Storytelling of Biblical Proportions


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Session given by Mitch at the #yallconnect conference in Birmingham, AL - July 24, 2013

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  • Modern retelling of the parable of the good Samaritan (Man
  • Storytelling of Biblical Proportions

    1. 1. S Storytelling of Biblical Proportions Mitch Canter @studionashvegas
    2. 2. Who Am I? Mitch Canter @studionashvegas
    3. 3. S The Parable
    4. 4. What is a Parable? S A story that uses imagery or story to illustrate a truth. S Can also be a comparison or a figure of speech. S Usually works on a literal level and a deeper level.
    5. 5. S Why Do Parables Work?
    6. 6. S People Relate To People …not facts and figures.
    7. 7. S The Parts of a Parable
    8. 8. The Beginning S Starts with a person and a problem. S Sets the stage as quickly as possible. “Meet Jim. He’s Got a Problem.”
    9. 9. The Story S The story gets resolved or the imagery gets explained S Don't focus on the minute details. “Suddenly, a wild X appears and saves the day!”
    10. 10. The Nugget of Truth! S That "Aha" Moment when it all comes together S Without this, the story is just entertaining. S This is the call to action moment
    11. 11. S Bringing It Home
    12. 12. S People Relate To People …not facts and figures.
    13. 13. A Great Story… S Makes you memorable. S Allows people to empathize with your brand. S Turns customers into raving fans.
    14. 14. S The Commandments of customer engagement
    15. 15. The First Commandment “Do Unto Others As You’d Have Them Do Unto You” S Don’t feed the trolls. S Treat people with respect. S Meet people where they are.
    16. 16. The Second Commandment “Thou Shalt Not Make It All About You” S Share other people’s content / videos / articles. S “Content Curation” S For every 10 shares, 1 is yours (Chris Brogan)
    17. 17. The Third Commandment “Thou Shall Not Be an Ostrich” S Face your problems head-on – Don’t duck out. S Inaction is the worst action. S Don’t delete comments (unless they’re offensive).
    18. 18. The Fourth Commandment “Thou Shalt Be Real / Transparent” S People don’t like to be “hoodwinked”. S Be up front and honest (identity, affiliations, etc) S Be up front about not being real if necessary.
    19. 19. The Fifth Commandment “Thou Shall Not Be Scattered” S Pick a network and own it. S Be a laser, not a shot-gun. S Don’t have “abandoned social properties”.