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Building Your Audience on Social Media


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Tips for journalists at building one's audience on social media.

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Building Your Audience on Social Media

  1. 1. Building Audience & Measuring Success on Social Media Mandy Jenkins @mjenkins SDeb Petersen @deborapetersen
  2. 2. Metrics That Really Matter S  How many story ideas were inspired by what you read on Facebook or Twitter? S  How many sources did you find on social media? S  How many times did people share or retweet your message? S  How many of your followers discuss the topic you cover? S  How many websites/blogs linked to you?Credit: Kevin Sablan
  3. 3. Track Your Followers Over
  4. 4. Measure Your Klout
  5. 5. Who retweeted you? Shared?
  6. 6. Compare Yourself to Others
  7. 7. Tweet at the Right
  8. 8. bitly can measure your clicks
  9. 9. See how users find stories
  10. 10. Be Aware Of Your NetworkS  Track retweets:  See whos sharing your URL: search.twitter.comS  Follow those who interact with you and regularly share your links
  11. 11. Constantly re-evaluate follows S By subject/location:, S S (for journalists) S Look at others’ follows/followers S Spy on Twitter lists S
  12. 12. Search for Conversations S  Search by keywords, location S  Dont be afraid to butt in!
  13. 13. #Hashtags can…S  Help you find new sourcesS  Group tweets by subject/event/locationS  Expand your audienceS  Tap into a national conversation
  14. 14. Before You HashtagS  Search for hashtag(s) already in useS  If a hashtag is already in use, adopt itS  If not, choose one that’s simple & uniqueS  Geographic abbreviation helpsS  Geographic better than brandedS  Promote the hashtag in advance
  15. 15. Target & mention big names
  16. 16. And the smaller ones, too
  17. 17. Know Whats Trending
  18. 18. Whats Trending Here?
  19. 19. Grab a piece of the bigger story
  20. 20. Go Viral/Get linked S Pick stories that are weird, exclusive, heart-warming, head-shaking S Target websites/blogs on your beat. There are blogs for every interest. S Submit your stories to them
  21. 21. StumbleUpon randomly givesusers links by topic area
  22. 22. Share your links into their system
  23. 23. Reddit readers get involved w/news
  24. 24. BreakingNews.comS  Drives huge page views to local news sites worldwide every dayS  Add @breakingnews, #breakingnews or #breaking to a breaking news tweet to tip them to itS  Or submit links online
  25. 25. More big sites to targetS  Drudge Report- Politics, crimeS  BoingBoing- weird, strange thingsS  Gawker- media, tech, entertainmentS  Fark- Raunchy, weird crime, funny storiesS  Huffington Post- Target specific verticals w/relevant links
  26. 26. THANKS! Mandy @mjenkins Blog: These slides & more at