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DealerLink Real Time Exclusive automotive leads have been voted BEST leads for three leads running by 19,000 U.S. dealerships in Auto Dealer Monthly.

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DealerLink Demo

  1. 1. Connecting Marketing to Results S T R AT E G I C PA R T N E R S H I P Just Won Just Won ******20142014******
  2. 2. EXCLUSIVE LEADS. PERIOD! Dealer Marketing Group’s Strategic Partnership with DealerLink offers your dealer “Real-Time” Leads, delivered right into your CRM system, “Right Now”. Why DealerLink? Gain a Competitive Advantage over your Competition We guarantee absolute 100% Exclusivity! In our 15 year history, there’s never been a lead delivered to more than one dealer. 19,000 Dealers just voted DealerLink the #1 Lead Provider in the business again. GUARANTEED
  3. 3. DealerLink was the Founding Company in our industry, with over 15 Years of Continued Success. DealerLink owns over 500 active consumer auto finance sites. Our team of auto experts bring valid leads based on our 3-Tier filtering system: • $1800 minimum verifiable income • No open bankruptcy – discharged 7 is permissible • No repossession in last 12 months • No Contracts EVER! • A Long History of Performance-Based Results Why DealerLink? The Highest amount of “Exclusive” Special Finance Leads in the Industry 8,000,000+Special Finance Leads!
  4. 4. SOLD OUT in SEATTLE & Phoenix! DealerLink’s Exclusive Special Finance Leads are filling up fast in other major cities as well. Get them while they are still available. We guarantee absolute 100% Exclusivity! In our 15 year history, there’s never been a lead delivered to more than one dealer. Why DealerLink? Gain a Competitive Advantage over your Competition Dealerships in Seattle are on a 5-YEAR Waiting List for DealerLink Leads. Just Sold OUT Just Sold OUT PhoenixPhoenix
  5. 5. DealerLink’s status allows us to create Customized Campaigns for every dealer we have, ensuring every dealer is the only one to receive a lead from the websites that are assigned to them. 100% of our applications contain permission to pull credit, PLUS we cover our Dealers under our Privacy Policy for processing Credit Apps. DealerLink’s Customized Campaigns Ensures your Competitor across the street will never see your Leads! No One Else has this Distinction! The Only Ad Agency that is: CERTIFIEDBY THE TOP 3
  6. 6. Connect with _______— Phone 513 305-7485 S T R AT E G I C PA R T N E R S H I P DealerLink Lead Generation Sites Dave Examples of our Lead Generation Sites:
  7. 7. DealerLink’s leads are most likely people who have had a financial problem, possibly a crisis, in the past. They may have tried to buy a car not long ago, gone through the financing gamut and been turned down. They were humiliated; and they don't want that to happen again. DealerLink The People Behind the Leads Let's consider these questions. Who are these people? What makes them special? What makes them such great leads? You, the dealer, find out the same time they do – at the moment of their highest interest. So you already know the monthly amount they qualify for. These people might be termed 'lay downs' in car terms for their ease of closing IF you have their car. They feel the need for help in their situation. You become their trusted consultant. PVRs are not normally stressed. You should be able to get what you need. We have dealers with PVRs approaching $4000.00, though this depends on your marketplace. With the arrangements you have with special finance lenders you can make their day, solve their problem, and get them into a new car. Not every dealer has these arrangements in place. You get them over that hurdle and save them time, trouble, and the embarrassment of being turned down. So now they have their life back in order; and they still want and need a car. BUT they don't want that embarrassment again. That is why they are searching for auto financing on the internet. They want to make sure that they will qualify.
  8. 8. DealerLink What makes these leads the BEST? ● Timing – Real TimeTiming – Real Time ● Exclusivity – Exclusive to ONE dealerExclusivity – Exclusive to ONE dealer ● Proximity – Within 50 MilesProximity – Within 50 Miles ● The People – They need YOU to qualifyThe People – They need YOU to qualify ● PVR - unstressedPVR - unstressed Cons: These leads cannot be created from nothing like the USD. They are limited by the population of your area.
