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Google docs for_educators intc2610

  1. 1. Google Docs for Educators INTC 2610 Susan M. Ross - MAIT, M. Ed. Google Certified Teacher Adjunct Professor - Richard Stockton College
  2. 2. Google Docs for Educators What is Google Drive? How Do I Get Started with Google Docs? How do I Harness the Power of Collaboration in Google Docs? How Can I Use Forms in My Classroom?
  3. 3. Google Docs for Educators
  4. 4. Google Docs for Educators
  5. 5. Google Docs for Educators
  6. 6. Google Docs for Educators
  7. 7. Google Docs for Educators
  8. 8. Google Drive
  9. 9. Google Drive Video: What is Google Drive?
  10. 10. Why Use Google Drive? five gigabytes (5 GB) of free storage space
  11. 11. Google Drive Accessing Google Drive on a Mobile Device
  12. 12. Drive on the Web
  13. 13. Drive on the Web Uploading Files • From the Drive • From the Web
  14. 14. Google Drive
  15. 15. Google Drive
  16. 16. Google Drive Google Directions
  17. 17. Google Drive Activity: Log in to your Google Account and go to Google Drive. Create a Document and name it with the year, your last name, Journal. e.g 2014RossJournal and save it in your drive. Journal Response 1: What do you think is the benefit of Google Drive?
  18. 18. Docs and Drive Cell Phone - can comment Sled Run - can edit
  19. 19. Google Docs Basics - getting comfortable with the interface Creating and naming Docs and Folders Changing colors on Folders Moving files and Folders Sharing by Link or by email Sharing Permissions - Edit, Comment, View
  20. 20. Google Docs Time For Practice This document is shared with editing permissions so that all of you can see what happens when multiple people are working on a document. Favorites INTC2610 Spring 2014 Bucket List INTC2610 Spring 2014
  21. 21. Google Docs Time For Practice Create a folder Name it with your last and first name E.G RossSusan Then share the folder with me at Move your Journal into this folder.
  22. 22. Google Docs Time For Practice Leaf - Create document and name it with your last name and Leaf. e.g. RossLeaf. Share it so that anyone with the link can view it and move it into the folder you shared with me. Post the link to your leaf document on your Google Docs portfolio page.
  23. 23. Google Docs Time For Practice Open this document and make a copy. Then rename with your last name and Bully Diary - e.g. RossBullyDiary Then complete the assignment by adding two more diary entries. Bully Diary INTC2610 Spring 2014 Change the sharing settings on your Bully Diary so that anyone with the link can comment and then move it into the folder you shared with me. Share the link on your Google Docs Portfolio.
  24. 24. Google Docs Time For Practice 1. Create a folder called practice. Move your Leaf and Bully documents into this folder. 2. Create a doc called your name and day off and share by email with a friend so they can view only. e.g. RossDayOff
  25. 25. Google Docs Time For Practice Create a doc called your last name and famous and share with anyone who has the link. Copy and add the link in your portfolio. e.g. RossFamous
  26. 26. Google Docs Ways to use Folders Student Handout Folders – INTC 2610 Handouts Student Turn-in Folders Journal Response 2 : Why is it important to organize your documents in Google Drive?
  27. 27. Collaboration Google When you're working on a file in Google Drive, you can communicate with others working on the same file, and you can all collaborate on the file in real time. If you and a partner are drafting a document with Google Docs, for example, the two of you can chat about your progress and make edits to the document simultaneously. Watch the video on this site to see how this looks in an actual classroom. Fostering Student Collaboration
  28. 28. Collaboration Time For Practice We will collaborate as a group on a story about sledding. Your task is to make this poorly written story better by adding phrases, descriptive words, etc. The Sled Run INTC2610 Spring 2014
  29. 29. Collaboration Time For Practice You will collaborate with a partner on a story about the perfect teacher. Share your story for anyone with the link and post the link to the story on your Google Doc Portfolio page.
  30. 30. Collaboration Time For Practice Add comments to the cell phone document to let this writer know about errors and possible suggestions to make the paragraph better. Cell Phone INTC2610 Spring 2014
  31. 31. Collaboration Collaborative Revision with Google Docs kus
  32. 32. Collaboration Time For Practice Journal Response 3 - How could you use Google Docs to foster collaboration in your classroom?
