8 Words To A Sale


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8 Words To A Sale

  1. 1. 8 WORDS TO A SALE
  2. 2. Tia Dobi Portfolio Piece Lead Gen Capture Page tiad@earthlink.net Eight Words To A Sale When The Search Agency in Santa Monica, Ca. called, I was thrilled. “Can you write B2C and B2B pay-per-click ads?” they asked. “I’ve never done it, but I study direct response like a madwoman and I’d love to give it a shot,” I said. The VP placed me as a pinch-hitter (rather than a dedicated vertical); I was the only copywriter to touch every campaign, across 8 account management teams. Every day I pulled constant ideation and sales concepts out of my brain. (I initiated creative briefs… something the agency wasn’t using previously.) Most of the landing pages were for direct response companies selling consumer products: electronics, recipes, movie DVDs, homes. (My first PPC campaign ran for 2 years.) First Cardinal LLC was a successful B2B operating in 3 states. With sales hovering around $100M, the sales force needed better leads for heir workers’ compensation services. I asked the president if I could also rewrite their landing page. “Yes.” In the goal of speeding buyer velocity, here’s what I did:  Brain pathway. Immediate call to action. Copy includes benefit: money-saving.  Quick answer. “Why Us?” Copy shows co. is on the rise; story details moved to a separate page. There if the reader wants it and not in the way of lead capture.  Social proof. Previously, I worked at Agora for 2 years getting testimonials and when I can, prefer to interview buyers by phone directly. First Cardinal had 20; I choose these for their variety—both content and length. Red font draws attention to the organizational names (more credible than individuals), makes for easy scanning. (Side note: I was also pushing testimonials and ‘prospect quotes’ as copy for certain B2C pay-per-click campaigns; after seeing thousands of ads, I believe I was the first copywriter to do this.)  Breathing room. Shorter copy, more white space, sub-heads are easy on the central nervous system. The copy is as long as it needs to be, not one iota more or less.  The $64,000 question. I ripped the last 8-word question in the quote form directly out of a copywriting textbook. It’s a technique that hands the prospect’s pain point to the sales rep on a silver platter, opens relevant conversation with ease. The new landing page was a success, and remained unchanged for a few years. In 2011, First Cardinal LLC sold to an international insurance firm as part of a larger buyout.
  3. 3. The Workers' Compensation Specialists Contact Us | Careers | Home Login Register | Help Username Password ABOUT US AGENTS/BROKERS CUSTOMERS GET A QUOTE REPORT AN INJURY Get a Quote Thank you for your interest in First Cardinal's money-saving workers' compensation coverage. Please supply the following information to receive your FREE, no-obligation quote. We will contact you within 1 business day. Required fields are highlighted. Company Name Business Description Contact Name Address City State Connecticut Zip Telephone E-mail Current Broker Estimated annual payroll for all employees Current workers' comp insurance carrier Policy expiration date Month Year What bothers you most about your current coverage? Subm it Why choose First Cardinal? First Cardinal’s continued growth has made it one of the largest administrators of self-insured groups in the country. Learn more Featured Testimonials: “Service and promise are sometimes only words. It is nice to see that these words have meaning with First Cardinal LLC. Whether the issue is safety engineering, comp case follow-up, or billing issues, First Cardinal LLC’s response has been a cut above the rest.” Rich Okonski Troy Boiler Works Contractors Compensation Trust Member “No matter what other workers’ compensation insurance companies say or promise to do, nothing compares to the CAFÉ Trust when it comes to price, service and Cardinal Easy Pay.” Al Lavker Lavker Enterprises Cooperative Association of Food Enterprises Workers’ Compensation Trust Member “Every contact with the NY Transportation Trust team has been enjoyable; the savings is just an added benefit.” Tim O’Connell Productive Transportation NY Transportation Workers’ Compensation Trust Member “If you’re looking for great service, a great price and a great workers’ compensation company, it’s the Business Council’s Workers’ Compensation Trust. Take control of your workers’ compensation insurance costs by switching to the Business Council’s self insured workers’ compensation plan and STOP the runaway cost of compensation insurance.” Ralph Skokan Pawling Corp. Business Council Workers’ Compensation Manufacturers Group Self Insurance Trust Member “Over the last 5 years the dividends I have received have offset about 33% of my total premiums! I wish my investments during this same period had done this well!” Howard Honigbaum Auto Sound, Inc. Massachusetts Retail Merchants Workers’ Compensation Group, Inc. Member Page 1 of 2First Cardinal LLC :: Quote 4/4/2014file:///F:/Desktop%201/Tia/Desktop/Old%20Computer/Portfolio/First%20Cardinal%20LLC%20%20Quot...
  4. 4. “We at Price Service Company originally signed up with First Cardinal as our workers’ comp provider because we were able to save a substantial amount on our first-year premium. However, we have been very impressed with the extra services that First Cardinal offers to its customers. We have been particularly impressed with your risk management services and your safety issue emails. In this day and age, it is rare for a customer to feel like they are getting more than they paid for, but First Cardinal has been a terrific value for the money! John Price President Price Service Company Texarkana, Texas CompPAC Trust of Texas Member ©2006 First Cardinal LLC, All rights reserved Privacy | Terms & Conditions Page 2 of 2First Cardinal LLC :: Quote 4/4/2014file:///F:/Desktop%201/Tia/Desktop/Old%20Computer/Portfolio/First%20Cardinal%20LLC%20%20Quot...