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  • Chapter VI, Article 51A
  • VSET P&S

    1. 1. A LivingValues Movement Participate and Support www.vset.org
    2. 2. Introduction Mission To create awareness of ones connect with society and nature Theme LivingValues – values in action A not-for-profit organisation, set up in 2003 A LivingValues Movement
    3. 3. Relevance Play No stress Discipline Explore Academic excellence - Extra-curricular Expectation School Media environment Peer-pressure Competition Sensitivity Student Corruption-freeGood behaviour Civic sense Topper in all Family, Society, Pollution-free Bonding Conservation peers nature Trendy Reached out to ~ 200,000 students since inception A LivingValues Movement
    4. 4. JoyClub programFormat• Starts from standard 7• 1 session every 2 weeks - 15 sessions a year• 60 sessions - 4 year journey till standard 10 Standard 10 Content, tools, topics * • Researched, customised, dynamic, contemporary, filtered • Relevant, engaging tools • Universal, non-sectarian Standard 7 Facilitation, principles, learnings • Non-judgmental, free, open • Experiential learning • Own conclusions – sustained impact A LivingValues Movement * Broadly in conformity with Indian Constitution, Education Board and UNICEF recommendations
    5. 5. Supporting programs Teachers Parents JoyConnect Strengthen learnings JoyUnite Sessions aimed at from JoyClub programs Sessions to better connect increase bonding Students JoyCamp Off-site interactions JoyPower Institutional visits, theme months A LivingValues Movement Photos
    6. 6. Implementation strategy • Create direct impact • Refine, upgrade content/ tools On-field • Laboratory to explore new possibilities • Learn, remain relevant at all times • Decentralised operations Outreach • Reach out to a wider audience • Partner with institutions/ schools • Provide implementation support • Institutions/ schools, teachers • Media, corporates, volunteers Awareness • Docufiction on the theme • Roadmap 2030 A LivingValues Movement
    7. 7. Scale of operations Year 2011-12 On-field OutreachSchools 80 Schools 6Students 20,000 Students 2,000(> 50% government schools) LocationsLocations Karnataka - Bangalore, MangaloreChhattisgarh - Manendragarh Kerala - KozhikodeGujarat - AnandKarnataka - MysoreKerala - Kasaragod, WayanadMaharashtra - MumbaiTamil Nadu - Chennai Expansion through Outreach A LivingValues Movement
    8. 8. Outcome Learnings manifest Becomes orderly, neat, tidy immediately or later Sticks to times, starts understanding priorities Exhibits politeness, avoids rude behaviour Shows concern when someone is hurt, sick Starts assisting in household chores Starts connecting with nature, co-creation Starts looking at fairness of means Starts using resources responsibly Improves responsiveness to insults, failuresLesser privileged get more confident, connected Improves competitiveness Well-to-do get motivated to share, care Shows better orientation towards success A LivingValues Movement Examples
    9. 9. How it all works… Create, refine content/ library (KM) Carry-out Identify, enable quality assurance facilitators/ volunteers and evaluation (QAE) (FEP) Facilitate JoyClub, Partner with reinforcement programs institutions, schools A LivingValues Movement
    10. 10. Participate• Follow VSET on Facebook• Join GoogleGroup – receive inspirational messages• Suggest content – write to content@vset.org• Share experiences – write to LivingValues@vset.org• Facilitate JoyClub sessions in schools• Connect VSET with schools to implement Outreach model• Promote the theme amongst teachers and in schools• Create awareness in media on LivingValues• Help raise donations for VSET operations A LivingValues Movement
    11. 11. Support Students in 2012-13 – 20,000 Reach Program delivery expenses – Rs. 50 lakhs (US $100k) Cost/ student Rs. 250 per year (US $5) Options Students Rs. US $ 1,000 2,50,000 5,000 500 1,25,000 2,500 200 50,000 1,000 100 25,000 500Contributions are exempt u/s 80G of the Income-tax Act, 1961 Contributions also through Satsang Foundation – A LivingValues Movement a 501(c), non-profit corporation, California, USA Thus far Way forward
    12. 12. Thank you! Contact Subramanian N | E: mani.ns@vset.org | M: +91 9820086222 Narayanan PK | E: narayanan.pk@vset.org | M: +91 9845390141 W: www.vset.orgA LivingValues Movement TeamVSET VSET H.O.
