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Is fundraising the only game in town?
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Is fundraising the only game in town?


Peter LEwis, Chief Exec, Institute of Fundraising at WCVA's 2013 Funding Conference

Peter LEwis, Chief Exec, Institute of Fundraising at WCVA's 2013 Funding Conference

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  • 1. Peter Lewis, Chief Executive
  • 2. Thread - You! - The Institute - Austere times… - Data – UK; Wales - If you don’t ask you don’t get! - Successful fundraising for all - Future threats - Future opportunities
  • 3. Where it all began • Founded in 1983 • Committed volunteers from top charities • Professional development • Standards • Policy/research
  • 4. Our members… • 360 organisations • 5,500 individual members from 2,500 charities • 20/20 Top UK Charities • £6 billion worth of voluntary income every year for good causes Pictures featured: Action for Children, Mercy Corps, St John’s Hospital, Mayhew Animal home, Kidney Research UK
  • 5. Voluntary groups • National, Regional and Special Interest Groups • Range of support and services across the UK • 350 regular volunteers • over 200 events across the UK • IoF Cymru – training and networking events across Wales
  • 6. Setting the Standards •Code of Fundraising Practice • Guidance •http://www.institute-offundraising.org.uk/guidance/code-of-fundraisingpractice/
  • 7. The spirit of the Code Legal Open Honest Respectful
  • 8. A different kind of climate change…? • Public spending cuts • Austerity • More budget tightening to come • More demand for charity services • Charities more under attack?
  • 9. Managing in a Downturn 2012 (IoF with PWC and CFG) • 80% charities concerned about more competition amongst charities • 93% of fundraisers say the fundraising climate has got tougher in the past 12 months • 66% plan to increase current activity • 65% plan to expand fundraising into new areas
  • 10. Double whammy... IFS predicts level of cuts to be implemented by Welsh Government over next four years to be between £800 million - £1.4 billion. AND More than 35,000 people in Wales have received at least three days’ emergency food from Foodbanks in the last year – representing double the number helped in 2011-2012.
  • 11. Local authority cuts continue... •Cardiff Council faces budget deficit of £33m for 2014/15 •grants cuts by 17% - move to commissioning •70 organisations will have grants stopped •Arts and culture organisations face the biggest cuts •Lessons from LVSC
  • 12. Some key data… UK voluntary sector income 10/11: £38.3 billion (£36.7bn in 09/10) £16.5 bn from individuals £14.2 bn statutory £2.3 bn investments [thanks to ncvo!]
  • 13. A bit more data… •Gift Aid worth circa £1.2 billion •65,000 organisations claim Gift Aid •73% of organisations claim under 5k •113 organisations claim over £1 million •Business rate relief worth circa £1.3 billion •IHT relief worth £400 million •Higher rate gift aid relief worth £350 million
  • 14. Closer to home… In Wales: • 33,000 third sector organisations • over 9,000 registered charities • estimated income of the sector is £1.6 billion • 27% of income is from public giving • 191 million volunteer hours of worth £2.2 billion • value of the third sector approx. £3.8 billion [WCVA]
  • 15. The Giving Controversy – up or down? Caf-ncvo – Giving survey 2012 • People said they had given 20% less over last year [???] The Community Life Survey - Cabinet Office • 74% people said given money to charity in prev 4 weeks (up from 2010-11) • increase in the size of donations Charitable giving by UK households largely recession-proof • Households today give 0.4% of their spending to charity – exactly the same as they did in 1988 Gift Aid claims up • Gift Aid claims rose from 11-12 to 12-13; over £1.4 billion • 4% increase from 2011-2012
  • 16. Welsh Digital Generosity... The Give as You Live Donor Survey 2012 revealed: • 58% of Welsh people give through Facebook compared to a UK average of 49% •37% of Welsh people give through Twitter compared to a national average of 23%
  • 17. Our YouGov survey says… If you don’t ask you don’t get! 66% reported that a fundraising ask for support had led them to stump up cash
  • 18. Our survey says… People rate it as highly important (over 7/10) for charities to employ fundraisers
  • 19. Fundraising is key Despite austerity charities who invest in fundraising are : • continuing to grow their income; or • successfully diversifying their income streams
