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  • 1. Google Products Irmeli Pietilä
  • 2. 16.05.12 Irmeli PietiläWhy Google Docs? You can Upload stuff that you have made with Office Programs You can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, pictures and forms • You can share your documents with other collaborators and edit them simultaneously • You can download your stuff and continue editing in Office programs With Google Drive managing your documents is even easier than before 2
  • 3. 16.05.12 Irmeli PietiläGoogle Docs, settings Go to Don’t worry that the page is in Finnish, we will change it! 1. 2. 3
  • 4. 16.05.12 Irmeli PietiläGoogle Docs, create new Document is like Word, Presentation is like PowerPoint, Spreadsheet is like Excel, with Form you can make polls and Pictures is for drawing. Table (beta) offers datasets and with Collections you can keep your stuff in order. A really handy thing is that you can check your spelling! You might want to watch tutorials at 4
  • 5. 16.05.12 Irmeli PietiläGoogle Docs, share You can share your document for others to view or you can allow them to edit the document. It’s possible that several people write one document simultaneously. 1. 2. 5
  • 6. 16.05.12 Irmeli PietiläGoogle Docs, Upload You can upload documents from your computer. In traditional view it goes like this 6
  • 7. 16.05.12 Irmeli PietiläGoogle Docs, Upload You can upload documents from your computer. With Google drive 7
  • 8. 16.05.12 Irmeli PietiläRegister Google + Go to Don’t get scared, when everything is in Finnish! You can change it to English once you are in! Fill in the form as shown on the right. 8
  • 9. 16.05.12 Irmeli PietiläGoogle +, in English Once you have made it in, change tthe language to English and go over other settings. 1. 2. 9
  • 10. 16.05.12 Irmeli PietiläGoogle +, setup & use Set up your profile, search people to your circles… Tutorials for Google+ can be found at One feature I recommend warmly is Hangout with extras, which we used with Pekka. It allows up to 10 people have a videoconference, and share Google documents while doing it. It is also possible to share one’s screen. According to Google Extras are available for a limited time, but I hope they’ll remain, because they really offer lots of potential! 10
  • 11. 16.05.12 Irmeli PietiläSome exercises 1. Log into your Gmail account and send a message to (=Irmeli) and to 2. Share you Gmail address with the person next to you, and work as a pair in the next exercises 3. Go to and change it into English (see instructions on page 3) 4. Create a new document and share it with your neighbor. Write together about last weekend. Try editing options, adding links and pictures. Tutorial for creating new documents, . Tutorial for sharing documents, 11
  • 12. 16.05.12 Irmeli PietiläSome exercises 1. Create a new presentation and make a four-slide presentation of your school. Add your school logo. Try different templates. Tutorial for presentations, 2. Upload a document from your computer (if there aren’t any, make first a document in Word and save it to the Desktop). Tutorial for uploads, 12
  • 13. 16.05.12 Irmeli PietiläSome exercises 1. Design a poll for gathering feedback from this class (use “create new form”) and ask your friends to answer it. Tutorial for forms, 2. Share the Teaching Practice –document with your team members and start collaborating on the plan! 3. Go to your account in Google+. Make a circle called Teacher Training and add as many fellow students as you can find. You can also add teachers (but they might mainly post in Finnish!) 4. Try Google+ Hangout (preferably on a laptop in your room, it would be quite noisy in the classroom, if you all started a Hangout!). 13