The Essential Tools for Before / After Your Content Goes Live!


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Session given by Mitch Canter at #yallconnect - July 24, 2013.

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The Essential Tools for Before / After Your Content Goes Live!

  1. 1. S Essential Tools for Before and After Posting Your Story
  2. 2. Who Am I? Mitch Canter @studionashvegas
  3. 3. Our Before / After Goals Before S Planning your content S Select / research your target content S Write the content (and tweak it!) After S Measure Success, Find Failures S Receive feedback / comments on your content S Sharing / “The Long Tail”
  4. 4. S Before The Post
  5. 5. Planning Content Editorial Calendar S Helps to schedule and keep track of content. S Free: Google Apps S Spreadsheets for Content S Calendar for Scheduling S Drive for storing / collaborating / editing content
  6. 6. Content Research Google Keyword Tool S See search volume on Google. S Can search globally or locally. S The “Sweet Spot”: S High Search Volume S Low Competition
  7. 7. Content Research Google Search S Who else has written on your topic of choice? S What kind of content out there? S Video? S Text? S Audio? S Images?
  8. 8. Content Research When Should I Share? S When are followers online? S Free: Tweriod S One Analysis / mo. S Can pay for deeper analytics S Paid: SocialBro S Ranges from $7 - $150 / mo.
  9. 9. Writing Content Use The Spell Checker! (for the love of God, please.)
  10. 10. Content Research WordPress SEO S Once you’ve written, will analyze your content. S Reading level, keyword saturation. S WordPress Plugin (Free!)
  11. 11. S After The Post
  12. 12. Measure Success, Find Failures Google Analytics S Compare trends, traffic patterns, and even write call-to- action goals. S See which posts generated traffic and action. S Free (with a Google Account)
  13. 13. Measure Success, Find Failures Woopra S Live view of website statistics. S Watch people “walk around” (and leave). S Warning: Time Sink! S Free!
  14. 14. Measure Success, Find Failures CrazyEgg S Heat Map tracking S See where people are clicking on your site (“Does the content convert better in different locations”)? S Cost: $9 / month (basic)
  15. 15. Receive Comments / Feedback Commenting Systems S LiveFyre S IntenseDebate S Disqus S Allow integration of social networks / “openID” (login with Twitter, Facebook, etc).
  16. 16. Receive Comments / Feedback The Best Way To Get Feedback? ASK
  17. 17. Sharing / “The Long Tail” Social Networks S Twitter S Facebook S LinkedIn S Pinterest S Google +
  18. 18. Sharing / “The Long Tail” Buffer App S Automated, Real Content S Scheduled Ahead of Time S Can set a posting schedule S Facebook, Twitter, and more. S Don’t be a robot!
  19. 19. Sharing / “The Long Tail” IFTTT S “If This… Then That!” S Allows “hooks” – create a tweet automatically from a blog post, etc. S Can send texts, post to Evernote… and more! S Free!
  20. 20. Sharing / “The Long Tail” Tweetily S Automatically tweet old posts S Can set interval, number of tweets to share, and many more options S WordPress Plugin (Free!)