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Review for executive unit

Review for executive unit

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  • 1. Civics & Econ JEOPARDY
  • 2. The President Qualifications & terms War and foreign policy President’s rôles 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 Checks n’ balances 100 200 300 400 500 History 100 200 300 400 500 Potpourri 100 200 300 400 500 F. J.
  • 3. What is 35 years of age? The Constitutional age requirement for the President
  • 4. What is a President’s term of office? 4 years
  • 5. What is the Electoral College? Elects the President of the United States
  • 6. What is the 22nd Amendment? Limits the President to two terms of office
  • 7. What is the 25th Amendment? States that the Vice-president becomes the President “in case of the removal of the President from office or his death or resignation”
  • 8. What is an executive order? Issued by the President to enforce or carry out a law
  • 9. What is Commander-inChief? Title of the President’s constitutional war power
  • 10. What is a treaty? Formal arrangement between the United States and another country
  • 11. Daily Double
  • 12. What is the War Powers Act? Passed by Congress in 1973 to limit the President’s war powers and reclaim some of its own
  • 13. What is Most Favored Nation status [MFN]? Trade status given to another country as a reward or incentive
  • 14. What is Chief of State or Chief Citizen? when President’s role attending the funeral of a foreign leader
  • 15. What is legislative leader? Rôle of the President when he vetoes a bill
  • 16. What is Chief Diplomat? Rôle played by the president when concluding an executive agreement
  • 17. What is Chief Executive? Rôle of President when carrying out the law
  • 18. What is Chief Administrator? Rôle of the President when hiring, firing and running the Executive bureaucracy
  • 19. What is to appoint justices to the Supreme Court bench? How the President influences the Supreme Court for many years
  • 20. What is impeachment? The means by which a President can be removed from office
  • 21. What are ways the President can influence legislation? Veto, threaten to veto, appeal directly to the American people, make deals with members of Congress
  • 22. What is Senate approval? Needed to enact Presidential appointments and treaties
  • 23. What are the President’s judicial powers? Pardon, amnesty, stay, and reprieve
  • 24. What was the Vietnam War? The event that led to passage of the War Powers Resolution
  • 25. Who was Franklin D. Roosevelt? The only President to serve more than two terms
  • 26. What was the resignation of Richard Nixon? The reason Gerald Ford became President
  • 27. Who was John F. Kennedy? President during the Cuban Missile Crisis
  • 28. Who were John / John Quincy Adams, and George Bush, Sr. / George Bush, Jr.? The two father-son President combinations
  • 29. What is Article Two of the Constitution? The part of the Constitution that establishes the office of President of the United States
  • 30. Daily Double
  • 31. What is the State of the Union Address? Formal speech in which the President informs Congress on the condition of the nation
  • 32. What is a 2/3 majority vote in both the House and Senate? How Congress can override a President’s veto
  • 33. What is the Judicial Branch? The branch of the federal government that has no successors to the Presidency
  • 34. What are trade sanctions? Economic tool the President can use to punish or persuade another nation
  • 36. CATEGORY History
  • 37. The policy of government programs FDR proposed to lift the nation out of the Great Depression
  • 38. What was the New Deal?