  33. 33. Google Docs A great way to go paperless is to take advantage of the Google Docs template gallery. With templates you can create documents, presentations, and other files that serve as starter guides for your students. Students are not able to change your original template, but they can make their own copy of it to edit as they need. Templates are especially useful in a couple of situations: With young or inexperienced students, a template can help them get started on their project without being limited by their lack of proficiency. Also, when time is limited, templates can help all users to spend time inserting their content, rather than losing time creating the document layout.
  34. 34. Google Docs Time to Practice Search for and save the template called Storytelling template that was created by Techiesue Ross. Complete your story. Name your Doc with your last name and Storytelling. e.g. RossStorytelling. Share it with anyone who has the link. Add the link to your Portfolio page.
  35. 35. Google Docs Time to Practice Search for and save the INTC 2610 Lesson Plan template that was created by Techiesue Ross. You will use this template for your Google Docs Lesson Plan. Name your Doc with your last name and Google Docs Lesson Plan. e.g. Ross Google Docs Lesson Plan. Add the link to your portfolio page. Journal Response 4: What is so great about templates?
  36. 36. Forms Do you remember the QR code quiz we took last week? Quiz Results Watch Professor Ross demo how to create a survey or quiz.
  37. 37. Forms Time to Practice Create a 5 question survey for your students that you can use at the beginning of the school year. 1. Create and name your form – Last name and Survey. e.g. RossSurvey 2. Set permissions to share with anyone who has the link. 3. Create your survey. 4. Share the link on your Google portfolio page.
  38. 38. Forms Complete this form - Then I will • Copy the data and add to BatchGeo • Create the map. • Save it to get URL or embed code Directions
  39. 39. Forms Time to Practice Create a 5 question quiz for your classmates. 1. Create and name your quiz – Last name and Quiz. e.g. RossQuiz 2. Set permissions to share with anyone who has the link. 3. Create your Quiz. 4. Share the link to the Quiz on your Google Portfolio page.
  40. 40. Forms Grading a Quiz in Just Four Easy Steps 1. Create your multiple choice quiz using Forms in Google Docs 2. Add the link to your quiz to your portfolio page. 3. Then take the quiz yourself using the name Answer Key. 4. Take 5 of your classmates quizzes. 5. Now instead of trying to grade the spreadsheet cells you will insert the Flubaroo script by selecting it from the "insert" menu in your spreadsheet. Once the Flubaroo script is inserted just select it and it will grade the quiz for you.
  41. 41. Forms Take this quiz so I can show you how to grade it using Flubaroo. Flubaroo User Guide See how Flubaroo is used by a teacher who is flipping his Math classroom. Matt Zigner FlippedClassroom and Flubaroo
  42. 42. Forms 60szcUbBE
  43. 43. Forms Drop Box - Another creative option for managing the submission of documents is to use Google Forms to collect the needed information. The form does not take the place of sharing the documents, but instead helps you as a teacher to manage the shared assignments. Directions for Creating a Drop Box Using Forms
  44. 44. Forms You have completed several assignments during this workshop that you will place in a dropbox I made using Google Forms. Open our workshop dropbox and complete it by adding the link for your Leaf document. Open it again and add the link to your Journal. Then do it again with the links to your other activities Bully Diary, Teacher Machine, Storytelling, Survey and Quiz. Journal Response 5: Do you plan to use forms in your classroom? Why or Why not?
  45. 45. Ideas and Resources Google Docs – Pinterest Board Google Docs for Learning Google Docs Bulletin Board 74 Interesting ways to use forms in the classroom Google Docs Tips Google Drive Help
  46. 46. Project Create a lesson plan for a unit of instruction. This lesson plan must require students to use Google Docs for collaboration, communication or creation. Your lesson plan should be written using the INTC Google Doc Template and should be shared with anyone with the link. Please give me permission to comment. Add the link to your document on your Google Docs page in your portfolio.
  47. 47. Questions