. I want some shoes
  53. @portentintSEARCH, 2018
  54. @portentintSEARCH, 2018
  55. Uh, what?
  56. @portentintSEARCH, 2018
  57. They knew the shoes I looked at = +1 point
  58. But why make me ask the question?
  59. Asked and Answered. Use it.
  60. @portentint Use customer questions to increase conversion rates SUPPORT BUY 1
  61. Increase sales: Answer in product description
  62. Increase sales: Answer in product description
  63. Increase sales: Answer these questions onsite
  64. “Put it in the FAQ”
  65. Wooo let’s go look at the FAQ yay
  66. No.
  67. @portentint Put it in the product description!!!!!!!!!!!
  68. @portentint Use customer questions to improve SEO, PPC SUPPORT FIND 2
  69. Talk to sales & customer support
  70. Look on Amazon
  71. Find questions
  72. Make sure you answer on your site
  73. Improves SEO
  74. Totally possible since…
  75. @portentint Use customer support data to modify site content & reduce call volumes SUPPORT BUY SUPPORT 3
  76. “We’re getting too many support calls”
  77. “Let’s move some stuff around on the site!!” 3 $
  78. “Let’s move some stuff around on the site!!” 3 $
  79. @portentint “Let’s use AI!”
  80. @portentint
  81. @portentint
  82. @portentint
  83. @portentint “What did you need that you couldn’t find?”
  84. Call Center Site Content Feedback loop
  85. Call volume -40% = Higher profits
  86. Could’ve started when...
  87. @portentint Use sales forecasting to pace ad spending BUY FIND 4
  88. Units Sold vs. Clicks Stop buying ads here Basic forecasting
  89. @portentint Automating in Adwords
  90. Possible since math Square Root Rule
  91. Sales Marketing Increases ROI, quality score
  92. @portentint Combine sales data and marketing analytics to accurately attribute $$FIND BUY FIND 5
  93. Closed-loop attribution
  94. Closed-loop attribution
  95. @portentint UID in Google Analytics UID in CRM
  96. Better decision making, ROI
  97. Sales Marketing Increases ROI, quality score
  98. Could’ve done this when... By Aeroid (Own work using [1]) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
  99. @portentint Send your most successful psychographic profiles to sales and supportFIND SUPPORTSALES 6
  100. Why not?!!!
  101. @portentint Send location data to your stores, connect to channels, and inform support FIND SUPPORT SALES 7
  102. Location-based
  103. Location-based
  104. Yeah, so, it’s creepy
  105. @portentint
  106. @portentint Use location data to connect offline and online behavior 8
  107. Beacons
  108. Beacons
  109. Beacons
  110. @portentint Explore models that combine data from sales, marketing and support to predict and provide the best experience 9
  111. @portentint Machine Learning
  112. @portentint Caution: In over my head
  113. @portentint Machine Learning = AI≠
  114. Machine Learning someone’s going to push this soon
  115. AI Screw it. I’m pushing this.
  116. Take inputs Pages viewed Micro-conversions Referrers Language Device Support history Order historyLast session Onsite searches
  117. Predict Results Pages viewed: 3 E-mail signup Organic, PPC, Organic US-EN Samsung Common requests Last 10 orders1 hour ago Last 10 searches
  118. Predict results they need help choosing the right phone
  119. Predict results you’re going to need new tires soon
  120. Predict results we’re going to hit capacity. stop buying ads.
  121. @portentint OK, how hard is it, really?
  122. BigML
  123. BigML
  124. BigML
  125. @portentint
  126. @portentint What’s it tell you? if someone has an NPS of 7, don’t ask them. It’ll just piss them off.
  127. @portentint Explore bigger datasets to optimize campaigns, organic, support routing, content
  128. Capybara break
  129. @portentint What you’ll hear
  130. @portentint “Ain’t my team”
  131. @portentint If you can @#)$! up the marketing you’re in marketing
  132. @portentint If you can @#)$! up the sale you’re in sales
  133. @portentint If you can @#)$! over the customer you’re in support
  134. @portentint “We’re B2B”
  135. @portentint “We sell services”
  136. @portentint “We don’t have the budget”
  137. @portentint
  138. @portentint “It will require developer time”
  139. Get me the data I’ll do it
  140. Get me the data I’ll do it
  141. vlookup
  142. @portentint “It’s not 100% accurate”
  143. Buy any print lately?
  144. Trade show booths?
  145. @portentint Incremental wins
  146. @portentint This must happen
  147. @portentint “Intelligent CX is how we’ll do marketing”
  148. @portentint
  149. @portentint
  150. One win at a time
  152. @portentint CLAP ENTHUSIASTICALLY @portentint