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Localgiving Wales project overview - 15th November 2017


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Presentation delivered by Lauren Swain, Localgiving at Pembrokeshire Funding Fair 2017 explaining support available from Localgiving and promoting online fundraising

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Localgiving Wales project overview - 15th November 2017

  1. 1. A free year of help with online fundraising for charitable groups in Wales - plus lots of match funding
  2. 2. The internet is used daily or almost daily by 82% of adults £2.4 billion is now being donated online and by mobile annually in the UK* (1/4 of all donations) The average online donation is double that of an offline donation
  3. 3. In July 2016 we launched our Wales Development Programme – 250 spaces As part of this offer, you get 1 free year of membership (usually costs £96 incl. VAT) 220+ Wales groups signed up Wales programme members receive: 1. Ability to process one-off and monthly donations with Gift Aid – unrestricted 2. Fundraising and Appeal pages 3. £200 match funding incentive 4. Access to Match Fund Campaigns 5. Fundraising training and resources 6. One-to-one support from Lauren (Cardiff) and Emma (Rhyl) Criteria – groups must: be charitable; benefit Wales; and have a bank account.
  4. 4. A Localgiving online donation page
  5. 5. ● If you’ve got a particular part pf your work to go into more detail about then you can do this on a project page ● If you think that certain people would only want to hear about a certain project rather than your work as a whole you can send them directly to this page as it has a unique URL ● Gift aid and matchfunding can be applied to this page too, as with all of a group’s pages ● These pages are ongoing and have no deadline on when the page expires. Project Pages
  6. 6. ● If you’ve got something specific to fundraise for then an appeal can work really well ● You can easily benefit from Gift Aid on online donations to appeals ● 90 days limit ● A lot of groups save their £200 match funding for their first appeal ● Appeals require effort to make them work but can reach a wider audience than your typical supporters! Appeal Pages
  7. 7. • These are perfect if you have supporters who want to fundraise for you and are free to set up • On Localgiving each fundraiser brought an average of 16 new online donors to their charity and raised £520 per charity • Unlimited number of pages • Fundraisers are great ambassadors for your group • All the donations raised through fundraising pages can be tracked Fundraiser Pages
  8. 8. What does it look like when a group logs into their account?
  9. 9. Example of one of our annual match fund campaigns Local Hero – runs for all of April • Each active fundraising page on Localgiving will be eligible to take part. • Fundraisers will be ranked according to the number of unique donors who sponsor their page within the campaign start and end dates. • The top 20 fundraisers at 23:59:59 on Sunday the 30th of April 2017 will be declared the winners and the groups they are raising money for will received prizes ranging from £1000-£100.
  10. 10. Local Hero – 2 Wales programme winners in 2017
  11. 11. Example of one of our annual match fund campaigns • New for 2017 • Donations up to the value of £25 will be doubled in 10am-23.59pm • Up to £250 match funding available per group
  12. 12. Example of one of our annual match fund campaigns Grow Your Tenner 17th Oct 2017, for 1 month or until used up: • New direct debits will be doubled in months 7-12 of their first year • Donations matched up to £10 2016 GYT outcomes: Total raised: £1,091,781 One-time donors: 16,204 Direct Debits: 4,276
  13. 13. Fundraising Toolkit – extra resources when match funds are running
  14. 14. Donation process We do take a 5% fee on donations (the same as Justgiving) and Payment processing fees (1% + 10p for UK Debit Cards). But this just goes a small way towards the great benefits you get and we still fundraise a lot ourselves to fund the rest. This is what that looks like: Plus ALL groups get gift aid – so those who aren’t registered charities get 25% extra on every donation that they could not get anywhere else
  15. 15. Paul Popham Fund, Renal Support Wales
  16. 16. The Bridge Mentoring Plus Scheme ● Never asked for donations before ● Raised over £1,100 from 50 new donations through GYT ● All staff got behind the effort ● Fundraised through existing events ● Much easier to make that ‘ask’ with a match fund incentive
  17. 17. Friends of the City of Swansea Botanical Complex ● Entirely led by volunteers aged 70+ ● Their first ever appeal - over 90 days raised £4,384.50 ● Included £382.50 gift aid, £200 Wales match funding and £510 GYT match funding ● Reached donors they didn’t know existed and raised a lot offline too ● Traditional methods worked well
  18. 18. Find examples of similar groups experiencing success with Localgiving
  19. 19. 1. Sign-up and claim your free membership at 2. Login and explore the fundraising toolkit – e.g. tips for adding a donation button 3. Regularly promote your donation page to your network – we can build this too 4. Consider what how to use your £200 match funding – an appeal? 5. Make the most of free support - Book onto local training sessions 6. Check your Localgiving account regularly for donations and thank your donors! Localgiving checklist & actions to take away Promo code for free year: WALES250
  20. 20. Questions? It is a risk-free opportunity and there has never been a better time for groups in Wales to start online fundraising! Sign-up and use promo code WALES250 to claim your free membership at: Lauren Swain (South Wales) 07808889672 @LaurenS_SWales General Localgiving helpline 0300 111 2340 @Localgiving