Social Distillery welcomes the AWC Group from the University of Wisconsin


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Social Distillery was happy to welcome the Association of Women in Communications from the University of Wisconsin to tour our agency. April, 2013

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  • Altimeter – Average size of a corporate social team - 11 peopleStrategist, Community Manager, Social Media Manager, AnalystMarketing, HR, Sales
  • Always ask, How do we create this value?How do we earn someone’s “Like” on our Facebook page?
  • Just like any media buy (print, tv, radio) social requires planning and unique strategies across channels
  • From the graphic design to the copy, creativity, branding and design play a big role in the work we produce
  • Overall goal maximize awareness, build communityTasks can include but aren’t limited to creating all content (photos, words, videos, and other shareable media)Proactively and reactively publishing across FB, TW, LI, YTLink building, driving traffic, SEOResponding to community, working as brand advocates, harboring relationships, encouraging conversations, escalating issuesThese tasks are done with the goal of maximizing brand awareness, marketing impact and reach
  • Spredfast – allows users manage, monitor and measure from one locationRobust reporting capabilities & analytics
  • Social Distillery welcomes the AWC Group from the University of Wisconsin

    1. 1. Social. Strategy. Delivered. Introductions What’s New in Social Media Social media 101 Social strategy 7 business objectives of Social Measurement & Ongoing Analysis Tools to help you get there
    2. 2. Social. Strategy. Delivered.Who is @AWC_UWMadison?
    3. 3. Social. Strategy. Delivered.Social Distillery, Inc.Social media marketing agencyFounded April 2011HQ in Austin, TX5 employeesHelping companies successfullyadopt, implement and scalesocial business practicesWho is Social Distillery?
    4. 4. Social. Strategy. Delivered.
    5. 5. Social. Strategy. Delivered.What’s new in social media?
    6. 6. Social. Strategy. Delivered.What’s new in social media?• Facebook expected to offer 4 daily “spots” for video ads• Will charge nearly $1M per ad• Could bring more $1.5B in additional revenue• Potentially kicking off a war with TV for major ad dollars
    7. 7. Social. Strategy. Delivered.Marketing, advertising, PR & branding, oh my!
    8. 8. Social. Strategy. Delivered.Average Size of a Corporate Social Team?
    9. 9. Social. Strategy. Delivered.Social StrategySet Goals > Plan > Implement > Measure
    10. 10. Social. Strategy. Delivered.7 Business Objectives of Social MediaBrand AwarenessLead GenerationSalesCommunity BuildingReputation/Crisis ManagementCustomer ServiceMarket Research
    11. 11. Social. Strategy. Delivered.Marketing TacticsOrbital Pull:“Brands need to find creative ways to attractcustomers. Imagine a solar system with your brandat the center. Companies can keep gravitationalfields to keep customers around their brands. Thisisn’t about advertising, it’s about creating realvalue that goes beyond the products you sell”
    12. 12. Social. Strategy. Delivered.Branding & tone of voice
    13. 13. Social. Strategy. Delivered.Brand voice
    14. 14. Social. Strategy. Delivered.Give your advocates the tools!
    15. 15. Social. Strategy. Delivered.Branding & Design
    16. 16. Social. Strategy. Delivered.What is a Community Manager?Respectful, knowledgeable, professional, fun,conversational, & customer service oriented Write with intent:Create a desire to read more or engageWould you click?Would you share?Keep it brief, to the point, clear CTAs, driveactionLink Build where you can, hashtags, cross-linking/promotion, tagging advocates &influencersAlways be strategic, trying to maximizemarketing impact, engagement & reach
    17. 17. Social. Strategy. Delivered.Listening vs. Publishing
    18. 18. Social. Strategy. Delivered.Understanding the metrics#1 Engagement:Click, share, retweet,mention, comment, like#3 Activity: Numberof pieces of contentpublished#2 Reach: Number ofimpressions &potential reach of yourmessage
    19. 19. Social. Strategy. Delivered.Prepare for success in Social MediaTo-do listPersonal Social Accounts:• FB, TW, LI, Blog• Position yourself as a thoughtleader through what you share –but be yourself!• Dig around in the analytics• SMMS• Google AnalyticsGain Experience:• Social Media Club• Meetups• Webinars• Online: LinkedIn SocialMedia Groups, marketing,advertising• University of Wisconsinspeakers, events• Local conferenceattendance
    20. 20. Social. Strategy. Delivered.Thank you!@SocialDistiller