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The Deal, Alison McKenzie-Folan (Deputy CEO and Digital Transformation Lead, Wigan Council)


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Wigan are trying something new: a contract between residents and the council as both sides strive for a better borough. Alison shares the lessons and impacts so far.

This presentation was made at mySociety's TICTeC Local conference on 6th November 2018. More information about TICTeC Local can be found here:

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The Deal, Alison McKenzie-Folan (Deputy CEO and Digital Transformation Lead, Wigan Council)

  1. 1. Alison Mckenzie-Folan Deputy Chief Executive Overview of the Deal
  2. 2. Wigan Population of 323,000 70% green space 136,000 households 85th most deprived
  3. 3. The story so far… we have saved £131m whilst continuing to improve outcomes for the people in the borough Since
  4. 4. The Deal principles
  5. 5. The Deal for the future A radical plan: • To transform traditional council services and deliver in new ways • To grow the borough • To form new relationships with residents • To maintain and protect service for the future
  6. 6. How we deliver – Asset Based
  7. 7. How we deliver – Community Investment £10m invested in communities by the end of 2018 Opportunity for the community to take control and make a difference After £5.1m of actual spend: • 67 Big ideas • £5.5m external funding leveraged • £9.5m social and economic benefit • £2m recurrent council savings
  8. 8. Wigan Warriors Launch
  9. 9. How we deliver – Be Wigan Be Positive… take pride in all that you do Be Courageous… be open to doing things differently Be Accountable… be responsible for making things better Because how we do things is just as important as what we do
  10. 10. Permeates everything we do Transforming care with residents at Heathside Residential Home: “I’ve worked here for 14 years and I am so proud to see the changes that have come about through The Deal. We are given the chance to listen to our residents and the permission to create brilliant activities for them as a result.” Kevin Fulton, Staff Member
  11. 11. How we deliver – co-location in a place
  12. 12. Place Based Reform
  13. 13. How we deliver – digital 10.5m adults don’t have basic online skills and 6.7m have never been online 37% digitally excluded are social housing tenants £164 billion of online sales lost per year for businesses that are not online 1 in 3 SMEs don’t have a website – 2/3rds of SMEs don’t market themselves online The benefit of new users being online is estimated an average of £1,064 per year 80% of the governments interactions are with the poorest 25% of the UK population 12.6% of Greater Manchester (North) have never used the internet 44,000 adults in Wigan have never accessed the internet Potential 8,123 Wigan children without home internet
  14. 14. How we deliver - #Digitalwigan Digital engagement – top 2 in the country Digital Workforce – VDIs, mobile devices, job allocation Digital business – digital growth service Digital health and social care – smart technology Digital communities - superfast broadband and community investment Digital Council – 100,000 my account users Digital residents – IDEA, apprenticeships
  15. 15. How digital ready are we?: Digital Leaders 22400 Twitter followers 3134 Instagram followers 3800+ staff working on VDIs 100,000 MyAccount registered users 20,000 reports received online 21829 Facebook likes
  16. 16. How digital ready are we?: Skills & Learning • It is accessible online and completely free • Learners are awarded digital badges that carry points • Wigan is the first borough in the country to roll out iDEA to all residents with a range of our community partners • A Wigan badge has been developed to track progress We have been awarded Pioneer Council status for delivery of the Duke of York’s iDEA (Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award)
  17. 17. How digital ready are we?: Business Growth Digital Growth Service • Delivered in partnership between Wigan Council and the Business Growth Hub • Supports local businesses by providing a fully funded programme of specialist digital growth advice
  18. 18. How digital ready are we?:Health & Social Care Smart in home technology: The disruptive use of technology to build resilience, independence and help people live a rich and vibrant lives connected to their communities Sharing data: Share to Care makes it quicker and easier for staff to get the information they need to look after patients
  19. 19. How digital ready are we?: Community Investment £500,000 Digital Skills: children without internet access Connected Business: digital growth advisor, infrastructure Connected Communities: the Deal for Communities Investment Fund
  20. 20. Mildred Video
  21. 21. How we deliver – changing behaviour
  22. 22. The leadership bit • Develop a single unifying philosophy which is optimistic, simple and applies across the place to everyone • Keep telling this story with illustrations every day to everyone with humility • Create political and organisational support for a radical new model • Build a strong, cohesive and high energy team • Constantly listen harder to residents, to staff to community groups • Build a demand management strategy not a budget strategy • Build trust with staff and community to allow them to innovate and for it to be ok • 80% of costs are on processing people – shift the funding to investment in people • Maintain your personal energy levels!!
  23. 23. The Finance bit • Acted quickly – decisive • Over programmed savings plan • Focus on cash flow – not just savings • Invest to save – community, prevention, early intervention • Ensure you have the enabling functions to make the change
  24. 24. Our progress – achievements Childrens services rated Good by Ofsted Reablement service rated as outstanding by CQC Increased staff engagement – best council to work for Getting people home from hospital quickly - best in the north west Happiest place to live in Greater Manchester Recycling rates increased to over 50% Pioneering council for the Duke of York’s iDEA – digital skills Public Finance Efficiency award winner @ 6% reduction in looked after children since 2010 Healthy life expectancy increased by seven years deprived areas
  25. 25. The Deal 2030 • Deal 2030 will build on the success of the Deal for the Future with a plan for the place • Co-designed and delivered with partners, our communities and staff • A bigger focus on inclusion – celebrating diversity and a fair borough for all • Big Listening Project – today and all autumn