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    Wh%20ancient%20china Wh%20ancient%20china Presentation Transcript

    • Ancient China
    • Geography• Mountains, sea, and desert provide some protection and isolation• Vulnerable to northwest• River valleys • 1. Yellow(Huang Ho) earliest civilization - damaging floods • 2. Yangtze- very important in unification- transportation- irrigation
    • Geography (Identify features) Check your answers Can You Identify: Himalayas; Yellow River,Yangtze River, Beijing, Mongolia, India, Saudi Arabia
    • Dynasties of Early China• Shang Dynasty • Thought they had divine right• Zhou Dynasty Strong Dynasty establishes peace • 1045-256 BC (Longest lasting and prosperity dynasty in Chinese History) • Over threw the Shang ruler b/c “he swam in ponds of New Dynasty emerges through Dynasty declines and becomes wine” and “ruined the morale violent exchange of power corrupt of the nation” • Feudal Society • Issued the Mandate of Heaven Old Dynasty seen as losing Mandate Disasters, revolts of Heaven; and invasions occur Rebellion justified
    • Governing through the Mandate ofHeaven• Emperor expected to rule through the proper way• Gives Emperor power but Strong Dynasty also grants right to establishes peace and prosperity revolution• Emperor serves as New Dynasty Dynasty declines emerges through representative of heaven violent exchange of power and becomes corrupt but not divine himself Old Dynasty seen as losing Mandate Disasters, revolts of Heaven; and invasions occur Rebellion justified
    • Dynasties of Early China• Qin (Ch’in) Dynasty • Tang • 221-206 BC • 618-907 • Centralized the government • Used formal civil service exam to • End of Feudal lords recruit-set up university • Focus on infrastructure • Tried to equalize land holdings- • Roads, Canals fought corruption • The Great Wall • literature and art flourished • invented gun powder,• Han Dynasty encyclopedia • 202 BC- 220 (Roman Times) • Similar: built cities, officials to carry out • Song (Sung) edicts, heavy taxes collapsed under • 960-1279 invasions and internal revolts • combination of Confucius and legalism • economic expansion- used • advanced in science and literature paper money • invented rudder, paper, magnetic • Silk Road traffic at height compass, • when dangerous went to sea routes • first period of great oceanic commerce • trades tea, silk and porcelain for exotic woods and precious stones
    • Ancient Philosophies• About 500BCE Buddha, • Daoism Confucius, Greek • contemporary of Confucius Philosophers and Chinese • Tao= the road way• Called a flowering period • Absolute=sum of existence • Goal to bring people into harmony• India more concerned with • very introspective cosmos and soul • Act in harmony by not interfering with universe• China more concerned with ethical life on earth • Legalism • Humans “evil” by nature • Correct path through strict laws
    • Compare Chinese philosophies(Fill in the diagram) Confucius Legalism Daoism
    • Ancient Chinese History• What would a timeline of Ancient China look like? Make a timeline of 8 important historical eventsName of Name of Name of Name of Name of Name of Name of Name ofEvent 1 Event 2 Event 3 Event 4 Event 5 Event 6 Event 7 Event 81st Date 2nd Date 3rd Date 4th Date 5th Date 6th Date 7th Date 8th DateDescription of Description Description Description Description Description Description DescriptionEvent of Event of Event of Event of Event of Event of Event of Event