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Tia Dobi Portfolio Piece Space Ad Campaign


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"We Believe In The Power Of Direct"

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Tia Dobi Portfolio Piece Space Ad Campaign

  1. 1. We believe in the power of direct. Recession Beater As an Orange County Business Journal reader, you recognize that practically everyone is interested in making more money. This is especially so in recessionary times. Entrepreneur George Haylings slept in his car while building his advertising profits during the Great Depression. Self-made millionaire Joe Karbo and mail order maverick Ernest Weckesser wrote breakthrough biz-op ads which ran in the Wall Street Journal at the height of the 1970’s recession. Such ads never appeared in the Journal before. Boardroom launched its business development classic, I-Power, during the recession of the early 90’s. The power of direct marketing makes itself felt all the more acutely during these “bad times” as it demands accountability. Precisely why Towne is pleased to present to you timeless tactics from the original madmen. Look for the ongoing Architects of Direct Response in this space beginning July15th . Absolutely free. Towne offers this new series in the hope that, even in a small way, we can help. Rosser Reeves: USP makes brands millions | 714.540.3095 |
  2. 2. We believe in the power of direct. Sells Anything In the TV-series Mad Men, season1 episode11, Peggy Olson reads it to prepare herself for work. David Ogilvy says it changed the course of his life. . . and that no one should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising unless they’ve read it seven times. Its contents? Salesmanship in print that’s understood and used only by the world’s most notoriously rich and successful marketers. Just one technique—preemptive advertising— skyrocketed sales of Schlitz beer from #10 to #1 within six months. Its author? Claude C. Hopkins. The man Lord & Thomas paid $185,000 for ad copy in 1908. (That’s $4,760,000 today.) Hopkins insists copywriters acquire detailed knowledge of client products to produce brief, dry, reason-why copy. He also promotes couponing, premiums, free samples, mail order and copy testing. This week in Architects of Direct Response Towne gives you Scientific Advertising. The timeless 1923 classic that shows you how to sell anything, absolutely. Get your free copy today at And get ready for your life to be changed. Claude Hopkins: Copywriter earns $185,000 in 1908—over $4M in today’s dollars | 714.540.3095 |
  3. 3. With Scientific Advertising You Can Sell Anything . . . YOURS FREEMaking money in an era of competition, change and crisis doesn’t have to be complicated. All successful direct marketers have learned from a book first published in 1923. Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins is probably the best guide on the subject of profitable marketing ever written. David Ogilvy said that nobody should have anything to do with the ad business until he has read Scientific Advertising 7 times. Claude Hopkins like you’ve never seen him Now Towne AllPoints gives modern marketers an enhanced version of the timeless classic packed with new features. You get the most from Claude’s clear advice for making campaigns work including • 24-point brand cheat sheet • rare ad collection you can study & emulate • the technique that skyrocketed Schlitz Beer from #5 to #1 within 6 months (We call this the end of commodity thinking—see if you agree) Claim your free copy of How To Sell Anything Using Scientific Advertising today at Use Promo code: OCBJ. Act on its lessons and I guarantee your sales will increase. Know more about marketing than most in the industry We believe in the power of direct. | 714.540.3095 |