    13. 13. Topics - 7th and 8thStd 07 Interconnectedness with co-creation Std 08 Behavioural refinementS07.01 Friendship S08.01 HappinessS07.02 Appreciation S08.02 Getting along with othersS07.03 Politeness and courtesy S08.03 Respect and reverenceS07.04 Academic excellence and human values S08.04 Anger managementS07.05 Discipline S08.05 HelpingS07.06 Punctuality S08.06 AssumptionsS07.07 Care and concern S08.07 PatienceS07.08 Dignity of labour S08.08 DeterminationS07.09 Civic sense S08.09 InsecurityS07.10 Forgive and forget S08.10 Interconnectedness and interdependenceS07.11 Comparison S08.11 JealousyS07.12 Non-violence S08.12 Duty and responsibilityS07.13 Attentiveness S08.13 SharingS07.14 Honesty S08.14 Active-hasty/patient-lazyS07.15 Arguments S08.15 Boredom A LivingValues Movement
    14. 14. Topics - 9th and 10thStd 09 Success orientation Std 10 Focus on successS09.01 Feel good factor S10.01 Positive attitudeS09.02 Broadmindedness S10.02 GoalsS09.03 Commitment and dedication S10.03 Plan and reviewS09.04 Courage S10.04 MotivationS09.05 Disappointments and failure S10.05 RelationshipsS09.06 Focus S10.06 PeersS09.07 Nature and environment S10.07 CitizenshipS09.08 Perceptions S10.08 FreedomS09.09 Sportsmanship S10.09 CareersS09.10 Time management S10.10 SuccessS09.11 Confidence S10.11 DesireS09.12 Insults S10.12 CreativityS09.13 Humility S10.13 Role modelS09.14 Communication skills S10.14 AmbitionS09.15 Anxiety S10.15 Money A LivingValues Movement Back
    15. 15. Tools• Ice-breakers - to create a free ambience and build a bond• Situations - that relate to and connect with daily life• Role plays - real-life personalities, professions, events• Group activities - learning through activities• Video clips - inspiring, motivating short clips• Stories - with pauses to elicit participants thoughts• Depictions - to allow messages to get internalised• PPTs - to arouse curiosity and trigger interactive discussions• Games - for fun, bonding and spin-off learning• Audio tracks - meaningful, peppy songs; group singing• Experiences - participants share real-life experiences A LivingValues Movement Back
    16. 16. Guiding principles• All are innately good• Focus on positives – people, situations• Interactions free from: • Likes-dislikes • Rights-wrongs • Prejudices, biases • Notions, opinions• Facilitator: • Co-learner in the journey • Intent to become a better individual – than to change others• Deal with real-life-issues – no concepts and theories A LivingValues Movement Back
    17. 17. Learnings Different dimensions/ perspectives are possible for a given situation, when viewed by different individuals Accommodate, respect and appreciate others’ perspectives Apart from the Readiness to listen to others – being patient to present own learnings related views to the themeor topic discussed, To be open, free and non-judgmental in approachcollateral learnings take place Creative, spontaneous thinking – thinking differently/ out-of- along the way the-box Confidence, perseverance to present perspectives Firm (in own convictions) and flexible (towards others’ opinions) A LivingValues Movement Back
    18. 18. Photo gallery A LivingValues Movement
    19. 19. Photo gallery Back A LivingValues Movement
    20. 20. Outcome examples (school/ home)Outcome/ experience Shared byStudents have become open, confident and broadminded TeacherNow students are prepared to face realities, able to face difficulties - they are very joyful TeachertooMy daughter taught me the dignity of labour - when I questioned why her maths teacherwas walking with the school sweeper, her answer was - "every work has its own dignity, you Parentcannot differentiate one from the other - so what if my teacher came with a sweeper?"VSET program provided the children a platform to discuss, explore and understand moreabout values - that would help them make the right choices to succeed in life, and to School websiteprepare them to serve humanityWe can see considerable change in cleanliness - Most of them are from very poor familybackgrounds, now they have started brushing their teeth, and bathing, which was not the Facilitatorcase earlierHelping mentality has developed between children TeacherThe topics discussed by you like appreciation, facing insult, handling hurt, managing anger Principaletc. have really helped in building their character and molding themThe sessions are very useful - we should have started this program earlier PrincipalNoticeable positive changes are visible in student behaviour - they show increased maturity Teacherlevels. My suggestion is that this kind of sessions are necessary in every School A LivingValues Movement