  • 20. Small charities programme • Over 10,000 people engaged in 2 years • Mix face to face training/online • Mentoring schemes and bursaries • 73.7% of respondents reported an increase in volume of fundraising • 91.2% reported improved quality of their fundraising • For every pound spent on training an average of £248 was raised
  • 21. Five minute fundraisers A series of short videos to give a snapshot of the key principles of successful fundraising, including: Fundraising techniques i.e. : • Introduction to Community Fundraising • Introduction to Legacy Fundraising Fundraising Strategy: • Segmenting your donor database • Developing a fundraising strategy • Understanding your charity’s marketplace http://www.institute-of-fundraising.org.uk/guidance/five-minutefundraiser/
  • 22. Me2Club Amy Russell, Me2Club, Small Charities Participant •Small, local charity recruiting and training volunteers to enable disabled youth to take part in mainstream leisure activities •Since IoF Small Charities Training, Me2Club has: • raised over £2,000 through a new community fundraising programme •created links with local business and media • developed new 5 year fundraising strategy •identified new fundraising opportunities and widened income sources
  • 23. Age Cymru Investment in fundraising: Spread the Warmth campaign • Fundraised income up 321% in 2 years • The Big Knit – 48,000 hats knitted this year in Wales – a partnership with Innocent Smoothies • Wrap up and run –71 % more runners recruited to run for Age Cymru in 2 years • Digital Media support including a “Twobble” – a bobble hat twibbon for twitter and facebook
  • 24. Llamau • New investment into community/event and corporate fundraising over last 18 months • Bold partnership with Centrepoint • Continued development of sustainable and diverse sources of income is top priority
  • 25. Llamau Sleep Out 2013: • Pioneered by Centrepoint, now taken on by Llamau • Used local bands, suppliers and corporates • Last year raised nearly £30,000 with 65 participants • Aiming for 120 participants this year • Whole organisation has got the Sleep Out message and promote it at every opportunity
  • 26. Data driving success Macmillan Coffee Mornings: •The worlds biggest coffee morning this event has raised over £75 million since the first coffee morning in 1991 •2011 – 50,000 people; £10 milllion; 2012 - 115,00 people £15 million •Over 1,200 coffee mornings held in Gwent alone! Dryathlon: •CRUK launched first Dryathlon in January this year, raising £4.2 million •35,000 people signed up online •Specifically and successfully targeted young men •Link between activity and fundraising
  • 27. Investing in your fundraisers IoF Cymru: • Certificate in Fundraising-18-21 November 2013, Cardiff • How to prepare a successful grant application Dr Martin Price • Tax effective giving with Susan Robinson – 23rd October in Llandudno and 6th November in Cardiff • Networking events in North, West and South Wales IoF UK-wide • Wide range of conferences, qualifications and training • Online certificate – popular – 51 just started; ongoing • Advanced Diploma from 2014 • http://www.institute-of-fundraising.org.uk/events-and-training/ WCVA • http://www.wcva.org.uk/funding
  • 28. Under attack? CEO Salaries • Attack on CEO salaries of International Aid charities • Danger this will spread Lobbying Bill • Restrictions on charities campaigning activities in run up to elections – ncvo leading the campaign Charities Act Review • Statutory regulation in 5 years if self-regulation is not strengthened Welsh Business Rate Relief Review • Welsh government asks for UK government position on reduction to 50% • CRA suggests would cost sector in Wales £2m; 130 paid jobs and 1,800 volunteer roles. 1 in 7 charity
  • 29. The future • Major Donors • Digital Giving • Reform of Payroll Giving • Improvements to Gift Aid • Expansion of Legacy Giving
  • 30. Are you nudging effectively? 74% population give to charity 7% leave a gift in their will –£2 billion pa (13% of all donations). If could raise by 4% to 11% would be an extra £1 billion for charities So: Partnership study between IoF’s project Remember a Charity, Co-op Legal Services and the Behavioural Insights Team No ask – 5% left a gift You could leave a gift – 10%left a gift Social norm ask - 15% left a gift! Just through the trial an additional £1 million was left to charity If fully implemented – potential extra £4 billion! http://www.institute-of-fundraising.org.uk/library/applyingbehavioural-insights-to-charitable-giving/
  • 31. • Is your charity asking supporters for a gift in their will? • Are you going to leave a gift to charity in your will? www.institute-of-fundraising.org.uk twitter : piterk68@gmail.com