  9. 9. Connect with _______— Phone 513 305-7485 S T R AT E G I C PA R T N E R S H I P DealerLink Agreement Dave DEALER AGREEMENT Program Information Welcome to the Special Finance Internet Leads Program. will be a powerful, cost effective, marketing tool for your dealership. The details of our program are outlined in this Dealer Agreement Facts Sheet and Confidential Dealer Information Form. Fax this signed Facts Sheet and Dealer Information form to: 704-973-0 00100000 Program Costs: $28.00 per application Month to Month Contract: Leads must be PREPAID Immediate activation upon receipt of 1st months leads fee, Dealer Agreement and Confidential Dealer Information Form. Lead Requirements: $1800 Min Income | No Open Bankruptcy | No Repossession within 1 year Lead fees are paid before any leads are sent. Complete your check, make a copy of it, write the bank routing numbers below the check itself and fax to 704-973-0001, overnight the check to us below: Remit payment to: DealerLink Inc. 14221 Ballantyne Country Club Dr. Charlotte, NC 28277 Upon receipt of payment your dealership will start receiving complete credit applications from local customers that have applied for an auto loan on one of our websites on the Internet. Unlike many sites, our websites promote the role of the Dealer in arranging loans for people with credit problems. Leads are sent via your choice of Email or Fax within seconds of the customer applying. 100% of our applications contain permission to pull credit and we cover you under our privacy policy for processing the appl ication. DealerLink owns and operates over 500 consumer auto finance sites so we have control over the quality of our leads that no one else has. We guarantee that our leads are 100 % EXCLUSIVE to any dealer so you will never get a lead that any one else does. Here are some of our websites that your customers will come from: , , , , , , , , , , You will have EXCLUSIVE rights to all leads generated in your areas of choice. Areas may be determined by zip code and distance. You will know at all times how many applications were received by your dealership. You may view them on anytime using the user name and password that we supply. This will allow you to securely view and print any information you require. It is the Dealer responsibility to check the site frequently to make sure you are receiving your leads and notify us with problems. It is also DEALER responsibility to notify us of personnel changes otherwise leads will continue to be delivered as the program automatically renews monthly unless notified by the DEALER. Invalid lead requests must be received in our offices within 72 hours of receipt of lead for credit to be issued, no credit issued beyond this time frame. Please sign and date this Facts Sheet along with the Dealer Information form and fax to 704-973-0001 for immediate activation. If you require ANY assistance, please email us at: or call us at 704-544-9100. I acknowledge that I have authority to execute contracts for this dealership and have read and understand the Dealer responsibilities for notifications as required by DealerLink Inc.
  10. 10. The REAL Key to Increased Sales and Bottom-Line Gross Profits! together with our DealerLink Strategic Partnership deliver Exclusive Special Finance Leads from Customers who have ALREADY decided to buy! These Auto Leads are just waiting on YOU to sell them a new or used car. Our DealerLink System “Special Finance Car Sale Leads and Subprime Auto Leads” are generated from our auto-based web sites listed across all the major search engines. We also advertise on spe- cial finance auto loan leads sites within all the major search engines in the form of: • Banner Ads, • Pay Per Click Impressions, • Sponsored Site Listings, and • Ad Displays. Finally, Get the Competitive Advantage over Dealers in your area! There’s simply nothing on the market that can compare with the extreme value, results and the ROI that our DealerLink System produces. It’s time to take your dealership to the next level! Connect with _______— Phone 513 305-7485 S T R AT E G I C PA R T N E R S H I P DealerLink Details Your Exclusive Lead Generation Solution Dave
