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Ten Things I Can Do


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Ten things I can do by Tia Dobi

Published in: Marketing
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Ten Things I Can Do

  1. 1. Ten things I can do. ____________________________________ 1. I can write. Headlines. Bullet points. Calls-to-action. Slogans. Long copy. Short copy. In-between copy. Briefs. Manifestos. White papers. 2. I can position anything. And if the product warrants … hand over the Holy Grail by inventing a new category. 3. I can question. Bosses, clients, colleagues. I can turn things upside down and get at answers that are more real. I can uncover exact words prospects need to hear before buying. 4. I can get it done. No matter what the assignment, product or media. With insight and intelligence. Wit and ease. 5. I can format for simplicity. Word. PowerPoint. Excel. CMS. PDF. I can create file hierarchy, nomenclature and taxonomy that your kid sister or grannie gets at a glance. 6. I can make people laugh. In copy. In observations. In meetings. In the hallway. Over Skype. Over dinner. 7. I can make complex simple. Be conversational. Score low in Flesch-Kincaid. Sound more interesting. Connect on the first read. 8. I can proofread. I can update style guides faster than Samsung launches features, Google changes algorithms and Facebook swaps interfaces. I can stay on top of those changes and help others stay on top of them, too. 9. I can call bullshit. As much as new media has changed our world, content either connects with people or it doesn’t. I can spot the difference between a snow job and something real. 10. I can build trust. Because I’m clear when I communicate. Tia Dobi 310-839-2468