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How much is a website


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How much is a website

  1. 1. July 19, 2012 How much is a website?We get this question a lot. Unfortunately, the answer would be about the same as if you asked “Howmuch is a car?” There are many questions which need to be answered to determine what theappropriate investment in a commercial website should be but one of the first and most telling is“Why do I need a website?” We will try to help you answer that here.Why do I need a website?The answer to this question can actually take you a long way to figuring out how much you shouldinvest in your organization’s web presence. You may want to have a website to provide simplecontact info, be vetted as a “real” business, differentiate yourself from the competition, be found byprospective new clients or even be found by prospective employees. Based upon the audience youare aiming at, you will want to make sure that your website “speaks” to them in terms, language, andvisual appeal that will send them the message you want them to receive.For example, if you are a business trying to attract new creative talent for designing and building toyprototypes, your website may need to have lots of bells and whistles which show the creativity ofyour organization. But if you are an accounting firm trying to attract new commercial accountingclients, you would want a very different look as well as a different site structure to share informationabout your expertise and professional skills. If you want to differentiate yourself from yourcompetition, you will want to see what they are doing to determine what size and scope of sitewouldbe necessary to tell your story effectively to a prospect looking at both sites.Answer this question for your organization and you will be off to a good start. For more of the typesof questions we often get and the answers we share, stay tuned for our series on questions to answerbefore building your new website in January. Technology Management Network Support Web Development Apps 99 East River Drive East Hartford, CT 06108 860.528.1100 Fax: 860.528.2100