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Law Firm Marketing For Small Law Firms


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Small Law Firms find it very difficult to compete in the legal industry and can't afford legal marketing companies to do the work for them. In this presentation, we map out the basic law firm marketing strategies that can help every small law firm compete on an even field.

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Law Firm Marketing For Small Law Firms

  1. 1. Law Firm Marketing: The Hidden Strategies
  2. 2. The legal industry is over saturated and filed with competitors at every corner. As a consequence, some small law firms and solo lawyers are finding it more and more difficult to compete in the legal industry and many lawyers struggle to pay the rent at home and not just the office. The small firms can't compete with the large law firms and can't afford to hire law firm marketing companies to do the work for them
  3. 3. THE REALITY OF LAW FIRM MARKETING Many law SEO companies would have you believe how you can't do without them because of this marketing science. Therefore, filled with false promises and often over embellished reports, you sign up for the service, which is costing you thousands per month and find you do not get the ROI that you were promised. The reality is that I can really count on my one hand how many Law Firm Marketing companies I would recommend and could put my name to them
  4. 4. MY THREE TOP LEGAL MARKETING COMPANIES Yes, these guys cost anywhere from 1500 per month upwards and you may not be able to afford their services now, but, what if I can show you a way to use what you have at your disposal. You can grow your business substantially enough using tried and true strategies to increase your law firm's presence online, then you can afford to hire these legal marketing companies to take away the burden of regular marketing and grow your legal practice as an ongoing concern.
  5. 5. TOP LAW FIRM MARKETING TACTICS So let's dive right in and look at the law firm marketing strategies that you can use and that will not take you a great deal of time to do. In fact, you may be very surprised at how powerful these strategies can be, and how you may not have considered some strategies for being effective as they could potentially be.
  6. 6. LINK BUILDING IS A FUNDAMENTAL PRACTICE Build quality links to your site to get authority and online exposure. Quality of the link is very important factor. Bad links can destroy your online marketing strategies while great links will reward you with increased rank and authority. Rankings Io, is one of our trusted law marketing companies for link building. Another great source is articles on Ahrefs, which also includes a great piece of content on high authority back links;
  7. 7. VIDEO MARKETING You have to be compelling with your video. Stop being a cardboard cut out and appeal to those people looking for help by tapping on their emotion. That's how your video will stand out above the crowd. For example, there is a female criminal lawyer whose short captivating videos capture the emotion and you just can't help but watch her. Imagine then, if I was someone in need of help because of a criminal charge, she would be the most likely candidate that I would call.
  8. 8. GETTING SOCIAL Social Media is another aspect of legal marketing that is important but there is a need for social media compliance for law firms because one mistake could cause major legal ramifications. There are too many law firms that are continually offering deals, free consultations and so on. Get creative, find new ways of interacting and promoting yourself on social media. © Vizualus. All Rights Reserved.8
  9. 9. GO GREEN AND EVERGREEN Evergreen content is content that will last and rank for a long period of time. The content is structured in such a way, that it attracts other sites linking to it because it is informative, well structured and offers great information that is in demand. For example a lawyer can publish content regarding how an individual can file a law suit against his/her employer for wrongful termination. Other examples of evergreen content may include question and answer content for questions raised by people quite frequently, video based content on different court proceedings and procedures involved in criminal and civil cases. However, the main motivating factor would be to attract consumers and customers to visit the source of the content and hence drive traffic to the original author's page and make a connection when a need for the service arises. Evergreen content is definitely the way to go with your legal services and is unlikely to change for the future.
  10. 10. LOCAL TARGETING Law firms and lawyers keting should consider local targeting to become an authority in their local area. It is necessary to make sure that it is targeting the right demographic locally. Failure to do so result in wastage of efforts. Law firms that are smaller in size and have recently started their firm should target their internet marketing efforts at the local (city) level rather than a macro level (state, country and internationally). Getting proper business citations is one step closer to getting you found locally by optimizing your presence in locally targeted law firm directories and business listing sites as well as optimizing your business location on Google maps.
  11. 11. WHAT IS A LOCAL CITATION? A local citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number for a local business. Citations can occur on local business directories, on websites and apps, and on social platforms. Citations help Internet users to discover local businesses and can also impact local search engine rankings.
  12. 12. LOCAL CONTENT IS KING While involved in targeting consumers who are situated in the local area, a law firm should specifically focus on the legal issues that are prevalent in their locality These law firms should work on generating internet content that focuses on local legal issues While using the local targeting technique a small sized law firm should ensure that their business is listed with Google or it has a presence over Google Map
  13. 13. Lawyer interview's both on video and in writing has a unique place in the law firm marketing strategy. Interview could be about the lawyers' desire to serve, why they picked that legal specialization or even their interests outside of the law firm. Of course, one must continually remain "security aware," but we are trying to build relationships and create an emotional point of attraction. LAWYER INTERVIEWS
  14. 14. GUEST BLOGGING Guest blogging is an excellent way to gain quality links. There is a great deal of conjecture surrounding guest blogging and google does not support guest blogging services and often targets them in order to penalize. Nevertheless, it remains an excellent way of gaining credibility, authority and quality links and there are plenty ways to guest blog without selling. The site below is an excellent resource for that. Lawyerist all about legal guest blogging.
  15. 15. PODCASTING – THE UNKNOWN PROMOTION VARIABLE Podcasting is an unknown variable for lawyers as it is rarely ever used. However, it is not difficult and does not take a lot of time and very very small investment. The reality is that you will definitely increase your presence by adding your own legal podcast to your site. This is when you can talk about problems that your potential clients may be experiencing and offer advice All you need is a computer, microphone and recording software and you're on your way to having your own legal podcast.
  16. 16. Some of the most successful legal podcasts that you can listen to in order to get some insight are
  17. 17. 01 02 Trial Lawyer Confidential Presented by LA-based criminal defense lawyer Elena Saris, Trial Lawyer Confidential focuses on the real criminal justice system and offering guidance on how to be a better criminal lawyer 03 The Anxious Lawyer Now this is a legal podcast with a twist and not to do with a case, but more to do with the spiritual nature of lawyers and the need to reduce stress by being a mindful lawyer. Maximum Lawyer This podcast is for any lawyer that really wants to get to the nitty-gritty of marketing and how to get clients through the door. Definitely, a recommended podcast to listen to.
  18. 18. 04 05 New Solo, "Legal Talk Network" How do you go from being in a law firm to becoming a "Solo Lawyer" and surviving and thriving in a highly competitive marketplace. Thinking Like A Lawyer Thinking Like a Lawyer is a podcast featuring Above the Law’s Elie Mystal and Joe Patrice. Each episode, the hosts will take a topic experienced and enjoyed by regular people, and shine it through the prism of a legal framework. The reason these legal podcasts have been chosen is that they are different to the norm and the well- known podcasts. They offer a unique perspective and are rather enjoyable to listen to - both for lawyers and non- lawyers alike. If you still don't understand how the power of podcasting can help your law firm then just take a look at these podcasting statistics
  19. 19. CONCLUSION These strategies are not hard to put into place and does not take much time to do. You will find that you will gain more exposure and more authority online, which can only bring you further benefits. If you need to hire a law firm marketing company, then you can build your practice using these strategies and then when you can afford their services, you can get them to take your law firm to the next level. If you are a small law firm and would like a professional interview done and would like to join us on help lawyer, then message us for a very special coupon code and one to one help to get going.