A living valuesmovement


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A living valuesmovement

  1. 1. A ‘LivingValues’ Movement www.vset.org
  2. 2. Introduction Mission To create awareness of ones connect with society and nature Theme LivingValues – values in action Set up in 2003 as a not-for-profit organisation A “LivingValues” Movement
  3. 3. Relevance Play No stress Discipline Explore Academic excellence - Extra-curricular Expectation School Media environment Peer pressure Competition Sensitivity Student Corruption-freeGood behaviour Civic sense Topper in all Family, Society, Pollution-free Bonding Conservation peers nature Trendy Reached out to ~ 200,000 students since inception A “LivingValues” Movement
  4. 4. JoyClub programFormat• Starts from standard 7• 1 session every 2 weeks - 15 sessions a year• 60 sessions - 4 year journey till standard 10 Standard 10 Content, tools, topics * • Researched, customised, dynamic, contemporary, filtered • Relevant, engaging tools • Universal, non-sectarian Standard 7 Facilitation, principles, learnings • Non-judgmental, free, open • Experiential learning • Own conclusions – sustained impact A “LivingValues” Movement * Broadly in conformity with Indian Constitution, Education Board and UNICEF recommendations
  5. 5. Reinforcement programs Teachers Parents JoyConnect Strengthen learnings JoyUnite Sessions aimed at from JoyClub programs Sessions to better connect increase bonding Students JoyCamp Off-site interactions JoyPower Institutional visits, theme months A “LivingValues” Movement Photos
  6. 6. Implementation strategy • Create direct impact • Refine, upgrade content/ tools On-field • Laboratory to explore new possibilities • Learn, remain relevant at all times • Decentralised operations Outreach • Reach out to a wider audience • Partner with institutions/ schools • Provide implementation support • Institutions/ schools, teachers • Media, corporates, volunteers Propagate • Docufiction on the theme • Roadmap 2030 A “LivingValues” Movement
  7. 7. Scale of operations Year 2011-12 On-field OutreachSchools 54 Schools 6Students 14,000 Students 2,000(> 50% government schools)Locations LocationsChennai BangaloreKasaragod CalicutMysore MangaloreWayanad Expansion through Outreach A “LivingValues” Movement
  8. 8. Outcome Learnings manifest Becomes orderly, neat, tidy immediately or later Sticks to times, starts understanding priorities Exhibits politeness, avoids rude behaviour Shows concern when some one is hurt, sick Starts assisting in household chores Starts connecting with nature, co-creation Starts looking at fairness of means Starts using resources responsibly Improves responsiveness to insults, failuresLesser privileged get more confident, connected Improves competitiveness Well-to-do get motivated to share, care Shows better orientation towards success A “LivingValues” Movement Examples
  9. 9. How it all works… Create, refine content/ library (KM) Carry-out Identify, enable quality assurance facilitators/ volunteers and evaluation (QAE) (FEP) Facilitate Partner with JoyClub, reinforcement institutions, schools programs A “LivingValues” Movement
  10. 10. Thank you! Contact Narayanan PK | E: narayanan.pk@vset.org | M: +91 9845390141 Ramchandran A | E: ram.a@vset.org | M: +91 9379449036 W: www.vset.orgA “LivingValues” Movement TeamVSET VSET H.O.