    21. 21. Outcome examples (student)Shared by studentsI take care not to waste foodNow I help my mother in doing house works, even though some of them doesnt interest meMy friend has changed – now she behaves lovingly with friends. Earlier she was an ‘angry’ type - the reason Ithink is VSET programsSome of my friends whom I considered aggressive have now turned mild - They are watchful now of theirwords and behaviourEarlier I used to waste lots of food - Now I take care not to waste foodI participated in the anti-drug awareness program. Everyone in society is important - we cannot survivewithout their existenceI understood the need for environmental cleanliness - Now, I also understand the sense of responsibilityVSET programs have made a lot of changes in my life- It caused great joy. Now I help my friends, and it givesme happinessNow I think of helping poor in our society as much as we can - Also, help educating the uneducated childrenWe can’t exist without natureTo build a good society, every individual has to change and contribute - and for that, we ourselves have tobecome modelsNature gives us all. We cant exist without natureVSET programs have given me a chance to think about good and act some good deedsWe started forming queues for using toilets A LivingValues Movement
    22. 22. Outcome examples (student)From VSET sessions I understood that I should help others wherever possible, I should do good deeds andunderstand others problems - We all are oneWe should think before any action – Otherwise, it may lead us and others to great miseriesAfter the VSET interactions we are more disciplined now, and keep our class room neat and tidy as we keepour homeWhen I see small children walking on the roads, I accompany them to safetyNow I dispose waste properlyWe cultivated a vegetable garden, and planted herbal plants in school - & I planted seven plants in my houseAfter attending VSET sessions, I have reduced using abusive languageOne day I gave my food packet to a needy womanReally helped me to adjust with the peopleAt VSET program, we get a chance to know our friends betterAll professions are important in society and need to be respected, even though society has a tendency toignore / not respect people with low income levelsI understood the consequences of anger. Also, I gathered awareness on society and the need to help parentsTo get angry is natural to me - but understanding that it is bad for myself, has forced me to stay away fromunwanted argumentsI learned not to waste natural resources, and to treat earth as our mother - We should not exploit nature, weshould save plants and treesI do not litter now A LivingValues Movement Back
    23. 23. Facilitator Profile Reach Graduate 4 groups/ day Good communicator 5 days/ week Enthusiastic, good listener 20 groups/ week Open to ideas, change 40 groups/ 2 weeks Connects with teens, youth 40 students/ group Part-time or full-time 1,600 students Back A LivingValues Movement
    24. 24. Funding • Infrastructure • VSET HO Campus including movables – Rs. 150 lakhs (US $300k) • Operating expenses • Rs. 50 lakhs (US $100k) per year • Funded by • Trustee group, associates – 95% • Friends – 5%Working model, outcomes profound – exploring wider participation A LivingValues Movement Back
    25. 25. Corpus Fund• Purpose • Create Corpus Fund; interest to fund operations • Allows TeamVSET to invest its time on programs, activities and innovations• Fund size • Annual expenses – Rs. 50 lakhs (US $100k) • Interest rate – 7.5% per year • Corpus Fund – Rs. 667 lakhs (US $1.33m) Corpus donations – starting from Rs. 5 lakhs (US $10k) A LivingValues Movement Back
    26. 26. TeamVSETTrustees Advisors Executive Team Mohan G Justice Venkatachalliah MN Jagadeesh MD Pinakin T Dr Balasubramiam R Narayanan PK Pranav P Dr Gururaj Karajagi Ramchandran A Ramchandran A Gopinathan Nair P Subramanian N Subramanian N Kaarthikeyan DR Sunder S Sunder S Swami Muktananda Back A LivingValues Movement
    27. 27. VSET H.O. Back A LivingValues Movement