SocialMatica's "Know who, where, and why before you spend one dollar in social media"


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This deck is from our workshop originally aired on January 11, 2012.

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SocialMatica's "Know who, where, and why before you spend one dollar in social media"

  1. 1. Marketing Generalities Everyone wants:  Leads  Loyalty  WOM  Relationships  To Know What’s Being Said What You Need To Get There  Credibility  Visibility  Value  Context
  2. 2. So What’s The Problem? It’s like we’ve been dropped into the ocean and we’re asking where the water is… We’re preparing for the war that just ended
  3. 3. The Building Blocks Social Is Not A Thing, It’s More Like A Religion  It Has Tenants & Followers, Believers and Detractors To Understand The Value You Must Understand The System
  4. 4. The Philosophy of Social Integrated Marketing Know The Context Understand Your Voice  Social Identity  Media Distribution Points  Influencers Measurement Is A Must, Not A Luxury Me-Too Is The Biggest Scam Ever Invented Hope Is Not A Strategy
  5. 5. How To Build A Social Program Know The Value You Can Offer To The Communities (linchpin) Visibility (your focus) Credibility Context If you have context, and you understand the value then all you have to focus on is visibility – credibility comes when you’ve visibly demonstrated value in context!
  6. 6. Yeah, but which channels Facebook when you want to foster communication Twitter when you want to interact, or lead people to you LinkedIn when you can afford to seed thought leadership without advertising Youtube when you have the tools & the time and your message is volatile Google (SEO) when you have an understated value Google + when it makes sense to segment your audience Blogs – when understand your value to the common need
  7. 7. The Social Networks (Channels) Facebook – It’s The Family Picnic Twitter – It’s Texting, Only One To Many & Public LinkedIn – It’s A Water Cooler For Ideas That Affect Jobs Youtube – It’s Two Way Television, Where The Newscaster & The Audience Get A Vote Google – It’s The Bus Driver That Takes You Where You Want To Go & Brings People To You Google+ - It’s Social Media Call Screening Blogs – The Convenience Store Of Ideas, Value Dictates Revenue
  8. 8. Define Define  Your Objectives  Your Audience  Your Voice  Your Channels  Your Influencers  Your Media Distribution Points  Your Social Identity  What A Social Conversion Is
  9. 9. Align Align  Know who the influencers are  Know what they are talking about  Know who the media distribution points  How do they affect your brand/message/voice  Know how well your competition is performing  In what channels
  10. 10. Measure Measure  Track your social performance  Understand the value of each social network to your brand  You do this by understanding the value of the networks to your customers  Conversions  Social campaign performance relative to your competitors  The highest performing media distribution points  The highest performing influencers
  11. 11. Analyze, Goals, Efficacy Crunch all of the data for previously un-yielded insights Set new goals based on performance, not hope Refine your approach to the point of high efficiency, using better tools and faster processes
  12. 12. Tactical Implementation Once You Know  The Topics, Influencers & Brands that matter  Picking the channel is EASY! What if I’m a novel brand and I’m creating a new trend? Next, the tools
  13. 13. Free Tools Topical Tools  VerticalPoint  IceRocket Influencer Tools  VerticalPoint (context)  Klout (no context) Curation Tools   Automation Tools  TwitterFeed  RSS Graphitti
  14. 14. What To Measure Mentions Traffic Audience Social Activity Volume What’s Most Important?
  15. 15. What It Means Keyword attachment Traffic Audience Social Activity
  16. 16. Example Campaign
  17. 17. Questions Joshua Barnes - Director of Social Strategy @joshuaatbarnes Mark Brenwall – VP of Customer Experience @markbrenwall
  18. 18. The End