ENG 4340 Week 11


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ENG 4340 Week 11

  1. 1. PURPOSE OF LINKEDIN • Finding prospective clients and strategic partners • Locating and evaluating suppliers • Introducing dealmakers • Hiring people or searching for jobs • Establishing professional credibility • Improving service to existing customers • Enhancing your brand
  2. 2. LINKEDIN SEO • Start by including search terms within your profile text, within descriptions of any groups you start, and within postings. Just keep the terms gentle and unobtrusive. As always, include your standard page description metatag in the first paragraph of text on your profile. • Update your profile frequently. Every time you update content with events, products, or other activities, LinkedIn crawls your page and sends updates to search engines.
  3. 3. LINKEDIN APPLICATIONS • Polls: Respond to posted polls in your field, or create your own poll to increase user interest. • Events: Review events posted by others in your network or create ones of your own. • Blog Link: Enhance your profile by automatically posting the latest news from your blog. • Slideshare: Post slideshows about your services or products or presentations from professional conferences or tradeshows.
  4. 4. EXPERTISE Asking questions: There can be strategic reasons to ask a question, as well as to answer one. If you are seeking a vendor or strategic partner, your question can become a quick qualifying filter. Or perhaps you are trying to evaluate various products or techniques, such as which social media service to select. Asking a question is a good way to solicit input from other businesses.
  5. 5. EXPERTISE Answering questions: When someone asks a public question, all the asker’s connections receive an update with the question. If the question is private, specific connections receive a private message. You receive questions from your first-degree contacts directly. You should always respond to questions sent by your first-degree contacts; if you don’t know the answer, thank the person for asking you the question, and offer to ask other colleagues to see if they can help.
  6. 6. EXPERTISE Becoming an expert: One of the best ways to develop visibility on LinkedIn is to become an “expert” within LinkedIn Answers. When a LinkedIn user asks a question, the colleague can choose which answer is the “best.” If your answer is selected as the best response, you gain a “point of expertise” in the category for that question. The more expertise points you have, the higher you rank. Keep in mind that you only receive points for publicly answered questions, though.
  7. 7. TIPS FROM GENTLE • Reading and commenting • Moderating or participating in online forums • Writing reviews • Sharing photos and videos for explanation or assistance