Ten Keys to using Social Media Successfully - LIW 2010
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Ten Keys to using Social Media Successfully - LIW 2010



Ten Keys to using Social Media Successfully

Ten Keys to using Social Media Successfully



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Ten Keys to using Social Media Successfully - LIW 2010 Ten Keys to using Social Media Successfully - LIW 2010 Presentation Transcript

  • getting started with social media
    Sponsored by:
  • what is social media?
  • Is it this?
  • It’s actually this….
  • Powered by this…
  • Social media is not a strategy or a tactic – it’s simply a channel.
  • Social media is a conversation online.
    Look who’s talking:
    your customers
    your employees
    your investors
    your critics
    your fans
    your competition....
    anyone who has internet access and an opinion.
  • How can Social Media be used?
    It’s not just marketing…
    Generating sales leads
    Product development
    Customer support
    Internal knowledge
    Market & customer feedback
    Rapid sharing
    Executive leadership & visibility
  • butdoes Social Media work?
  • Social media influences behaviour
    91% say consumer reviews are their top aid to buying decisions
    87% trust a friend’s recommendation over critic’s review
    People are 3times more likely to trust peer opinions over advertising for purchasing decisions
    * Slide courtesy of Digital Influence Group
  • Mavens
    Engagement dbase July 2009 – Top100 Brands
    Wetpaint & Allimeter
  • Engagement correlates with performance
  • 10 Keysto Social Media success
  • 1. Experiment with social media
    Experiment personally before professionally
    Try a variety of social media tools
    Be yourself, make some friends, and share
  • 2. Make a plan
    1. Discovery – explore what’s out there
    2. Strategy – opportunities & objectives
    3. Skills – identify internal resources & gaps
    4. Execution – tools & process
    5. Maintenance – monitor, measure
    & adapt
    Source: 5 Phases of Social Media Marketing
  • 3. Listen
    Find where your audience is participating and indentify the influencers
    Read industry blogs
    Google your company name & your competition
    Use free tools that can help you listen
  • 4. Be transparent & honest
    Avoid evasionand lying
    Admit your mistakes right away
  • 5. Share your content
    Don’t be afraid to share
    Make your content easy to share
    Incorporate tools that promote sharing
  • 6. Be generous
    Think like a contributor, not a marketer
    Consider what is relevant to your community
    Promote other people’s content if it interests you
  • 7. Be personal and act like a person
    Don't shoutDon't broadcastDon’t brag
    Speak like yourself
    Personify your brand
  • 8. See criticism as an opportunity
    Don’t try to delete or remove criticism
    Listen to your detractors
    Admit your shortcomings
    Work openly towards an explanation and solution
  • 9. Be proactive
    Don’t wait until you have a campaign to launch - start planning and listening now
    Build relationships so they’re ready when you need them
  • 10. Accept you can’t do it all yourself
    Getbuy in from the organisation
    Convince senior team that social media is relevant to you
    ‘Divide and conquer’ within your team
    Recruit more help if needed
  • So many social media tools
    Social Networks
    News & Bookmarking
    Video Sharing
    Photo Sharing
    Message boards
    Virtual Reality
    Social Gaming
    RSS feeds
  • Social networking sites
  • Facebook
    Fastest growing social network
    24 million members in UK
    Powerful tools to engage and understand your audience
  • Facebook Pages
    Your homepage on Facebook
    Messages, photos, videos, events
    Interact with users
    Fans see your page updates in newsfeed
  • Facebook Advertising
    Facebook ads give you the ability to advertise directly to specific demographic groups
  • Facebook Advertising - Targeting
    Keywords (appear in your users profile)
    Relationship status
    Relationship interests
  • Facebook Advertising – Analytics
    Facebook Insights provides information about your ad campaign
    Use this information improve your campaign
  • Facebook Connect
    Make you website more social by integrating with Facebook
  • Like buttons to attract fans
    Add the ‘like button’ to your
    website and emails
  • things to do…
    Create a pageto promote your brand
    Attract more fans with a contest
    Encourage a discussion and participate frequently
    Share and add value for your fans
    Have a clear plan for content
  • please don’t…
    Create a page and fail to maintain it
    Use hard sell approach & talk too much about yourself
    Censor comments
    Spam fans with too frequent messages
    Believe that ‘if you build it they will come’
  • Getting the best from blogs
    Be active
    Engage in dialogue
    Lots of links
  • Twittering for business
    Personal broadcast system
    Marketing, public relations and customer service
    Give your branda voice within the community
    Share timely information
    Personify your brand
  • getting you started…
    Find and share useful content
    Pose questions and reply to others
    Keep it fun - put a friendly face on your brand
    Use a photo and keep your bio complete & updated
    Know what people are saying about your brand
  • things to avoid
    Sound like a press release – you’re in a social space
    Spam with constant links to your website
    Post useless information – who cares what you had for lunch
    Worry that you don’t have many followers… it takes time
    Follow thousands of people just to get more followers
  • Using video sharing in business
    Meet the team
    Behind the scenes
  • The Old Spice Guy goes viral
    Fastest ever growing online viral video campaign
    6.7 million views after 24 hours,
    23 million views after 36 hours
    Isaiah Mustafa replied to 186 online comments and questions
    Sales increased by 107%
  • Free analytics to measure success
  • Photo sharing for business
    • Showcase events
    • Meet people
    • Behind the scenes shots
    • Run competitions
    • Reveal new products
    • Encourage customers to share
  • The future… geo-location services
    Share locations
    Reward attendance
    Leave recommendations
    Link to other people
  • The future?
  • 10 keys to success
  • In summary…
    Experiment with social media
    Make a plan (& plan your content!)
    Be transparent & honest
    Share your content
    Act like a person
    Be generous
    See criticism as an opportunity
    Be proactive
    Accept you can’t do it all yourself
  • Sue Anstiss 01628 630363sue@promotepr.com
    @sueanstiss linkedin.com/in/sueanstiss