  11. 11. S T R AT E G I C PA R T N E R S H I P DealerLink Dealer Success Dave Expectations: We typically tell dealers, whose experience level we don't know, to expect 6-8% close rate the first month then usually 8-12% going forward. We have found that the most successful dealers, with a few slight variations, do 2 things: 1. They all have their average contact time down to 1½ hours or less from the time they receive a lead. What this means is that the very first time someone from the store speaks to the customer is within an hour and a half or less. All calls are considered. Since our leads are real time, you will get many of these customers the very first time you call. Others may not be able to be reached the first time due to factors like not being able to take calls at work and so forth. Dealers may end up calling a lead 6, 8 or even 10 times, but the average contact time should be under 1½ hours for the best chance for success. 2. When our dealers do get a lead on the phone, the initial portion of the phone call is usually somewhat generic. By this we mean that when you call a customer, DO NOT call using the name of your store. (For example: A Good Introductory Call would sound like, “Good morning, this is Bob from the auto loan center/approval center/auto credit center/car loan center.” A Bad Introductory Call would sound like, “Good morning, this is Bob from Bob Jones Ford.” It’s time to take your dealership to the next level! Connect with _______— Phone 513 305-7485
  12. 12. S T R AT E G I C PA R T N E R S H I P DealerLink Dealer Success Our Dealer Agreement: Our dealer agreement is truly one of a kind in the industry. Unlike our competitors that require a 30, 60 or 90 day written notice to quit or terminate, our program runs month-to-month, automatically renewing with the ability to stop or terminate by giving us a simple phone call. We have such confidence in our program that we don’t feel the need to hold you hostage for 30 to 120 days. Any dealer that would sign that kind of an agreement is asking for trouble. Our job is simple - to help you sell cars, and we know that if we do our job correctly, our dealers will buy all the leads they can from us. Again, it’s very simple: Dealerlink leads help you sell cars, the rest takes care of itself. Where Do Customers Come From? Each of our dealers' customers come from an area based on zip code and a 50 mile radius around their store. The 50 mile radius seems to have the greatest success rate. Our program is very flexible. For example, if a dealer starts out at a 50 mile radius and sees they are having good success then we can always increase their market share by extending that radius. Our dealer clients come in all shapes and sizes. We have dealers that take anywhere from 100 leads a month to some that take all the way up to 1000 leads per month. If you use these simple methods, it is virtually impossible to fail! In fact, there is only one way to fail with our leads … DON’T CALL THE CUSTOMER BACK in a Timely manner! Connect with _______— Phone 513 305-7485Dave
  13. 13. S T R AT E G I C PA R T N E R S H I P DealerLink Dealer Success Delivery Methods: We have every type of delivery method available: fax, email, or both. We can also send multiple copies if you have more than one person you would like to receive them. We encourage our dealers to take the leads multiple ways just to make sure they are receiving them properly. We can also deliver leads into any Lead Management or CRM program. Invalid Leads: Invalid Leads that are deemed to be invalid for any of the following reasons will be credited back to a Dealer’s account if they return them to us within 5 business days via fax or email. ■ All phone numbers are valid ■ Refinance applications Dealers are provided with our automated return system, you will be given a user name and passwords to process any invalid lead. We do not issue credit for leads returned after 5 business days. Connect with _______— Phone 513 305-7485Dave ■ Income below $1800 ■ Repo within 12 months ■ Open Chapter 13 ■ Invalid Social Security #
  14. 14. S T R AT E G I C PA R T N E R S H I P DealerLink Dealer Success Dave The Value of Our Leads: Our clients find that our special finance leads are the absolute cheapest form of advertising they can buy. At a minimum, they should expect to cut their cost of sales in their store in half while doubling the gross profit of the rest of the store on a deal by deal basis. Dealers can usually buy a full month worth of leads for the price that one small ad would cost them in their local newspaper. The difference is that with a local ad, a dealer has no idea if anyone is going to respond. With our special finance leads, 100% of these customers have already indicated they want to buy. It’s simply a matter of a Dealer being able to get them done (financed). We do not pull credit on these customers. It’s not our job to qualify your customers. You may have lending relationships that other dealers don’t, so we wouldn’t want to cost you any deals. You will get the good, the bad and the ugly but you will have the chance to deliver more cars at less cost than any other advertising you are doing, GUARANTEED! Connect with _______— Phone 513 305-7485